Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 18 - Great! She Could No Longer Conceive
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Chapter 18: Great! She Could No Longer Conceive

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Yes, Mr. Chu.”

The corner of Chu Lui’s lips curled up into a heartless smile. Excellent!

He spun on his heels and walked out. He said it before—this was what she deserved. Yixuan was the only one who would bear his children. No other woman was worthy of that. Especially her—Xia Ruoxin. If she was pregnant with his baby, he was afraid that the child would be as evil as she was.

As the door to the ward closed, no one noticed the slight flutter on Xia Ruoxin’s eyelashes. Bits and pieces of The doctor gave a sympathetic look at the woman inside. It was not that easy to marry into a wealthy family. tear fragments had gathered on them.

She placed her hand on her stomach. She could no longer conceive or give birth to a baby? There would be no one to call her ‘Mummy’ in the future. She carefully covered her mouth and suppressed her own cries.

While she was at the hospital, she had a blank look on her face throughout. When it was time to take her medicine, she took it without a word. When they wanted her to rest, she rested. During the whole duration of her hospitalization, no one came to visit her.

The Xia family hated her and even Chu Lui loathed her.

A few days later, she got better and got discharged. She went back to the Chu household. The extravagant villa merely made her smaller. When the maid saw her, she simply cast her a look then, dumped a piece of attire on her.

“Better get to work since you’re back. No time to be lazy.” Those were plain and hard words. Xia Ruoxin took the attire. She walked into her bedroom and numbly changed into it. Never was she pampered as a daughter when she lived in the Xia household. She was just an orphan who lived under another’s roof. Nor was she the young mistress of the Chu family. Chu Lui married her to make her his servant.

She picked up the set of the newspaper which was lying on the table. Her eyes reddened as read through it. On the page was a photo of her at the wedding. She had fallen on the floor in an embarrassing position. It revealed both her legs in shame.

“The wife of the CEO of Xia business, Xia Ruoxin. Exposed during her wedding. Unintentional or intentional.”

She put the newspaper down and gripped her hands tight. f(r)eeweb(n)ovel

“So, she was a slut. No wonder the master doesn’t fancy her. How could she compare herself to Miss Yixuan? Her sister was innocent and beautiful while she’s as evil as a scorpion. And to think she had such an innocent face.” The maid stood aside and relentlessly taunted her.

Such dreadful words only caused Xia Ruoxin’s eyes to tear up, and it had blurred her vision. She was a slut; she was evil. There was nothing good about her. She couldn’t be compared to Xia Yixuan.

It was because she was Xia Ruoxin. Was that why there was nothing good that she could do?

She stiffed her body and walked out of the room, one step at a time. Then, she locked herself up, sprawled on top of the blanket, and allowed herself to cry in bitterness.

She had no idea how long she had cried. There was the sound of the door closing from outside and it had caused her to sit up in a hurry. Chu Lui reeked of alcohol. He glanced at her in indifference. Then there was the sound of water from the bathroom. Xia Ruoxin could not stop shuddering as she hugged herself tightly.

Was it going to start? Her hands went to her stomach as if on cue. She told herself she had nothing to lose already, but she had no idea why she did not regret or why she did not hate him. Maybe it was because she knew that he was in greater pain than her.

The bathroom door opened. Chu Lui walked out without wearing a shirt. He was not skinny nor did he have tightly knitted muscles. However, he had a well-toned body because of the years of exercising.

Xia Ruoxin took a quick peek, and then she turned her face away.

“Still pretending to be innocent? You had to see it all.” It was another bout of sarcasm. Xia Ruoxin bit at her lower lip. He was wrong. She had seen nothing. Those two times when he was torturing her, he had not bothered to undress.

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Chapter 19: Yixuan

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

His warm breath came closer. Xia Ruoxin numbly lay down. She closed her eyes shut and waited for the torture to begin. However, there was no sign of movement from the man beside her.

She opened her eyes. The man was looking at her with contempt. “You really thought that I liked to touch you?” he sneered. He turned around to cover himself with the blanket.

Xia Ruoxin tugged at the corner of the blanket and squeezed herself into a ball. The two of them were lying so close on the bed but there was no love between them—only hatred.

What she was not aware was that Chu Lui, who had his back towards her, was tightly holding his fingers. A look of slight embarrassment flashed across his eyes. He realized that he had just shown compassion towards the woman.

Especially the way she had behaved. He had been that soft-hearted.

Soon, however, the corners of his lips curled up. No, she was afraid that he would torture her to her death. There would be a time for that.

Xia Ruoxin lightly shuddered, and her long eyelashes kept fluttering. 𝙛𝙧𝓮𝓮𝙬𝓮𝙗𝙣𝒐𝒗𝓮𝒍.𝙘𝒐𝙢

“Yixuan... Yixuan...” The frequent moaning reached her ears. The painful murmuring from the man beside her suddenly awakened her. Every mention of the name caused her heart a bout of spasm.

“Little brother...” Her mouth opened and closed but there was no sound.

She carefully reached out her hand and put it on the man’s forehead. She could feel his perspiration.

She could feel her heart aching suddenly. Had he been like this every night thinking of the woman whom he had loved so deeply? If so, would it have comforted him and made him happier if she was the one who had died?

“Yixuan.” He grabbed at her hand suddenly. The grip was so tight that she could not free herself. “Yixuan, how could you leave me behind? Did you know? I have waited for you for so many years. How could you leave me?”

The man’s constant murmuring differed from his usual aloof self—the way he was behaving really made one’s heart ache for him.

“Yixuan...” Chu Lui flipped himself over and pulled hard at the hand that was giving him warmth. Just like that, he pulled Xia Ruoxin and embraced her.

Then, a pair of warm lips covered her mouth. It did not prey on her. Rather, it was gentle and with love. However, the one he wanted was not her.

“Yixuan...” It was a voice full of passion that came out his lips. It made her feel even more pathetic. It was her first kiss from him, and yet he treated her as if she was somebody else.

She was not Xia Yixuan. She was Xia Ruoxin.

“Yixuan, I love you.” He kissed her with urgency. It tasted sweet and soft. She was his Yixuan. She was not dead. She had not left him.

“Be a good girl, Yixuan. Don’t cry.” He tasted something salty on his lips, so he moved up to kiss her eyes. He embraced the woman tightly in his arms. He was clearly unaware that he was dreaming. He was even hallucinating. He only knew that he did not want to let go.

Despite that, the woman’s cries got more dismal. The tears kept flowing. No one knew whose heart the tears had dampened or whose sentiment the tears had drowned.

Xia Ruoxin opened her eyes. Her long eyelashes slightly fluttered. It turned out he could be gentle, and she was willing to forfeit her life if she could have that gentleness.

Chu Lui kissed the woman in his arms with such longing and passion, and he then hugged her tight. After that, he had seemed to stop, there were no more movements from him. His breathing became consistent again. No one really knew the extent of what he had been suppressing in his heart.

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