Lord Shadow

Chapter 1446 A Formation In The Middle Of The Sea
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Golden skies, golden clouds, powerful energy pierces the heaven and Earth, the sound of cracking sky, the entire sea rages and the Earth trembles.

Arturia was the first that felt all of this.

They see the golden skies and golden clouds and under their feet they could feel the trembling of the Earth

Then a shocking sight enter the eyes of everyone

There is a two thousand feet figure of Death Monarch that suddenly appear, a sight that everyone could see

Around him golden clouds appear, each clouds exuding immeasurable holy light. The sea that was disturbed and was about to rise and created large tsunami was instead morphed into mist that swirls around every golden clouds.

The eyes of Death Monarch were closed. But then it opened and the moment it is open is like the sun and the moon

Powerful pressure erupted form him that coerce the heaven and Earth. Then he began moving.




Each move created large waves but each waves morphed into the swirling mist that began to swirls around the two thousand feet figure of Death Monarch

HE walked further and further, each wave shakes the seabed, the sea monsters below all swims far away.

Some people fly to the sky trying to follow but each time Death Monarch move forward, it is not only the weaves that is affected.

The wind and space and time around him is also affected.

The Turbulent Seas is already a region of time and space instability and now to follow someone who stirs up even more instability, some people could not even come close to Death Monarch figure.

So, they fly in the air maintaining a distance.

Even though they could not come close to Death Monarch, they wanted to see what Death Monarch is doing

Some people are the spies of other forces.

Some are the representative of the world powers left in the island to facilitate contact with Death Monarch

This time Death Monarch acted but no one knew what he is doing.

He did not inform anyone. But everyone knows that the moment Death Monarch makes his move its must be something that is world altering.

Death Monarch figure could no longer be seen from the island. But the golden colors in the sky could still be seen and that aura still linger

But if you go to the edge of the island, going to the southernmost point of the island, there is Death Monarch titanic figure in the middle of the ocean.

And then he stopped.

The people flying like flies behind him also stopped.

Azief look at the area in front of him.

Around him energy is swirling, clouds are gathering, holy air seems to come out each time he takes a breath

His eyes are as piercing as a sword, his aura shot to the sky and spread all over the entire Turbulent Sea.

He looks to his right.

Then he looks to his left and then he smiles

The perfect area.

Then he raises his hand to the sky.

His hand turns golden with bluish aura swirling around it. A hundred lights flew out from the center of his palm

'What kind of light is this?' Some flew following the light

Azief close his eyes and then he closes his palm.

Light flew out from his body like a string of golden rope that shoots to every corner.

Then he slowly flew upwards.

As he flew upwards, the time and space around him become even more distorted, the pressure forces the people who were following him in the safe distance before to retreat further back

With a titanic height like that, his figure created a large shadow that envelops half of that island.

Then he put his hand together like he is praying. At the same time, the entire Turbulent Sea is shaking.

Some people in the island could not understand what is happening as they could feel the island that they are in is shaking.

The waves are wildly thrashing about all over the sea.

The space and time around the entire Turbulent Sea appears to become more unstable.

In the far distance from Arturia, there is a ship in the edge of the Turbulent Sea.

What he saw is something that no other people close to Arturia could imagine.

The Turbulent Sea has many uninhabited islands.

These island are all over the sea and many of them are empty.

Those which are not empty is usually filled with monsters or dangerous plants that could eat and kill you.

This man saw a light falls down into the island and then these island is suddenly moving

The Turbulent Sea is large and wide.

And it is not filled with people.

There are too many places one could inhabit in this new world

The population of Earth might have swelled after the sudden influx of people from Otherworlds stuck on it but even then it is estimated only seven billion people on Earth.

Of course, these are just conservative estimation since most of these people usually hide their presences before and nobody have the time to truly take the time to made a census of people living on Earth

Out of that seven billion people, only two or three billion people are the native people of Earth.

And in a world as vast as Earth right now, most of people does not take Turbulent Sea area as a place where they would gather or put their roots down.

This is a sea full of pirates and unless you are confident that you would not be swept by the turbulent time and space all over the Turbulent Sea, you would not sail across the world to come here

This place mostly attracts pirates.

Out of those two or three billion people, half of them settled in the territory of the Seven great powers while other goes to the sea or hide in some other places.

That is even more prevalent after the world expanded and the people who wanted safety went to the world power for the stability it provides.

So there are only few people that is around the many island in the Turbulent Sea could see this miraculous sight of island moving.

However could not see it in a bird eyes view. If they could see it, they could tell that this island at first is moving like something is pulling them.

But slowly it rose to the sky, and the island was not split apart like it was held on by some invincible force.

Seeing it from below the sky, the sight is both beautiful and terrifying.

Hundreds and thousands of island, small and large flew up into the air, the waves trashes wildly and the clouds churns, the space cracked and everything in between is trembling.

And these islands is flying into one direction, all of it is gathering toward Death Monarch.

Those around Arturia slowly saw that there is a large mass of land is flying in the sky.

The first that saw it is the people flying in the air.

'What the hell!' they could not help but exclaim in shock.

There is hundreds of island that is floating in the sky. To them it looks like a block if land that is floating in the sky and heading towards them

When they try to calculate it, they could not help but see there is thousands of islands from small to large.

