Lord of Pets

Chapter 82 - Ding Yue and the Lantern Bird
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Chapter 82: Ding Yue and the Lantern Bird

In a spacious and bright white room.

“Are you saying that the Demon Ape needs to be treated for its mental injuries?”

The tall lady raised her eyebrows and muttered to herself, “That’s a little troublesome. I can’t help you with this type of injury... Wait! I’ll go get Big Sister.”

Soon, another woman walked in.

Compared to the tall and slender lady, this person was a completely different style.

She had short hair, delicate oval face, and fair and tender skin. Her entire temperament was like a jasmine flower, fresh and elegant, gentle and virtuous.

Behind her was a big bird that was as tall as a person. Its flippers stepped on the ground as it walked.

The big bird’s legs were very long, but its body was chubby. Its folded feathers were peach-red in color, dense and short. Just by looking at the color, one could tell that it felt very comfortable. It must be very smooth and soft.

What attracted the most attention was the top of its head.

There, there was a flesh lantern!

The white bones served as the skeleton of the lantern, and the light yellow translucent skin served as the body of the lantern. In the innermost part, there was a red flame the size of a fist that was burning fiercely.

“Lantern Bird!”

Almost without using his brain, Bai Wushang could identify what this creature was.


This was because transcendent creatures in this form were relatively rare. It could be said that they were unique.

The attribute panel appeared in his pupils —

[Name]: Lantern Bird (Contract)

[Race]: Demon Beast Realm – Bird Type – Lantern Bird Race

[Life Level]: Peak stage mature form

[Bloodline Quality]: Elite level 2-stars

[Status]: Slightly tired

[Intelligence]: Low-level

[Characteristics]: Tinder/Flight

[Skills]: Light of Healing, Flapping Wings, Spitting Flames, Singing with Joy...

[Gourmet Cell]: 104

“I heard that your Demon Ape has been traumatized?” The short-haired woman smiled and explained, “My sub-class is pharmacist, so I should be able to help you.”

“That’s right, and the injury is very serious. It has no appetite these two days...”

Bai Wushang pushed the Demon Ape and motioned for it to go over.

Ah Zhou hesitated for a moment, then carefully approached the short-haired woman and lowered its body.

The short-haired woman waved at Bai Wushang, “Bai Wushang, come over too. I see that your cheeks are still a little swollen. Let the Lantern Bird heal your external injuries first.”


Bai Wushang was a little surprised. The other party called him by his name. It seemed like she had a certain understanding of him.

But he did not think too much about it. He obediently stood beside the Demon Ape.

“Gu Gu ~ ~ ~”

The Lantern Bird fluttered and flew up. It suddenly raised its head six to seven meters in the air.

An orange-red flame shot out from the flesh lantern above its head. It fanned out and covered part of Bai Wushang and the Demon Ape’s bodies.

In an instant, his entire body felt warm. His face, neck and some parts of his limbs felt numb.

Ah Zhou also narrowed its eyes.

In fact, due to its ‘Rapid Healing’ characteristic, its external injuries had almost healed. Right now, it was as if it was basking in the sun. One word — comfortable!

The orange flame lasted for about five minutes.

When the Lantern Bird landed on the ground again, Bai Wushang still felt a little unsatisfied.

After a simple inspection, the wounds on his body had healed, leaving only a few insignificant scars.

“Thank you, Senior Sister. Er... how should I address you?”

“My name is Ding Yue, third grade. If you don’t mind, you can call me Sister Ding.”

The short-haired woman smiled and methodically took out a suitcase from her storage ring. She slowly opened it.

She took out a device that was similar to a spiritual detection light ball and pressed it against the Demon Ape’s head.

“Ah, it’s really serious!”

Ding Yue’s gaze swept past the vigilant and uneasy Demon Ape and landed on Bai Wushang. She said seriously, “You’d better tell me how this injury was caused so that I can tailor the medicine accordingly.”

“Hmm... it’s probably like this...”

Bai Wushang organized his words slightly, omitting the details and telling the main story.

“Forcefully activating ‘Buring Blood’ after withstanding the spiritual shockwave? This big fellow is too desperate...”

Ding Yue was stunned. After a long while, a gentle smile appeared on her face.

“Bai Wushang, you have such a pet beast companion, you must cherish it well.”

“This time, you are lucky to survive, but next time, you may not be so lucky.”

“I know.” Bai Wushang nodded slightly. “Then... can this kind of injury be cured?”

Ding Yue took out another item from the suitcase and handed it to the Demon Ape’s mouth.

“Here, this tube of medicine is specially used to repair mental damage. It is specially used by beasts.”

Ah Zhou lowered its head and sniffed, its gaze turning towards Bai Wushang.

Bai Wushang indicated for it to drink the medicine without worry, as he deliberated and asked, “Sister Ding, this tube... how much does it cost on the market?”

“At least 2,500 gold coins. The raw materials are relatively rare, and the manufacturing process is relatively complicated... if it’s lower than this price, I’m going to suspect that it’s a low-quality product...”

“So expensive!!”

Bai Wushang clicked his tongue.

“Don’t worry, the freshmen trial is a tradition that has been passed down through the years. At this level... The Academy will still reimburse you in full. You won’t need to spend a single cent.”

“Moreover, it’s not just this tube. To avoid the sequelae of the Demon Ape, I’ll give you some supplementary medicine. Take it once a day for seven consecutive days to completely cure it.”

Ding Yue brushed away the hair on her forehead and warned seriously, “During these seven days, don’t let the Demon Ape participate in high-intensity battles or training. Focus on recuperating, got it?”

“Oh... Okay.”


After drinking the medicine, Ah Zhou suddenly burped. It shook its head in surprise, and its essence, energy and spirit began to recover visibly.

Bai Wushang was relieved. His eyes moved slightly, and he brought up another urgent matter.

“Sister Ding, the trial is over. Why can’t I summon my pet beast? Do I have to look for Senior Xia Wanlong again?”

“Why do I feel a deep resentment?” Ding Yue giggled like a spring breeze.

Bai Wushang showed a trace of embarrassment.

For the past 15 days, Milky Way had been chanting the tightening hoop mantra in his mind every day. It was desperate to come out and play.

From the first day, Xia Wanlong was blacklisted by Milky Way. It swore that the next time they met, it would bite her hard.

What made Bai Wushang troubled the most was that Milky Way had a total of 30 outbreaks of similar mood swings.

It happened to be the first sentence he got up early every day, and the last sentence before he went to bed.

The translation was like this —

“Dragon Lady... Bad! Bite her! (▼皿▼#)”

“Bite her! Bite her! Bite her!”

By now, Bai Wushang was almost assimilated. Whenever Xia Wanlong was mentioned, he would remember these lines.

Just now, when it found out that Bai Wushang had escaped from the sea of bitterness and returned to the origin world, Milky Way was surprised, happy and overjoyed.

It urged him with all its might, shouting that it wanted to come out.

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