Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 17 - She Could No Longer Conceive
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Chapter 17: She Could No Longer Conceive

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The smell of blood from the previous night lingered in the newlywed’s bedroom. Chu Lui sat by the bedside near the headboard with a lighted cigarette between his fingers. The corner of his lips curled upwards but there was no hint of any smile.

“You should know what to do.” He snuffed the cigarette out. He was not at all interested in her body, but he was in so much agony. Hence, she must also be in pain to keep him company.

Xia Ruoxin slightly lowered her head. With her soft and slender fingers, she disrobed until she was finally naked. She lay on that bed and both her hands clutched tightly at the blanket beneath her. Bruises had appeared on her pinched jaw.

“Mmm...” And yet again, without the slightest love or tenderness, Chu Lui had tainted her lower body. She merely bit on the back of her hand and allowed her tears to flow out of the corners of her eyes. It was an indescribable pain. She was in utter agony.

Chu Lui looked down to where their physical bodies joined as one. Her body had swollen from his previous abuses, and streaks of blood appeared again. However, that did not stop him from carrying on with his actions. He wanted her to feel the pain.

“A—ah...” It finally escaped from her lips. That blood-curdling scream sounded devastating.

“I—I beg you... no more... I’m in pain. I’m r—really in pain,” she sobbed from time to time. Her face was already pale. There was no color left—only pain and misery. Tears flowed down her jawline, endless like a stream of a river.

“You’re in pain. Then prepare yourself for more pain...”

Chu Lui deeply penetrated her again. The impact seemed to cause her innards to roll around inside of her. She tightly grabbed the sheets beneath her, and soon, she finally lost consciousness.

Chu Lui felt the wave of heat releasing from where they had joined together. He sneered once more as he looked down at Xia Ruoxin. Blood was gushing out of the woman’s lower body that it had pooled down the blanket and dyed it crimson red.

He pulled himself out, and the look on his face turned icier. By now, Xia Ruoxin’s face had already turned into a deathly pale and gray. There was no sign of life in her.


Chu Lui leaned against a wall in the hospital. He was holding a stick of a cigarette between his fingers as he slowly exhaled. He did not have the look of worry in his eyes. In fact, he wanted nothing to do with her, dead or alive. But if she were to just die now, he wouldn’t know what to do with his hatred. He furiously snuffed the cigarette out.

“Xia Ruoxin, you better not die on me. I won’t let you die, even if you’re already dead,” he thought. The expression painted on his face was calm, but deep down, after he had witnessed the girl bleeding out, his body reacted with an indescribable chill.

Xia Ruoxin lay on the bed in the hospital ward. The veins on her arm were extremely visible.

“Mmm... how is she now?” Chu Lui put his hands into his pockets. His black orbs—which were as dark as the night—were expressionless. It was as if the person who laid inside the ward was a stranger, not his newly wedded wife.

“Mr. Chu...” The doctor had difficulty trying to find the words.

“Speak.” There was some slight impatience as he stood there, unmoving.

“Well, Mr. Chu,” the doctor said and then took a breath before he continued, “Mrs. Chu suffered major trauma to her uterus. This will greatly affect her chances of conceiving in the future. However, you need not to worry. It may be hard for her to conceive, but it’s not impossible.”

After he had finished stating the facts, the doctor was inclined to comfort this man.

“You mean, she can no longer conceive a baby?” Chu Lui merely looked at him. The way he asked was so heartless and callous that even the doctor was at a loss for words.

“That was not what I meant, Mr. Chu—”

“—I am asking if she is infertile and can never have a baby.” Chu Lui interrupted the doctor. He cared for nothing else, only whether she can still conceive and give birth.

The doctor gave a blank look, and he gave a slight nod.

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