What is Death Monarch doing? This is the question in everyone mind

Azief is closing his eyes right now and in his mind, he could see all of these island.

'All of it has gathered. Everything is set in place' he thought to himself

Now, he had all of his power. It has been a week. By now, all of his abilities is already back. And his energy is at top form.

It is not like when he first arrived on Earth.

His Divine Sense is so powerful that even those who were in the sky truing to see what he is doing is affected and could not help but feel dizzy.

Some who tries to bounce back Azief Divine Sense was pushed down by the backlash toward their minds and soul.

As for Azief, even though Turbulent Sea does affect his Divine Sense, he is after all a Divine Comprehension leveler and so as long as he left his trace in any of the island he could still use it as a medium.

He thought of it like an internet network.

In his mind right now, is the sight of thousands of islands.

His hand is still raised toward the sky, his holy aura did not dissipate, the heavenly power is mobilized and with that his auras rises again.

He then slowly moves his hand down and as he make this gestures all of these islands in the sky slowly falls down.

The people of Arturia look at the sky.

They see the sun but they did not feel any sunlight.

These thousands of islands are blotting out the sun.

It is like the entire island is about to be crushed by an island

But this is actually a misperception.

Because the island is high in the sky, it appears like the island is closer to the Arturia than it should be. A few hundred island falls into the sea, gently.

Even though it seems like it had fallen in such a speed when it does touch the sea water suddenly like a force that feed backs towards it the descend suddenly become gentle.

the waves rise but was restrained by Azief aura, those spilled water that was about to rise high was turned into gas, creating large mist all over the entire island surrounding the four corners of Arturia.

Arthur on the other hand could see through the fog and the gas. His eyes shine golden, heavenly aura erupted out of him.

Even though Death Monarch did not say anything to him, he knows that he should be the one protecting this island and not Death Monarch.

His eyes could see that the spilled waves are about to hit the shores of the island.

Even though Azief had dissipated the mega tsunami that was about to form, there is till spilled waves.

Unlike a tsunami, these waves are rushing forward

The island that Azief had brought is on a place where there is no island before. It is only a few island; the effect might not be this disastrous.

But there are thousands of such island.

It is like throwing a block of stone into an already filled bathtub.

At least in a bathtub the water would spill to the side and falls to the ground.

This is however the sea.

And since Death Monarch restrain the waves from going forward and creating a flooding situation all over the world the waves is rushing toward the shore of Arturia.

Arthur holds his sword and his body erupted with power, the heavenly will descended upon his sword

Administrating the world according to the heavenly Will!

The clouds and sky opens up above Arthur head, rhythmic song could be heard all over the world.

However, no one could understand this song, only the rhythm is pleasant, like the wind of summer blowing past, like the last cold of winter, like the beauty of autumn.

The sound of the sea, the sound of the wind, the traces of life and the beauty of death.

Those who heard the song could feel such felling in their heart, but having no words to explain what kind of feeling this is.

Arthur rises toward the sky, below his feet is golden motes of light, illuminating the world below him.

Holy and sacred, powerful and domineering.

The guards around Arthur was shocked but they did not follow Arthur to the sky

Because they could feel the pressure pushing them down. Arthur himself is only a Disk Formation leveler but as the sword bestow him power of the Heaven, his realm right now is around Divine Comprehension leveler.

As such the powerful force around him depressed the Earth but embraces the sky.

In the sky, he could see that all four corners of the island continent are about to be overwhelmed by rushing waves.

This rushing waves is gaining sped and now it just breaks the speed of sound and the speed is not decreasing.

Instead, being pushed by the waves behind it, the waves that is coming to the city become even faster.

If this wave was allowed to hit the shores, it would flood the island continent in all direction.

The city of Arturia is on the southern part of the island continent.

But that does not mean that it would not be hit. Instead, looking at the current situation, it would be hit first before the other three waves would then finish the job

For others it is hard to see through the mist of gas but Arthur could see it clearly.

He raises his sword and thunder and lightning screams above him.

A powerful force descends from the void of space and fell down on him.

His aura rises again and it almost seems like he could control all the forces of Heaven and Earth

'Break and split! This is the decree of Humanity!' Heaven had to give the power of the world and so Arthur cut down

A resplendence golden slash blinded the whole sea. This slash created waves of golden light that spread from the city to the four corners of the Turbulent Sea

When the golden light slowly fades, there is no longer any waves around the sea.

Arthur look at the surrounding and all he could see is clear skies for miles. The mist was also repelled and there is still the titanic avatar of Death Monarch in the distance

Azief only took a glance at Arthur in the distance and then he continues focusing on his work. He already left the waves for Arthur to deal with because he had to focus his mind on his current work

Azief is lining up the island. One hundred island circles Arturia, with a distance of hundreds of feet between each other

Then two thousand feet forward another hundred island falls down and created a circle.

Two thousand feet forward of that circle is another batch of island. It falls again, creating another circle around the second circle.

A concentric design with the island city Arturia in the center. It continues in succession, each waves that exploded each time was restrain by the layers of the circle.

One by one, a layout is slowly being completed.

Four, five, six layers

Looking at it from above, it is like concentric design with each barriers of island looking more and more like a formation.

Some people would realize it later

Azief look at his masterpiece and he smiles. All of this, all to create a formation


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