Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 1228 - Loss of the Spiritual Core of Eternal Reincarnation?
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Chapter 1228: Loss of the Spiritual Core of Eternal Reincarnation?

“Why not chase common hot topics on the internet?”

“Think about it from another perspective. What’s wrong with the hottest topic on the internet?”

“Yes, there are still many problems when you think about it carefully. For example, if the truth is not clear, it is easy to turn around. If you express your stance in advance, you might be implicated. The most popular hot topics are often superficial and completely contradicting the mission of Useful App. These popularity often comes and goes quickly. Once the popularity passes, there would be nothing left…”

Yu Pingan quickly found a series of problems and hidden dangers.

The current online world was made up of huge information cocoons. Most people only cared about the part that they were interested in.

This would lead to a problem. The most popular topic would definitely be able to pull all the people in the information cocoon out and participate in the discussion. This topic would often be limited to a few very limited areas.

For example, emotional and genders.

After all, each person had different hobbies such as games, movies, comics… Every hobby corresponded to a small circle. They could ignore the circle they did not like, but they could only be males or females. It was impossible to bypass the circle of gender topics.

Another example was that the topic of the entertainment circle would always be higher than the academic circle.

That was because academia was something that only a small number of people could grasp or come into contact with. Ordinary people would more or less have seen some movies, variety shows, and know a few celebrities during the entertainment process.

The wider the topic, the more popular it would be. However, in the discussion area, it would be easier to turn it into similarities and attack each other in the end.

The characteristics of the online world was that no one could convince anyone. It was purely a competition of who had the louder voice. The size of the voice often depended on the technique of arguing. Whoever had the lower limit during an argument was more likely to win.

Thus, the biggest hot topic for a period of time was often a topic that ordinary people generally participated in but was extremely boring.

At first glance, these seemed to be very delicious melons. However, when he looked back after eating, he felt that he had been lonely.

This was obviously completely contrary to the purpose of the Useful App.

Useful APP was to create a pure land without rubbish information on the Internet. Repeating and over-discussing the ‘war-like hotspots’ was itself creating rubbish information.

At that thought, Yu Pingan understood.

“Therefore, Boss Pei is reminding me to pay attention to the magnitude.”

“It is necessary to pay attention to hot topics because to a certain extent, they would reflect the collective demands of ordinary people. Useful APP as a software serves most ordinary people. Therefore, paying attention to hot topics is a process to understand the collective demands of ordinary people.”

“However, we cannot pay attention to those war-oriented, over-discussed, and meaningless hot topics because it is completely opposite to the purpose of Useful APP.”

“Yes, Boss Pei’s teachings are very reasonable. It makes me think deeply. However… Boss Pei did not specify how to choose the hot topics.”

At the moment, there were too many hot topics on the internet, but very few were valuable and meaningful.

The most popular hot topics often covered a wide range, had no specific connotations, led battles, and stimulated different groups to attack each other.

However, was it different for the less popular hot topics?

Obviously not. In the less popular hot topics, such garbage hot topics that covered a wide range, had no connotations, led battles, and stimulated different groups to attack each other were also everywhere.

“Boss Pei said to observe more.”

“However, how should I choose among so many hot topics? I don’t have that strong insight!”

“If Boss Pei were to choose it personally, he would definitely be able to choose the best direction.”

“However, how could Boss Pei spend his precious time on choosing hot topics for a Useful App…”

Yu Pingan felt like he had fallen into a dead end: Boss Pei had proposed a solution, but only Boss Pei himself could use it.

“Wait a minute.”

“Who said that Boss Pei did not have time to help select? Hasn’t Boss Pei always been choosing!”

Yu Pingan suddenly realized that he seemed to have fallen into a mistake.

He felt that Boss Pei was so busy that he would definitely not have time to help the Useful App choose the general direction.

However, the key was what was Boss Pei busy with?

Wasn’t he just finalizing the general direction for Tengda Corporation’s development!

As the leader of Tengda Corporation, Boss Pei had Tengda enter various fields. These industries looked unrelated to each other. They looked like they were going to die when they first started. However, they quickly formed a close connection and were proven to be the direction of future development!

Boss Pei could change the business model of this field every time he entered a field. It caused a certain sensation.

Wasn’t this a meaningful hot topic as well?

At that thought, Yu Pingan’s horizons broadened.

“What game is Tengda Games developing? Oh, Eternal Reincarnation… This doesn’t seem to be reliable.”

“What about Shang Yang Games?”

“Safe and Civilized Driving”! This seems to be a game related to cars, transport, and city planning.”

“Useful APPs can also start from this field and study the car-related fields. On one hand, it can ride on the popularity of the game ‘Safe and Civilized Driving’. On the other hand, it can also provide some theoretical support for this game.”

Yu Pingan suddenly understood the future direction of Useful APP.

First, he had to cooperate with various universities step by step, continue to enrich various basic fields, and build up the entire framework as soon as possible. Second, he had to cooperate closely with the industries that Tengda planned for the future. Not only could he provide theoretical support, but he could also use the popularity of the industry to promote useful APPs.

“This has formed a complete closed loop! It’s perfect!”

Yu Pingan was suddenly no longer confused. His difficulty in choosing had been completely cured.

After receiving Boss Pei’s revelation, he stopped struggling and immediately devoted himself to work, preparing to find relevant professionals!

