Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 1229 - The Ending Of Eternal
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Chapter 1229: The Ending Of Eternal Reincarnation

Meng Chang fell into deep thought after reading the player’s post.

His first impression was that it was a little far-fetched, but… not unreasonable.

It was indeed as most players had said. From the current situation, Eternal Reincarnation was undoubtedly a downloadable content that was worth its price.

The only flaw was that a large number of scenes and monsters had been replicated.

However, due to the drastic changes to the combat system in Eternal Reincarnation, the redesign of the routes of all scenes and the details of the monsters, it painted a story that happened many years ago in Repent and be Saved for players. Thus, it would not seem repetitive. It would still give players a sense of novelty.

This price, this volume, this drastic change and innovation… As a downloadable content, this was considered a perfect completion of the task. He really could not ask for more.

However, what this player said made sense. If he had to say something about the shortcomings of Eternal Reincarnation, it should be that it was lacking the appropriate suffering like Repent and be Saved and the shock of breaking the dimensional wall.

The experience of Eternal Reincarnation was relatively polarized for different players.

Those big shots who could adapt to the new combat system would kill everything in their way. They would parry perfectly and kill everything in their way. They would play it as a hack-and-slash game. On the other hand, those players with terrible skills who could not adapt would have to suffer frequently and advance slowly. They could only rely on the automatic block mechanism of the demon sword to barely maintain life.

On the other hand, Repent and be Saved’s suffering should be moderate, especially for players with terrible skills. They would be able to experience the feeling of an ordinary person struggling in this helpless world. However, after struggling, they would obtain hope.

On the other hand, the feeling of Eternal Reincarnation had been weakened to a certain extent.

In addition, Repent and be Saved had given people a sense of amazement when it first appeared. On the other hand, Eternal Reincarnation had carried high expectations from the beginning of its project. Thus, it was naturally expected that the two would have different evaluations.

Of course, this made people feel that gamers were spoiled and made unrealistic requests.

For most games, the downloadable content was a continuation of the game’s main body. It would be enough as long as they made a few new scenes, some new monsters, and some new plots to supplement the game’s main body.

From this angle, Eternal Reincarnation was obviously a perfect mission.

However, gamers were no longer satisfied with this. That was because the popularity and publicity previously made them see Eternal Reincarnation as the same as Repent and be Saved 2. Their requirements for Boss Pei and Tengda Games had unknowingly increased.

What’s more, everyone knew that Boss Pei loved to surpass himself and constantly strived for perfection.

Perhaps in Boss Pei’s heart, he wanted to use Eternal Reincarnation to make a breakthrough in Repent and be Saved.

Thinking about it this way, Eternal Reincarnation could indeed be said to be in a “white and flawless” state. On the whole, it was very good, but it was not perfect.

Meng Chang thought about it. It was really difficult to refute this point because it seemed to be a problem with Eternal Reincarnation.

However, he did not dwell on it. Instead, he thought about other things.

This player’s speech provided him with a new perspective.

For the current Meng Chang, if he wanted to do his job well and get more commission, he had to master two abilities: one was the ability to nitpick on projects, and the other was the ability to dig deeper into projects.

He had thought that he had done well in both aspects. However, after reading the player’s post, he realized that he was still far from it.

Take Eternal Reincarnation for example. Meng Chang had not expected such an angle previously.

He could not help but think of his initial publicity plan. He vaguely felt that this plan seemed to be a little inappropriate.

However, what was inappropriate?

He was not sure.

Obviously, there was something he could not control in the publicity plan for Eternal Reincarnation this time. This seemed to hint to a certain extent to why Boss Pei did not approve of this publicity plan.

Meng Chang thought about it seriously for a long time but still had no clue.

“Forget it, let the professionals do it. I’ll wait for Teacher Qiao’s video.”

Meng Chang gave up struggling and waited patiently for Teacher Qiao’s video, hoping to gain some inspiration.

Of course, he also knew that this video would not be released so quickly.

The main part of the video might have been completed but he had to add some materials and content after the update of Eternal Reincarnation.

After the ending of the game was revealed, the content of the video should be supplemented.

However, this should not affect the overall framework of the video. After all, the ending of Eternal Reincarnation had been fixed by the original novel from the beginning: The Martial God woke up at the last moment and went deep into hell to become the first Prison Keeper.

Meng Chang had nothing to do while waiting, so he planned to see the game’s ending first.

He first considered clearing the ending himself. After all, there was a demon sword automatic parry mechanism in the game. It was a cheat weapon.

However, he quickly gave up on that idea.

Why suffer?

Cloud Clearance!

