Lord of the Magical Beasts

Chapter 749: Boundless Sea of Blood
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Chapter 749: Boundless Sea of Blood


Yang Ling used the mysterious Teleportation Portal to teleport to the Sunset Valley in the Graveyard of Deities and Demons. In the past, he had just a mid-level Deity, and every teleportation was exhausting. He had almost collapsed. But now, he was a Great Wizard that practiced to the mid-level Wizard Deity Stage, and this got easier for him.

Sunset Valley wasn’t large, but a large camp was built on it with the efforts of numerous Magical Beasts. It officially became a secret stronghold for the Magical Beast Army in the Graveyard of Deities and Demons. They would collect a large number of resources every day through the Teleportation Formation Spell, and a mountain of all kinds of precious resources was already piled up from over the years. They had useful Premium Crystal Ore, Magical Beasts’ Crystal Ore with a large amount of energy and rare hard ore... Yang Ling set up several other restrictions with a large scope over the former foundation, and he further strengthened the defense and concealment ability of Sunset Valley. He also took all the resources piled up in the valley and he moved them into the Wizard Pagoda’s dimension. Soon after, he left quietly and proceeded toward the Demon Castle of the Abyssal Demon Lord, Kansas.

On the way, he picked a remote and difficult road leading to the Demon Castle, and he had done so to avert coming across well-informed wanderers or attracting the attention of hidden Experts practicing here. He advanced swiftly through the boundless forest, and he closed in on the Demon Castle.

He was the Magical Beast Core Deity, and after he defeated three Great Divine Branches’ allied armies, his name was spread far and wide. It spread to every corner of the various Main Dimensions. There was a large number of wanderers traveling everywhere, and Yang Ling didn’t know any of them. But, as long as he showed himself, those well-informed wanderers would probably recognize him.

Yang Ling didn’t want to rashly expose his relationship with the Abyssal Demon Lord before getting absolute power. He planned to sneak into the Demon Castle and open the mysterious Blood Pool.


Yang Ling wore a black cloak, and his head was covered by a large black hood. He concealed his aura and jumped from tree to tree like a bird. He instantly appeared several hundred meters from his former position. He advanced swiftly in the dense forest like a gust of wind, and he didn’t leave any trails behind him.

High mountains, lakes, rocks... Yang Ling used his senses to observe the Worldly Spiritual Qi present everywhere and took several breaths of the forest’s fresh air. He was full of vitality, and he felt like he was back in the Tailun Continent’s Terras Forest. He advanced swiftly and weaved Wizard Seals. He opened his heart and used his senses to scan the boundless earth. He subconsciously entered a mystifying state, and his body became transparent. He fused with the boundless nature!


After the Abyssal Demon Lord, Kansas, left the Heavenly Pillar Mountain, he left the Chaos Dimension at his highest speed. He traveled swiftly and went back to the Demon Castle in the Graveyard of Deities and Demons. On the trip to the Chaos Dimension, he didn’t just get to see the Black-horned Beauty, Natalie, who he missed a lot, he also finished a task that lasted a myriad of years and fulfilled his long-cherished wish. He was very excited!

Tens of millions of years!

He couldn’t help but think about the kindness of the Ancient Wizard, Blade Venerable, as well as the task he entrusted him. He felt very gratified. For the past few years, he racked his brain for a way to find the newcomer, and he couldn’t go through a single day without anxiety. He was afraid that the supreme Creator would dispatch his Adjudicators and attack the Demon Castle, and he was also afraid that they would learn about his relationship with an Ancient Wizard and snatch the mysterious and strong Blood Pool away by force.

Now, he found the Great Soul Wizard, Yang Ling, that had unfathomable powers, and he could finally heave a sigh of relief. He also saw hope for taking revenge!

In the past, if the few despicable and sinister Adjudicators didn’t plan a sneak attack on him, the Black-horned Beauty, Natalie, wouldn’t have sustained serious injuries and lost consciousness and she also wouldn’t be forced to recuperate in the Demon Hall. They got separated for a long time due to this. If he didn’t have to protect the mysterious Blood Pool all this time and wait for the Black-horned Beauty’s injuries to heal so that he could reunite with her, he would have attacked the Shooting Star Castle long ago, and he would have sought revenge against those Adjudicators.


There was a long distance between the Graveyard of Deities and Demons and the Chaos Dimension, and even if one didn’t come across a Space Ion Storm, an ordinary Dimensional Wanderer would still have to travel for at least a few years to reach their destination. But the Abyssal Demon Lord was determined to go home, and he repeatedly risked his life to travel through the Space Ion Storms. This was why he returned smoothly to the Graveyard of Deities and Demons in several months.


When ten Demon Commanders affiliated with Kansas detected his aura, they ordered their armies to form a formation, and they respectfully welcomed the powerful lord. There was a large number of demons holding sickles, and one couldn’t see where this large group ended. They had an imposing aura, and all Magical Beasts with a 10000-mile radius either escaped or hid in their caves.

Even the strongest Magical Beast didn’t dare to face the large army affiliated with the Abyssal Demon Lord head-on.

Kansas muttered to himself irresolutely for a moment before he issued orders in a deep voice.

“Boyce, transmit my order. From today onward, increase the garden area’s scope, and don’t allow anyone to venture the 100-000-mile perimeter around the castle.” Kansas looked at the great army that covered both the sky and land alike.

If he didn’t guess wrong, the mysterious Blood Pool was very important to the Ancient Wizards. Yang Ling would come over soon and open the Blood Pool, and this was why he couldn’t allow any accidents to happen.


The violent Demon Army directed by various commanders roared loudly and left quickly. They guarded their own position and the million demons set up many great formation spells and ambushes around the Demon Castle. Any suspicious wanderer or Magical Beast would be killed mercilessly.

