Lord of Pets

Chapter 38
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Chapter 38: Transfer

The sun was setting in the west, shining on this bloody battlefield.

Bai Wushang stared at the attribute panel in his eyes and looked at it frequently, making sure that Coma was the only new status in the status column.

Luckily, it still has a breath left; it can still be saved!

Bai Wushang put medicine on the Demon Ape leader’s wounds in a flurry, not expecting much effect, trying to at least to stop the bleeding first.

If this blood continued to flow and continued to worsen the injury, it would be too late even if he still had preparations for contingencies.

Soon, he finished applying the herbs.

Bai Wushang looked around.

We can’t stay here to heal. There was too much commotion earlier. It would be a problem if something was drawn over.

I have to move. There seemed to be a few frightened red horses nearby just now… Ah! Found it!

At the end of his vision, a small red figure loomed. Bai Wuhuai was overjoyed.

Dashing over, as the distance shortened, Bai Wushang saw clearly at once a fully red horse close to two and a half meters long and with luscious hair, and it was definitely an adult.

It looked a bit strange, though, with its neck stuck in the fork of a crooked tree.

Also, it should have hit something as it had a large bulge on the top of its head.

The most inexplicable thing was that this red horse was obviously alive and well, but its face had a terrified expression on it, as if someone was standing next to it with a knife, about to skin and bleed it. Its expression was quite creepy.

Might this horse be sick…?

Bai Wushang circled around, unable to stop his mind from wandering, and activated his Eye of Perception…

[Name]: Red Horse (Wild)

[Race]: Demon Beast Realm – Walking Beast Type – Red Horse Race

[Life Level]: Mid-stage youth

[Bloodline Quality]: Mortal Bone Level, 3 Stars

[Status]: Confined/Dementia (caused by concussion)

[Intelligence]: Low

[Characteristics]: Cowardly/Sensitive Sniffer

[Skills]: Sprint

[Gourmet Cell]: 6


Bai Wushang was a bit speechless.

Indeed, I have heard that Red Horses have a timid character, and can’t do anything but escape. Today, I have witnessed it for myself.

It probably got spooked by the wolves, hit something in a panic, causing brain damage, and got stupidly stuck in a tree…

After a quick analysis and a glance around, Bai Wushang looked helpless. I don’t have a choice. It has to be it!

Taking something like a vine out of his backpack, he tied a random section to the red horse to make a rudimentary rein.

Then he cut the crooked tree down, and set it free.

Bai Wushang got onto the horse, and was about to ride it back to meet the Demon Ape leader.

He feared it would resist, but the red horse cooperated unexpectedly, making a turn under the reins’ guidance and running smoothly.

Its face remained terrified. He didn’t know what it was afraid of in that tiny head.

After guessing wildly, Bai Wushang returned to the battlefield, and took out the most precious stock on him at the moment, the entire snake skin of the Fireball Snake.

Stretching it, laying it flat, and perforating each of the four corners with old vines to make the simplest of mats, Bai Wushang then used all his strength to push the dying Demon Ape leader onto the snakeskin mat.

The two old vines at the front end of the mat were tied to the red horse, and the two at the back end were tied to Bai Wushang himself.

I’m truly quite desperate. To ensure a safe healing environment, I’m also working as a porter…

Bai Wushang was bitterly amused, being sarcastic with himself inwardly, but he picked up a stone in his hand, and smashed it on the red horse’s butt.

The red horse grunted twice, and immediately began to run.

At this moment, it was basically bearing half of the body weight of the Demon Ape leader. Fortunately, it was in the mid-stage youth, and had a fair amount of strength, so it could barely pull it.

Bai Wushang followed behind, and the other half of the weight was naturally born by him, but Bai Wushang’ weight-bearing ability was even higher than the Red Horse’s, so it seemed rather easy.

Following the hazy memory of his arrival, Bai Wushang distantly pulled the Red Horse and guided it forward, and about five minutes later, he and the two beasts arrived next to a small waterfall.

This is it. There’s a waterfall cave behind the waterfall. It’s quite big, enough to hold the Demon Ape. Bai Wushang nodded lightly, quite satisfied.

Casually finding a few giant banana leaves, and laying them on top of the Demon Ape’s torso, Bai Wushang commanded the Red Horse to cross the waterfall.

At this time, it had to be said that dementia also had its advantages. If it had been a sane Red Horse, it would have had the weakness of being afraid of water, and wouldn’t have been able to let its body touch a lot of water.

This Red Horse was a different story, showing no discomfort and being very well behaved.

In the waterfall cave, Bai Wushang lit up two torches.

Bai Wushang laid the Demon Ape leader flat on the ground, and before he could do anything, he saw it stifle a grunt and languidly wake up.

“Did you get water on your wound? Sorry, I’ll wipe it for you.”

Bai Wushang took a spare shirt as a cloth, gently helped the Demon Ape leader wipe away some water stains, and reapplied some medicinal herbs to the wound.

The Demon Ape leader didn’t move a muscle, letting Bai Wushang fiddle with him. Its only right eye was dull as it stared at the top of the cave.

Seeing this, Bai Wushang frowned with a slight expression of concern.

The Demon Ape was a highly intelligent creature with intelligence not inferior to a 10-year-old child’s, so even though it could not fully understand what he said, it had no problem understanding most of it.

Its current expression, rather than to say that it was ignoring him, it was more like its will had died, and it had completely given up the thought of life.

With thoughts flying around, Bai Wushang frankly said with a sincere look, “Boss ape, I know you’ve just been through something very unpleasant, and are in a depressed mood.

“I also know that you are badly hurt and close to death, and perhaps in maybe 10 minutes, your consciousness will end.

“But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a way to save you. I’m a human master with a Book of Oaths. If you sign a pet contract with me, even if you’re badly injured now, as long as you still have breath, you can be saved.”

Bai Wushang reached out and summoned it, and the silver-white Book of Oaths floated in front of him.

“Do you… want to think about it?”

With those words, he looked expectant and gazed sincerely at the Demon Ape leader’s face.

10 seconds, 20 seconds…

There was no response.

Bai Wushang sighed lightly. Although he expected that convincing the Demon Ape leader would be difficult, he didn’t expect the real communication to be so tricky.

Every second at the moment is precious; there can’t be any more delays! I must stimulate and trigger its emotions, or at least get it out of this empty mental state and listen to me attentively!

After a moment’s hesitation, Bai Wushang’s eyes showed determination as he steeled his expression, and said, “Boss ape, wouldn’t it be a little too wimpy for you to just be so determined to die?

“Your people died under your watch, and even their carcasses are left in the wild all because of you! It’s because you are too weak, not capable enough to protect them. You are not a qualified leader at all!”

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