September 21st, Friday…

Meng Chang did not go to work today because he had long realized that he would probably not be able to get any commission this month. That meant that his work had ended early.

Who would work without a salary?

However, Meng Chang was not as dejected as the previous few times. He was still paying attention to the progress of Eternal Reincarnation even though he was back at home.

That was because he wanted to know why Boss Pei disrupted his publicity plan. He was still waiting for Teacher Qiao’s explanation in the video.

If this answer did not satisfy him, Meng Chang would have to re-examine the Pei family publicity method that he had summarized. That was because this incident might mean that he had entered a very wrong area.

If this answer could satisfy him, it would mean that the Pei family’s publicity method was correct on the whole. However, there were some mistakes in some details.

Boss Pei had disrupted his publicity plan to correct this mistake.

In short, no matter what the situation was, Meng Chang had to perk up and pay attention to it seriously.

The comments and feedback of the players on the internet had also changed since they updated the combat system of Eternal Reincarnation last Friday.

However, this change was not exactly what Meng Chang had expected.

At first, Meng Chang thought that updating the combat system in advance would be equivalent to detonating the popularity at the wrong time. It would cause the popularity not to reach the highest point during the detonation. Instead, it would spread steadily and continuously to the next period of time.

At the beginning, the situation was exactly as he had expected.

Players were very excited because of the brand new combat system. The difficulty problem that had been criticized previously did not seem to exist. Everyone was seriously training their parry skills. All sorts of big shots also posted their injury-free speed video online.

He had to say that there were indeed many talented big shots. After only one week of updating the combat system, someone had already completed killing the Black and White Impermanence at the beginning. He did not know how many times they had trained.

Of course, defeating the Black and White Impermanence would not have a decisive impact on the game’s process. They would only obtain the weapons and props on the Black and White Impermanence in advance.

In the plot, the protagonist would no longer be locked up by the Black and White Impermanence and brought to the Road to the Underworld. Instead, he would use the props on the Black and White Impermanence to head to the Road to the Underworld.

Apart from that, in the original process, the game would encounter the Black and White Impermanence again when it progressed to the mid-stages. If they had already killed the two Bosses from the beginning, there would be no need to fight this place again.

All in all, it did not affect the game’s content. It only had an additional achievement.

However, no matter what, being able to defeat a mid-stage boss in the game with only a demon sword in the preface was enough to show how powerful these players were.

Many players were discussing this combat system. They thought that it combined the gameplay of action games with the rhythm of the sound game and the direction of the combat game. It was another breakthrough in action games.

All of these were exactly as Meng Chang had expected.

However, something surprising happened very quickly: Some players began to naturally compare Eternal Reincarnation with Repent and be Saved.

In comparison, even though Eternal Reincarnation had made some innovations in the combat system, it was far inferior to Repent and be Saved!

Meng Chang’s first reaction to this was very confused and even puzzled.

Thus, he found the source of this saying. It was a post by a self-proclaimed elite gamer of Repent and be Saved.

This player even posted a screenshot of Repent and be Saved’s complete success at the end of the post, as well as a screenshot of the achievements of killing the Black and White Impermanence in the preface of Eternal Reincarnation. This proved that he had a deep understanding of the two games and was not just trying it out.

“To be honest, I was very excited when Eternal Reincarnation first updated the combat system. However, I’m a little disappointed now.”

“I know many people who would say that one-third of the game’s content has not been updated. What’s more, this is only downloadable content. We shouldn’t use the standards of a new game to request for it. After all, as a downloadable content that only has a fraction of the original price, its current performance is already very worth the price.”

“However, I still want to briefly explain my opinion and why I feel that Eternal Reincarnation is not as good as Repent and be Saved.”

“Many people repeated this point on the scene and monsters previously. I won’t emphasize it anymore. After all, this is only downloadable content and the price is cheap. What makes me feel a little regretful is the combat system of Eternal Reincarnation.”

“I think this combat system is very novel, but there are two biggest problems: First, the operation difficulty is too high, so most people cannot obtain enough fun like in Repent and be Saved. Second, to a certain extent, it is actually different from the spirit of Repent and be Saved. It has lost the effect of ‘breaking the dimensional wall’ that Teacher Qiao mentioned. The mental core of infinitely suffering in this helpless world has been weakened to a certain extent.”

“In Repent and be Saved, every gamer can feel despair. However, after suffering for a period of time, they can immerse themselves in it. Just as Teacher Qiao said, the game has broken the boundaries with reality. Gamers will be baptized mentally.”

“However, after Eternal Reincarnation changed the combat system greatly, I lost this feeling.”

“For gamers who cannot master the new combat system and find it difficult to adapt to block operations, this journey has become pure suffering. It is very difficult to obtain the joy of growing after suffering. In other words, the threshold for combat is too high. For gamers who have adapted to such battles, they might be able to obtain strong joy from it, but they would lose the feeling of struggling in the sea of bitterness.”

“Therefore, there is no problem with the game itself. It is still of high quality as usual. The combat system is also refreshing. However, in terms of breaking the dimensional wall and digging deeper into the spiritual gameplay, I think there is a huge gap between it and Repent and be Saved. Not only was it not passed down, it is the complete opposite.”

“To me, this is a very disappointing point.”

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