Love After Marriage, He Got A Free Wife

Chapter 30
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Chapter 30: Small Dark Room

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Ji family had spent the entire night looking for Fang Xiaonuan. Even Old Master Ji was alarmed. He sat on the sofa, his entire body exuding an aura that discouraged anyone from disturbing him. It was futile to educate Fang Xiaonuan now. Ji Lingchen did not sleep the entire night either. He was just waiting for Fang Xiaonuan to return home.

The next day at noon, Fang Xiaonuan had mentally prepared herself. She returned to the Ji family’s home. She stood in front of the Ji family’s door for a while before slowly walking in. She had not returned last night, and now she could not avoid being reprimanded.

Fang Xiaonuan’s had lost her temper at the Ji family yesterday, and she did not hold back at all. Now, she was much calmer. She advised herself to hold back her anger and not lose her temper again. Her appearance made Ji Lingchen, who had been dozing off, suddenly open his eyes. He turned to look at his wife, who walked in somewhat awkwardly. He was sitting on the sofa, and he adjusted his posture.

“You didn’t come home at night and you didn’t inform us at all. How could you do that? And you shouted at me?” Old Master Ji’s eyes were wide with anger. He had truly scared Fang Xiaonuan.

Fang Xiaonuan said, “Dad, I went to my friend’s house yesterday. When I arrived, I realized that I didn’t bring my phone with me, so I couldn’t tell you guys.”

“Don’t call me dad!” Old Master Ji’s voice was a little hoarse, and his roar was filled with anger.

Fang Xiaonuan pursed her lips, and she swallowed the words that were about to come out of her mouth. In this situation, she would be a fool if she opened her mouth again.

Old Master Ji was originally filled with anger, and he even wanted Fang Xiaonuan to divorce Ji Lingchen. Now that he saw Fang Xiaonuan standing there, obediently waiting to be reprimanded, a portion of his anger subsided. Then, he thought of the butler’s constant reminders. Only the person who made the mistake could rectify it. In the end, he was the one who had insisted on her joining the Ji family.

“Forget it, Fang Xiaonuan. Do you admit your mistake?” Old Master Ji sighed and glared at Fang Xiaonuan as he spoke.

Ji Lingchen did not say a word the entire time. He wanted to know if Fang Xiaonuan would apologize for what had happened last night. After all, she had impulsively stayed out all night. If she had, at least, called home, he could still convince her to come back.

“I don’t admit it.” Fang Xiaonuan’s answer was just as Ji Lingchen had expected. This little girl was as stubborn as an ox. Her answer, without a doubt, triggered the anger that Old Master Ji had been holding back.

“Then go to the isolation room and face the wall to reflect on your mistakes. You will not come out until you admit your mistakes.” Old Master Ji did not rebuke her this time. Instead, he spoke in a gloomy voice. Even if Fang Xiaonuan was a little soft-hearted, she would not do so.

Old Master Ji gave the butler a look. He knew that Fang Xiaonuan was a stubborn girl, so he wanted the butler to persuade her.


The butler brought Fang Xiaonuan to the isolation room. When they arrived at the isolation room, the butler looked at the girl who was pretending to be calm. He said, “Second young madam, go and admit your mistake to the master. Admit your mistake and this matter will be over. This isolation can be avoided.”

“Thank you for your kindness. However, I didn’t do anything wrong, so I won’t admit anything.” Fang Xiaonuan entered the small dark room by herself and closed the door stubbornly.

Fang Xiaonuan thought that she would be reprimanded, but she never thought that she would be punished. This punishment was still confinement. She shook her head helplessly. After closing the door to the small dark room, the room instantly fell into complete darkness. It was so dark that she could not even see her own fingers. She raised her hand and searched the wall. Not long after, she found the light switch. A dim light lit up in the small dark room.

The small space was only about ten square meters. Fang Xiaonuan sat cross-legged on the ground. Fortunately, the room was not that hot. She rested her chin on her hand and thought about what she had experienced over the last few days. It was so much more eventful than what she had experienced over the past few years.

No wonder most women nowadays were afraid of marriage. She was tired. Marriage felt like jumping from her comfort zone to a danger zone in which she did not know what would happen next. Every day was a mystery. Every day was a game.

Fang Xiaonuan was a little depressed. She got up and walked around the small room. Suddenly, she saw a wall that was slightly different. The wall was full of potholes and many scratches. She thought to herself, ‘Could it be that other people were locked in here for so long that they had to keep track of their isolation period?’

She had planned to continue the drawing, but she did not have any stationery with her. “Looks like this person was punished often. He knew how to bring stationery in here,” the bored Fang Xiaonuan muttered to herself.

In the living room, after Fang Xiaonuan left, Feng Qi, who had been listening from upstairs, came down. Ji Lingchen got up, “Since everyone is here, let me emphasize one more thing. Fang Xiaonuan is my wife. Respecting me means respecting her. If you think my wife is an eyesore, then I’ll take her away.”

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