“I wonder how long Mr. Yang Ling will take to reach the Graveyard of Deities and Demons?” Kansas observed the bloodthirsty and violent Demon Army that dispersed in all directions and furrowed his brows. He drew Yang Ling’s portrait on a Magic Scroll. He summoned an astute personal guard and whispered several words into his ear in a low voice.

“Lord, you can set your mind at ease. I will notify the ten Great Commanders in secret, and we will quickly report to you any news we get.” The astute personal guard bowed and accepted the order before he left. He disappeared quickly into the horizon. Afterwards, Kansas felt like he was just relieved from a heavy burden, and he walked with large strides toward a secret room inside the castle. But when as he was walking, he unexpectedly witnessed a surprising sight.

Yang Ling, who was clad in black clothes and a black Magical Cloak, had already arrived quietly into the Demon Castle at an unknown time.

“Sir, you...” When Kansas saw the smiling Yang Ling, he rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

Kansas had traveled without stopping, and he risked his life to pass through several Space Ion Storms. Yet, he still spent five months to get back into the Graveyard of Deities and Demons. According to the plan, Yang Ling would set off in several months, and he didn’t expect that he would arrive at the Demon Castle ahead of him. His speed was really unimaginable!

Spatial Teleportation Law!

When Kansas recalled the Ancient Wizards’ terrifying magical abilities, he sucked in a breath of cold air. He got a deep impression of the Magical Beast Army’s power from the battle against the Mother Empress. Even the Mother Empress was so powerful, let alone the Great Soul Wizard, Yang Ling. But, he still didn’t expect Yang Ling to be so strong.

Since Yang Ling was able to teleport between various Main Dimensions, then it was obvious that his power had already surpassed ordinary Dimensional Wanderers, and even ordinary Adjudicators wouldn’t be a match for him. He probably wasn’t even inferior to the Adjudicator Commander, the Demon King.

“I couldn’t even defeat the Mother Empress, yet I still stupidly challenged Mr. Yang Ling to a fight. This is...” After the Abyssal Demon Lord, Kansas, understood Yang Ling’s power, he chuckled bitterly. He couldn’t help but rejoice because he didn’t rashly attack Yang Ling.

“Kansas, you’re pretty good. I didn’t expect you to be so fast.” When Yang Ling saw the stunned Abyssal Demon Lord, he chuckled. The Demon Castle was heavily guarded, and there was only around ten feet between every sentinel in a perimeter of 10,000 miles. But they could only defend against ordinary Wanderers and they couldn’t stop a Great Soul Wizard proficient in the Five Element Evasion Technique.

Is my speed pretty good?

Kansas suffered another grave blow. “Huh... Sir, why don’t you first drink a cup of wine?

“No, thanks. Let’s go open the Blood Pool.”

Yang Ling was afraid that an accident would occur if he took too long, and this was why he got right to the point. As he spoke, he waved his hand and summoned the Corpse Wizard King, Grand Wizard Houtu, and the others. He surprised the Abyssal Demon Lord, Kansas, once again. When Kansas saw the beautiful Black-horned Beauty, Natalie, he got very excited, and he wholeheartedly accepted Yang Ling, who had unfathomable powers.

“Sir, please come over here.”

After the Abyssal Demon Lord, Kansas, hugged the Black-horned Beauty, whose face was flushed, he led the way in the front. He ventured into the depths of the Demon Castle, and he crossed many halls as well as guards. They entered a large underground palace through a secret room. This palace was heavily-guarded, and there were only a few feet of distance between every demon armed to the teeth. One could also frequently see dangerous Protective Magical Formation Spells.

The Abyssal Demon Lord, Kansas, had put a lot of effort into this for the past years to protect the mysterious Blood Pool.

“Sir, the Blood Pool’s entrance isn’t far from here. Please follow me.”

After they crossed a single-log bridge and a little lake engulfed by blood mist, the crowd led by the Abyssal Demon Lord, Kansas, reached a pitch-black gate. There were many mysterious and hard to read symbols carved on the gate, and it was also dripping with blood. After Kansas read several incantations in silence, the mysterious gate opened slowly. Soon after, the crowd took an attentive look, and they were very surprised by what they saw.

There was an obelisk as high as an average man behind the large pitch-black gate, and many mysterious symbols were carved on it. There was also a path paved with Moon Soul Stones behind the obelisk, and it led toward a boundless blood-red sea with giant waves. They were still far from it, but a dense odor of blood still assaulted their noses.

A sea of blood!

A boundless sea formed by blood appeared in front of the crowd!

“Is this the Blood Pool?” When the crowd saw the raging blood-red sea with large waves, they were stunned; even Yang Ling was stunned. At first, he assumed that it was a little pool, and he didn’t expect it to be a boundless sea.

“That is right, this is the Blood Pool left behind by the Ancient Wizards. According to what the Blade Venerable said, as long as one uses the jade pendant and activates the obelisk, they will be able to activate the mysterious Blood Pool,” the Abyssal Demon Lord, Kansas, chuckled bitterly and said. “In the past, when I just arrived here, the Blood Pool was very small, and one could walk around it in just a few steps. But later, it got larger, and it turned from a little pool into a boundless sea.”

The Abyssal Demon Lord, Kansas, was also stunned by the Blood Pool’s astounding changes, and he couldn’t understand this matter. He also couldn’t understand the secret of why the Blood Pool got larger. For the past few years, he tried many times to use the jade pendant and activate the obelisk. But he had never succeeded, and the obelisk would either stay calm without showing any response or send an invisible attack that had almost extinguished his soul every time.

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