Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 1230 - : So I Misunderstood Boss Pei!
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Chapter 1230: So I Misunderstood Boss Pei!

That was because Meng Chang knew the real reason behind this matter very well: First, he had forcefully dismantled Eternal Reincarnation into four parts in order to get a commission. Then, Boss Pei had forcefully updated the last part of the combat system for some reason that he did not know about. That was how the current situation became.

In other words, the fundamental reason was that Meng Chang wanted to deliberately save popularity for commission. The direct reason was Boss Pei’s intervention.

However… How could these be mentioned in the video?

Meng Chang was not afraid of being scolded. What’s more, the more he was scolded, the easier it would be for him to get a commission. However, the key was that Teacher Qiao had no feud with Meng Chang. There seemed to be no need to mention this in the video.

What’s more, only Meng Chang and Boss Pei knew about the commission. It was impossible for Teacher Qiao to know about this inside information, right?

Or did Teacher Qiao misunderstand and start spouting nonsense in the video?

Meng Chang continued watching with doubts.

“First, it’s the deeper reason why Eternal Reincarnation is being updated in three different packages.”

“Many players were confused about this and gave their guesses. However, as far as I know, these guesses are all wrong because they did not have first hand information from Tengda like me!”

“I learned from a core employee of Tengda that the original update plan for Eternal Reincarnation was to be updated four times: the game’s setting and monsters would be divided into three updates. Finally, the game’s combat system will be updated.”

“After that, for some reason, the combat system was updated in advance. It was updated with the content of the second part. That was why it became what it is now.”

“If you did not know about this in advance, then all the analysis would be in the wrong direction. You would definitely not be able to reach the right conclusion.”

“In other words, the original ‘four updates’ plan looks similar to the ‘three updates’ plan later on, but the motive and method are completely different!”

“Here, I want to emphasize that ‘Eternal Reincarnation’ was actually developed by the original novelist. The original person-in-charge of Tengda Games was not in charge of the follow-up work of this game because he was traveling.”

“In addition, the people who formulated the publicity plan for Eternal Reincarnation have a certain understanding of this game, but it is obvious that their understanding is not deep enough.”

“Therefore, the three updates were actually a correction by Boss Pei!”

“Of course, there is also a deeper meaning behind this. He completely changed the nature of the entire plan through a very simple method.”

At first, Meng Chang was a little shaky because he felt that Qiao Liang seemed to be on the wrong analysis path.

Why are you so conflicted about Yu Fei and me? We’re just tools!

We’ll take the blame. That’s not a problem, but does it have anything to do with your video?

However, towards the end, especially when he heard that “this was a correction by Boss Pei”, Meng Chang realized that Teacher Qiao did not deviate.

That was because this was indeed a correction made by Boss Pei.

He still remembered Boss Pei asking him unhappily in Boss Pei’s office back then. “Think about it carefully. Is this publicity plan suitable?”

At that time, Meng Chang thought that his plan was a perfect performance of the Pei family’s publicity method. There was no problem at all. However, after some consideration, he chose to follow his heart and admit his mistakes honestly. He also asked Boss Pei how to deal with it.

Thus, Boss Pei changed his plan to this state and updated the combat system of Eternal Reincarnation in advance.

However, Meng Chang could not figure out why Boss Pei had changed it.

After seeing the players express their ‘happiness’ after updating the combat system, Meng Chang felt that there was no problem with his plan.

According to his original plan, the last update of the combat system could link up the previous popularity, reverse the controversies, and complete a perfect Pei family publicity method.

Boss Pei’s modification not only allowed the commission to leave Meng Chang, but also prevented the early stages of Eternal Reincarnation from accumulating enough controversy. The popularity when it exploded was not high enough. It looked like a lose-lose situation.

Therefore, Meng Chang had deep doubts about this. From Boss Pei’s attitude, this was indeed a correction. However, Meng Chang could not figure out what he had done wrong.

Qiao Liang seemed to understand Boss Pei’s way of doing things?

Meng Chang continued watching.

“Actually, the reason why it was to be updated four times was very simple. It was to highlight the earth-shaking changes that the combat system of Eternal Reincarnation brought to the game.”

“Let players use the original combat mechanism of Repent and be Saved to clear the game first. Then, they can change to the combat mechanism of Eternal Reincarnation. Gamers can clearly feel the difference in these two combat modes and play the finishing touches.”

“From the original motive, this is a good and kind goal.”

“However, as I said before, Yu Fei is a chief designer who took over work in the middle. The person in charge of developing this publicity plan is not a professional gamer. Thus, even though their plan looks like there’s no problem, it’s actually differed by 1,000 miles!”

“Boss Pei only made a move decisively after seeing it. He posted an apology announcement and made changes to the update plan to bring forward the update of the combat system.”

“The fundamental difference in this is: publicity effect and gamer experience, which is the priority?”

Teacher Qiao then gave a detailed explanation in the video.

