Lord of the Oasis

Chapter 535 - The Black Armored Knight Who Arrived
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Chapter 535: The Black Armored Knight Who Arrived

Kant muttered to himself, “My... Father?”

This was a very vague impression. Now that he thought about it, what made Kant’s memory even deeper was his father’s majestic pressure that suppressed him to the point of suffocation.

Baheshtur continued, “In my opinion, the other party went to such great lengths to make all the small and medium noble families fall into a deep sleep. It should be specially prepared for you, Lord.”

Kant asked in puzzlement, “Specially prepared for me?”

Baheshtur said, “Yes, Lord Kant.”

“When I was in the Continent of Caradia, I understood a truth. There are some things that someone who don’t stand at a certain height or have a certain status, they don’t have the right to know.”

“Even if others told me, I wouldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t even be able to believe it.”

“Because those things will often overturn my already formed understanding.”

Kant glanced at Baheshtur, deep in thought.

He knew this principle. It was similar to beggars who couldn’t eat their fill every day, fantasizing that the emperor was superior to them in eating delicious meat buns every day.

“Continue!” Kant said to Baheshtur.

Baheshtur respectfully continued, “Lord, your strength has far surpassed the small and medium noble families in Lionheart City.”

Kant nodded. Even if these small noble families gathered their strength in Lionheart City, Kant was confident that he could fight them.

This was the truth. Kant didn’t raise his own strength or belittle the strength of these noble families.

In fact, the strength of these noble families had far exceeded what Kant had once known.

Baheshtur continued, “Perhaps, Lord Kant, your strength has already been recognized by the top noble families. You have the right to know things that the small and medium noble families do not have the qualifications to know and understand.”

“And now, it is your chance to understand those things, Lord Kant.”

Kant frowned slightly and said, “Even so, these are just your speculations!”

“But before there is a more reasonable explanation, we can only follow this explanation and plan the next step.”

“You go and lead the army!”

Kant did not like this feeling very much. This feeling of not having everything under his control made him very unhappy.

Then, Kant gave a firm order, “Everyone, continue to advance!”

This was the inevitable choice.

In fact, Kant had made this choice a long time ago.

However, he still asked about Baheshtur’s decision. Baheshtur was an outstanding general. The facts proved that the point he raised did not make Kant blind.

Kant’s decision stemmed from the existence of the system.

Because he trusted the system, and since the system had replenished his forces, he believed that his current strength would be able to deal with the current situation.

No matter what was waiting for him in front of him, it would at most be a big battle.

Kant was not afraid of war.

Just capturing the dock of Lionheart City was enough to make him rich.

He already knew the silence of the noble’s mansion, most likely because they were sleeping soundly.

The strange feeling from before completely disappeared.

And Baheshtur put forward a somewhat reasonable hypothesis, so he did not feel too much fear in the road ahead.

It was just a flat and wide road that was five miles long.

Soon, Kant arrived at the east city gate of Lionheart City.

The east city gate of Lionheart City was controlled by Count Cody. Maud, one of the four top noble families in the South County.

Logically, on both sides of the east gate, there would be 3,000 soldiers that belonged to Count Cody. Maud’s private army acted as the garrison troops at the east city gate.

However, when Kant arrived, he only found an empty city tower, an unguarded city gate, and two empty barracks.

It would be wrong to say that it was empty, because there was a small group of people at the barracks on the left.

They were currently slowly riding their horses out of the barracks.

There were only fifty-one people.

The leader of the group was a heavy-armored knight who was emitting an extremely dense oppressive aura.

His entire body was covered in pitch-black heavy armor. On each shoulder, elbow joints, and knee pads, there were three sinister-looking black steel thorns that were more than ten centimeters long. The helmet that only revealed a pair of calm and deep sea-blue eyes. There were more than ten centimeters sharp steel thorns on the left and right sides of the forehead.

This heavy-armored knight was riding on an extremely tall and strong warhorse.

His warhorse was even taller than the warhorses of the Swadian Royal Knights by a head.

The warhorse was covered in a full set of thick, pitch-black armor. There were also terrifying, sharp steel spikes on it. These steel spikes were definitely not for the aesthetic.

On the right side of the warhorse was a pitch-black, two-handed greatsword. The style was no different from an ordinary knight sword. However, it was more than a meter longer than an ordinary knight sword. At the same time, it was much thicker and heavier.

In terms of weight, this two-handed greatsword was no less than a hundred kilograms. It was even heavier than a four-meter-long knight lance.

There were fifty people behind this knight, and they were all knights.

Their equipment and warhorse were somewhat similar to the knights at the front, but they were clearly thinner.

Although the aura of each knight was inferior to that of the knights at the front, they were far superior to the Swadian Royal Knight and the Sarleon Lion Knights.

They were not the grand mage Kant had expected.

These people rode their warhorse slowly out of the barracks, and the ground shook slightly.

Kant noticed that the warhorse of the knight at the front stepped on the bluestone on the East Main Road of Lionheart City, and the bluestone under the iron hooves cracked.

Very quickly, these fifty-one knights arrived right in front of Kant’s army.

They formed a confrontation with Kant’s army.

These heavy armored knights who were fully dressed in black armor emitted a strong and fearless, ferocious and brutal aura.

They were actually able to contend with Kant’s entire army in terms of aura and were not at a disadvantage at all.

One had to know that all of Kant’s army, every soldier was an absolute elite of level 5 troop class and above.

There were even a thousand of Swadian Royal Knights, the Sarleon Lion Knights, and the mages of the Enfath Empire who possessed extraordinary power. With just these troops, they could already be said to be invincible. If not for the fact that he was worried that there were terrifying existences similar to the ancient passage in Lionheart City, he would have already let his troops charge forward!

Furthermore, Kant’s soldiers were not just some flashy looking goods. They could all be considered battle-hardened elite soldiers, the strongest elites of their lifetime!

Kant placed his right hand on the hilt of the king’s sword, and asked the black armored knight at the front, “Who are you?”

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