At that thought, he found a random live-stream on the internet and began to watch how the novel god had cleared the game.

The last part of the content was very different from the first two parts.

First of all, in the relevant plot of hell, the monsters would become stronger than Repent and be Saved. What’s more, the original shortcuts had disappeared. Players would have to use the demon sword to clear them.

In the plot, this was because the protagonist in Repent and be Saved had arrived in hell. In fact, he had been killed by the Martial God several times. Thus, the monsters’ strength had been severely weakened.

The second was the first two scenes: a small village and a town. These two scenes had been skipped at the beginning of the game. However, in the third part, the Martial God would return to these two places.

That was because the Martial God had slaughtered all the ghostly soldiers and magistrates, causing the entire Six realms of rebirth and existence to almost collapse. Thus, the mortal world was also affected.

The Martial God returned to the mortal world after killing the ten Yama kings and disrupting the six realms of rebirth and existence. He wanted to rebuild his body, but he realized that this place had already become hell on earth. All sorts of powerful demons were wreaking havoc and slaughtering commoners.

The Martial God tried his best to kill the demons, but many people had already died miserably in the claws of the demon. Things had become irreversible.

He realized that he had made a huge mistake. In the end, he entered hell and sacrificed himself to become the first Prison Keeper.

However, the streamer also had another save file. That was the save file where he used the demon sword to die. Under this save, the Martial God might also kill his way into hell, but he could not become a Prison Keeper. He could only be controlled by the demon sword and turn into a hellish demon. The entire mortal world would become hell.

From the plot of Repent and be Saved, the Prison Keeper ending was obviously the official ending. This Eternal Reincarnation ending was echoing the title of the game. It could better reflect the tragic side of the entire plot.

After completing the ending, the host did not immediately enter the second round. Instead, he opened a bottle of beverage and chatted with the bullet screen comments, sharing his insights.

“Thoughts about clearing the game?”

“On the whole, it feels good. This combat system is much better than Repent and be Saved.”

“I think it’s very immersive! It’s much better than Repent and be Saved!”

“I’ve seen the post on the internet as well. How should I put it? Most of the people are nitpicking. Of course, this depends on what perspective you’re looking at from.”

“If it was a Faithful fan of Repent and be Saved who did not allow the downloadable content to make any changes to the style of Repent and be Saved, the post would make sense.”

“However, from the perspective of a pure gamer, this post doesn’t make sense. We have long been sick of Repent. What’s the point of downloading the downloadable content based on Repent and be Saved? Making a new attempt would bring about a new feeling. How good would that be?”

“If you’d hoped that while Eternal Reincarnation has new content while inheriting and even extend the meaning of Repent and be Saved to a certain extent… I think you’re too strict. It’s a little too much.”

“It’s only a downloadable content after all!”

“What’s more, I prefer the combat system of Eternal Reincarnation.”

This streamer’s view seemed to be able to represent a large number of players’ views. They felt that Eternal Reincarnation had completed the mission perfectly to this extent.

For downloadable content, this was already a 100 marks answer sheet. However, everyone was demanding it to make it 120 marks.

Meng Chang exited the live-stream as he pondered.

The live-stream was not short. The last one-third of the content and two endings had been live-streamed for nearly five hours. It was already ten at night.

According to Boss Pei’s requirements, the current Eternal Reincarnation had actually been completed after the combat system was adjusted to the second part.

Since the entire downloadable content was complete, it was about time to finalize it.

In the following period of time, the discussion of Eternal Reincarnation would obviously reach a peak.

Meng Chang scrolled through Aili Island’s latest developments a few more times and finally saw Teacher Qiao’s update on a new video.

“It’s finally here!”

Meng Chang was a little sleepy from the live-stream just now. However, he immediately perked up when he saw Teacher Qiao update the video.

That was because he knew that there might be an answer to his question in the video!

At the beginning, it was still the familiar opening speech that would never change. There was also a small piece of nonsense content. Meng Chang simply dragged the progress bar and went straight to the main topic.

“This time, I will analyze the downloadable content of Eternal Reincarnation, or rather, the two aspects of this game: First, the deeper reason for its three updates. Second, it has different content from Repent and be Saved, but it has the same ideology and core!”

“Say no more, let us start solving the mystery!”

Hmm… Has the interpretation turned into solving mysteries…?

However, “solving mysteries” was not too exaggerated for Boss Pei’s game.

Meng Chang originally thought that Teacher Qiao’s main content for this video would be on the interpretation of the game. He did not expect Teacher Qiao to mention the three updates.

That didn’t seem too good, right?

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