If he followed Meng Chang’s method, he could indeed accumulate a lot of controversy during the first three updates. It would trigger widespread discussion. There might even be topics like “Tengda fell off the pedestal”. In the end, the combat system would be updated. Eternal Reincarnation would be like the finishing touches. It would undergo a transformation.

Doing this would indeed gain huge popularity and achieve a good publicity effect.

However, gamers’ gaming experience would not be guaranteed.

That was because the entire system design for Eternal Reincarnation was based on the new combat system. If players were forced to use the Repent and be Saved’s combat system, they would definitely not be able to obtain the best gaming experience.

What’s more, the combat system of Eternal Reincarnation was an inseparable part of the game experience. What was with hiding it and not giving it to players?

The new updating method was much more reasonable.

He would first release a small portion of the content so that gamers could use a week to briefly recall the combat system of Repent and be Saved.

Updating the new combat system of Eternal Reincarnation would also give players a pleasant surprise.

He would let players use the new combat system to clear most of the content in the game. He would not waste players’ time and try his best to ensure that players’ gaming experience would be the best.

After introducing the fundamental differences between the two plans, Teacher Qiao gave a simple summary.

“In short, the difference between these two plans is whether to sacrifice some gamers’ gaming experience for popularity or some popularity for some gamers’ gaming experience?”

“Some people would choose the former, but Boss Pei would definitely choose the latter.”

“Boss Pei is indeed a master at marketing. You can tell his excellent talent in marketing from many previous marketing cases.”

“However, this incident proves one thing even more: Boss Pei might know about marketing and is good at marketing, but he never relies on marketing and blindly marketing.”

“To him, even if a marketing plan can bring about a lot of popularity, it cannot give users the best experience. He should decisively give it up.”

“Users, or players, will always be the priority.”

At that point, Meng Chang felt a bolt of lightning flash in his mind, dissipating all his previous confusion.

So that was what happened!

He recalled Boss Pei’s question to him again. “Think about it carefully. Is this publicity plan suitable?”

Meng Chang stood up and walked around the room quickly to think. He realized that many clues had been connected.

No wonder Boss Pei looked so unhappy back then. My plan went wrong completely!

After the promotional plan for the Dawn Games platform, I felt that my Pei family’s publicity method had been completed. From Boss Pei’s happy attitude, he probably thought so too.

However, I messed up the publicity plan for Eternal Reincarnation. It instantly exposed the fact that I did not know the Pei family’s publicity method at all.

I only saw the surface and thought that I understood. The confidence and accidental success that I displayed made Boss Pei overestimate my ability. That was why Boss Pei was so angry after I made this serious mistake!

On one hand, it was because Boss Pei wanted to solve this mess for me personally. On the other hand, it was also because Boss Pei was very disappointed in me…

I’m so stupid!

Boss Pei had already acted for more than two weeks, but I had not understood his deeper intentions. I had even misunderstood him and suspected him. It was only after Teacher Qiao analyzed the video that I realized the key to the problem…

Meng Chang completely understood the problem with his plan. That was: He had used the Pei Family’s publicity method too dogmatically to generate popularity, but he had completely deviated from the core and original intention of the Pei Family’s publicity method!

This kind of behavior was like studying the cliffhanger of the ‘Nine Yin True Sutra’ and came up with the ‘Nine Yin White Claw’. He thought that this kungfu was very powerful and was very complacent.

He had no idea that the real ‘Nine Yin True Scripture’ was an extremely profound and serious martial art. He had only learnt the evil art because he had gone astray while researching it.

Previously, Meng Chang had always felt dissatisfied and sad about his loss of commission.

However, from the looks of it now, he was not wronged at all. Boss Pei’s loss was greater than his own!

Eternal Reincarnation was a good project that could earn both fame and fortune. It was a good game that could be recorded in the history of domestic action games. The gaming experience of the first batch of gamers had almost been ruined by the Pei family’s publicity method that he had mistakenly understood. He had almost smeared Tengda Games’ glorious image…

Was it too much to make such a huge mistake and only deduct a month’s commission?

It was not overboard at all. In fact, it was a little too benevolent.

Meng Chang deeply understood his mistake. His complaints about Boss Pei and the pain of losing the commission dissipated.

“It looks like I’m still very far from mastering the Pei family’s publicity method. I have to work hard again!”

“What’s more, the method of “praise”, “suppress”, “praise” that I summarized is more of a ‘technique’ or a ‘move’, then Boss Pei’s concept of always using users as the foundation, players as the foundation, and products as the foundation is a ‘Dao’, an ‘internal energy’.”

“I mistakenly understood the simple move as the entire ‘Pei family publicity method’. That is obviously wrong. The complete Pei family publicity method is only if the ‘technique’ is combined with the ‘Dao’, ‘move’ and ‘internal energy’. That is the publicity method that Boss Pei really wants me to master…”

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