Love After Marriage, He Got A Free Wife

Chapter 78 - So, You’re Embarrassed
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Chapter 78: So, You’re Embarrassed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fang Xiaonuan slowly closed her eyes, and the hand that was gripping the blanket slowly loosened. Ji Lingchen took off his jacket and reached out to take off his white shirt. Fang Xiaonuan’s nightgown had long since slipped down to her waist, and her upper body was exposed. Ji Lingchen was barely able to endure it. He propped himself up and asked Fang Xiaonuan, “Do you know why now?”

Fang Xiaonuan nodded this time. Ji Lingchen asked his wife, who was already in a trance, “Do you want to continue?”

Fang Xiaonuan pursed her lips in fear and did not dare to move. Ji Lingchen continued, “If you want to continue, close your eyes and I’ll kiss you.”

Fang Xiaonuan blushed shyly. She had never experienced such a thing and did not know what to do. Ji Lingchen knew that the girl was young and did not know what to do, so he leaned over and tried to kiss her again.

Fang Xiaonuan did not refuse. Just as their clothes were in disarray, there was a knock on the door, and the couple on the bed regained their senses at the same time. Fang Xiaonuan realized that she was not wearing anything, and Ji Lingchen’s clothes were off as well. She covered her face in embarrassment.

At the door, Ji Wen, who did not know that he had ruined his uncle’s plans, shouted, “Fang Xiaonuan, I have something to talk to you about. Come out for a while.” Ji Lingchen lowered his head and looked at his wife, who was inches below him. Perhaps it was because he was shy, but her pinkish body was beautiful. He pulled the blanket over her and got off the bed. As he walked away, he put on his shirt.

When he reached the door, Ji Lingchen opened the bedroom door and kicked Ji Wen without saying a word. “Ah! It hurts…” Ji Wen screamed in pain.

Ji Lingchen said, “Go to my study. If you don’t have anything important to do tonight, I won’t forgive you.”

Ji Wen covered the part Ji Lingchen had kicked and stepped back in pain. “Uncle, I’m looking for Fang Xiaonuan.”

“She’s asleep. If you have something to say to her, you can say it to me.” The more Ji Lingchen looked at Ji Wen, the more he disliked him. It looked like he had to set a rule to prohibit anyone from knocking on his door after nine in the evening.

Ji Wen did not dare to refuse. He followed Ji Lingchen to his study. As soon as he entered the study, Ji Lingchen roared angrily, “Speak your mind.”

Ji Wen said, “I just wanted to tell Fang Xiaonuan that someone is slandering her in the school belle evaluation competition.”

Ji Lingchen narrowed his eyes. “Who is it?”

“It’s the one in second place, Gao Qianqian.” There was a difference of several thousand votes between her and Fang Xiaonuan. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t catch up. Now, she’s saying on the school forum that Fang Xiaonuan is a kept woman who has had plastic surgery,” Ji Wen explained in detail.

Ji Lingchen already had a solution in mind. He tapped the table rhythmically and asked, “I understand. Is there anything else?”

Ji Wen took a deep breath and said carefully, “Uncle, actually, there’s nothing else. It’s just that the misunderstanding has been resolved. So, can I stop going to dance club? Please let me off.”

Ji Lingchen waved his hand. “Sure, there’s no need to go tomorrow. But from now on, you’re not allowed to look for your aunt and me after 9 at night. If there’s anything you need to bring up, we’ll talk during the day.”

Ji Wen nodded obediently. Then, he thanked him profusely and was about to leave when Ji Lingchen stopped him. “Wait, there’s more. From now on, you have to call her aunt according to her seniority at home. Also, she’s the school belle now. There will be more and more members of the opposite sex around her. Do you know what to do?”

Ji Wen clapped his hands excitedly. He patted his chest and said with a look of understanding, “Leave this matter to me. Don’t worry, uncle.”

Ji Lingchen nodded in satisfaction at his nephew’s self-awareness. “Alright, I’ll tell the butler. Go back!”

Ji Wen bowed to Ji Lingchen, turned around, and ran away.

Ji Lingchen was in the study, reminiscing about the erotic moment in the bedroom just now. If Ji Wen had not suddenly disturbed him tonight, perhaps everything that should have happened tonight would have happened. In the future, they would get along much better. He took a deep breath, stood up, and walked back to the bedroom with a smile on his face.

Fang Xiaonuan, who was curled up on the bed, heard the door opening. Her eyes instantly closed, and her body tensed up. The messy bed had now returned to its original state. Ji Lingchen’s space was now empty, and she was curled up on the side of the bed, pretending to be asleep.

Ji Lingchen stood by the bed, unmoving. He sized up his wife, who was pretending to be asleep. With a smile on his face, he leaned over and whispered in her ear, “So, you’re embarrassed.”

Fang Xiaonuan, who was still under the blanket, did not move. She continued to pretend to be asleep, but her face turned even redder. Ji Lingchen laughed out loud. He got up and walked into the bathroom to take a cold bath.

The next morning, during breakfast, Ji Lingchen helped Fang Xiaonuan get her favorite food.

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