Lord of the Secret Art!

Chapter 703: word spread
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Chapter 703 The news spread

"At least pass the information back."

The supernatural blood monster with four abilities touched a huge ring on his hand, preparing to send back information before dying.

However, the contact has not yet been connected.


Samantha, who noticed the abnormal movement of the four-power extraordinary blood monster, appeared in her hand with a longbow that looked like flames.

Drawing the bow and shooting an arrow, a flaming arrow was shot out at a high speed, hitting the four-abilities extraordinary blood monster.


Under the terrifying flames, the body of the blood monster with four superpowers instantly evaporated, completely disappearing from this world.

Where it was located, a huge pothole appeared, and the pothole was full of molten magma.

More than a dozen cultists had no time to escape, and were affected by the aftermath, their bodies burned and turned into ashes.

"Ah, ah, ah—"

Lindy and the other mystics all attacked and attacked the remaining cultists.

After a while, all the cultists were killed.

Half a month later, in the conference room where Scarlet Blood covered an area of ??more than 1,000 square meters, five high-level blood monsters appeared here again in phantom form.

"The sacrificial operation on the other three islands failed, and the seven teams sent in succession were all wiped out."

The high-ranking blood monster Olga said in a deep voice.

"Could it be that the guess is wrong, the Queen of the Night, the Daughter of the Saint, and the King of Swords didn't fall into a deep sleep?"

The blood monster Manuel frowned and asked.

"Can't be sure, a team was stopped by the head of the Templar Army, Alfonso, during the sacrifice."

"The other six teams were found and destroyed before they could launch the sacrifice."

The high-ranking blood monster Olga shook her head and said.

"It was found out in advance, how could this be?"

The high-ranking blood monster Manuel frowned, completely puzzled.

The four islands add up to more than 200 cities. It stands to reason that Flynn Sox should not be able to inspect all of them, and he should not be found out in advance.

"The four islands should have other means besides Flynn Sox's investigation."

The upper blood monster Lionel guessed.

"In the past month, the scarlet blood has lost a full 1/3 of its power. If this continues, not only will the sacrifice fail, but it will make the loss even greater. I propose to stop the sacrifice against the four islands .”

The high-ranking blood monster Olga said in a deep voice.

"The loss is so big?"

Hearing that 1/3 of his power had been lost, the other high-ranking blood monsters were shocked.

Paying such a high price, even if it succeeds once, it is worth it.

But after paying such a high price and failing to succeed even once, it is not worth it.

"The loss is huge but there is no gain. The sacrificial action against the four islands can only be stopped, but it is really unwilling to give up like this."

The high-ranking blood monster Lionel said unwillingly.

"It's a pity to just give up like this. I think we can disclose the news that the Red King is sleeping and the Queen of the Night may also be sleeping to other sects."

"Let other sects fight with the four islands, no matter which side loses power, we will be happy to see it."

The upper blood monster Manuel Dao.

"It's a good idea to disclose the news to other sects and let other sects fight with the four islands."

The high-ranking blood monster Olga agreed.

"Just do it like this, let the four islands fight with other sects."

All other high-level blood monsters agree.

In a luxurious room, there is a black figure.

The black figure has the appearance of a human being, but it is not made of flesh and blood, but made of shadows.

On its chest, there are six arc-shaped silver lines, which represent its identity as a high-ranking shadow monster.

Puff, Puff, Puff!

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in!"

A crack opened on the face of the high-level shadow monster, which turned into a mouth and spoke.

"Master God Envoy."

The door was pushed open, and a man pushed the door and walked in.

The man had short hair and was wearing a neat black suit. After entering the room, he immediately saluted the higher shadow monster with a respectful expression on his face.

"What's up?" Please visit f𝗿e𝗲𝘄𝚎𝐛𝚗𝐨𝙫ℯl. c𝗼𝚖

The upper shadow monster looked at the short-haired man who entered and asked.

"My lord envoy, I just got a message that the four Queens of the Night have fallen into a deep sleep."

The short-haired man replied.

"The four queens of the night have fallen into a deep sleep..."

The high-ranking shadow monster narrowed his eyes into a slit, and asked after pondering for a moment.

"Can you determine the authenticity of the message?"

"Can't be sure, the news was heard by an informant by accident, so it's impossible to determine whether it's true or not."

The short-haired man shook his head.

"Then verify it, send a team to sneak into the four islands and sacrifice the cities of the four islands."

The upper shadow monster made a decision.

The reason why the shadow of darkness and the flame of light are constantly fighting, on the one hand, is because of the conflict in the way of existence of the "god" believed by the two sects, which can be called sworn enemies.

On the other hand, it is to sacrifice the people in the other party's territory as the nourishment for the growth of these sects.

If the news that the four Queens of the Night fell into a deep sleep is true, then there is no need to continue fighting in the Flame of Light.

Compared to the Flame of Light territory where the Lord of Light sits, the four islands where the four Queens of the Night fell asleep are more suitable to become the nourishment for the growth of the sect.

A room with a white body, and an extremely handsome man who can't tell the difference between male and female is sitting on a chair.

The expression in its eyes is indifferent, giving people an extremely indifferent feeling, and there are six pure white wings growing behind it.

This shows its identity, it is a seraph with the power of a high-ranking angel.

Opposite it, there is a woman in white clothes.

The woman knelt on one knee, bowed her head, with a respectful expression on her face.

"There is a message that needs you to verify it."

Seraphim said.

"My lord, what is the news?"

The woman in white asked.

"There is news that the four Queens of the Night have fallen into a deep sleep. You sneak into the four islands to find out and confirm the authenticity of this news."

Seraphim ordered.

"The four queens of the night have fallen asleep?"

The woman in white looked surprised, she didn't expect to hear such news.

However, he immediately responded respectfully.

"Yes, Your Excellency the Envoy of God."

At the same time, all sects learned that the Queen of the Night and the other four had fallen asleep.

For this inexplicable news, the various religious forces naturally have doubts.

Some sects are more radical, and they directly send a team to infiltrate the four islands, intending to verify the authenticity of the news through sacrifices.

Some religious sects are relatively conservative, and plan to let the personnel in charge of intelligence sneak into the four islands, and confirm the authenticity of the news through inquiring.

Thus, through various channels, many cultists poured into the four islands.

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