Lord of Pets

Chapter 34
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Chapter 34: Demon Apes vs. Swift Wind Sword Wolves

Above the short slope, the Blast Sword Wolves and the Demon Apes engaged in a fierce battle.

The three late-stage youth wolves directly surrounded the leader of the Demon Apes.

As for the rest of the pack, half of them pounced on the other three Demon Apes, and half of them circled on the outermost ring, not giving the Demon Apes any chance to escape.

These wolf cubs are quite smart. They know how to form an array trying to kill all of the apes?

Not surprisingly, the primal giant tree was the habitat of the Demon Apes, and the fractured cross-section still bore a large number of messy scratches.

What did this mean?

Bai Wushang associated the respective biological habits of the Demon Apes and the Swift Wind Sword Wolves and imagined a scene in his mind.

The Swift Wind Sword Wolves grouped up and launched an organized and premeditated hunting operation in the scene. First, they destroyed the home of the Demon Apes, thus igniting melee combat between the two species, and then using their advantage in numbers to surround and kill the Demon Apes step by step, not willing to spare a single one.

Because of this, the nearby transcendent creatures fled for their lives, and whoever was slow to run and was pulled into the fray would die without knowing how they died.

With the ability to organize a hunt like this, a particularly smart alpha wolf should be in the pack…

Bai Wushang’s original intention was to observe which of the three late-stage wolves was more courageous and prominent.

Unexpectedly, after watching for a while, he was surprised to find that the three alpha wolves were on par with the Demon Ape leader.

Strange. Why is this Demon Ape not at a disadvantage against the three?

Bai Wushang was surprised on the inside. The Demon Ape leader was not too different from the other Demon Apes. Except for being bigger and stronger, it did not look like there were signs of mutation.

On the battlefield, the three alpha wolves were a little annoyed that their subordinates had beaten the other demon apes into submission while they were in a stalemate; they couldn’t keep up their reputations.

After glancing at each other for a few moments, the three alpha wolves suddenly whimpered and hissed, turning into three green shadows and leaping up.

In mid-air, they made a strange movement…

…Head down, arching their backs, both front paws cradling their hind feet, prompting their entire body to curl up, then folding their tails downward, and leaving the broken blades fully exposed.

Now, their entire torso was shaped like an irregular round wheel, its outermost ring littered with sharp broken blades, which spun rapidly under the acceleration of the last dash and leap and pointed straight at the Demon Ape leader in the form of a parabola.

Sword Wheel Charge! Swift Wind Sword Wolves’ signature skill!

Bai Wushang’s eyes widened, not wanting to miss a single detail.

The three “sword wheels” flashed by in mid-air, and the Demon Ape leader grunted heavily, seemingly sensing danger.

Instead of taking it head-on, it smartly picked up the carcass of a sword wolf on the ground and used it as a weapon, swinging it at the three “sword wheels.”

Peng, peng, peng!

With three violent collisions, the three alpha wolves were forced to terminate their sword wheel stance and were even slightly injured as they were smashed back onto the ground a dozen meters away.

The Demon Ape leader did not pause in its steps because of this. It casually discarded the carcass of the sword wolf that had been shredded by the broken blades while turning its fist into a palm and slapping it right at the alpha wolves.

The alpha wolves reacted quickly, jumping and dodging by instinct, constantly circling the Demon Ape leader.

Crushing Palm… Crushing Mountain Fist… Bone Crushing Kick… Tarzan Press…

Hiding in the shadows, Bai Wushang watched in awe. The number of skills mastered by that Demon Ape was rare in the world, and its own strength was far higher than that of the Swift Wind Sword Wolves. It looked like the two sides were tangled in an even fight, but in fact, the Demon Ape was overwhelming the alpha wolves.

Occasionally hit by an attack that landed hideous claw marks, the Demon Ape leader was able to stop the bleeding in a few breaths. Its recovery ability was superior and more amazing than a normal Demon Ape’s.

If it weren’t for the speed advantage that the Swift Wind Sword Wolves had and the fact that the three of them acted jointly and could assist each other in cooperation, they might have been slapped flat by the Demon Ape leader.


A high-pitched wolf howl rang out, and the Demon Ape leader twisted its head to look back, suddenly showing its teeth.

A sword wolf, which was proudly tilting its head and howling, was stepping on a bulbous ball-like object under its feet.

That spherical object was no other than a Demon Ape’s head!

In the distance, a headless Demon Ape carcass collapsed with a thump, covered in blood.

Three or four drooling sword wolves swarmed on the Demon Ape, grunting and tearing and enjoying the feast of meat.

Next to them, the other two Demon Apes were covered in wounds, constantly being attacked by the pack of wolves. It looked like they were going to die as well.

“Hou! Hou! Hou!”

The Demon Ape leader’s eyes bulged out, its muscles bulging, and it was about to rush forward like a madman to free its compatriots.

The three alpha wolves seemed to have premeditated something, and at this critical moment, they all stopped in front of the Demon Ape leader, tangling with it in all kinds of ways, and desperately holding it back.

The Demon Ape leader was anxious and angry, and it could not wait to slap these alpha wolves to death, but the speed of the Swift Wind Sword Wolves was so fast that they always managed to dodge at the most extreme times, and most of its attacks were to no avail.

In the distance, the state of the apes was getting worse and worse, and if it didn’t go over to support them, they wouldn’t be able to hold on!

The Demon Ape leader no longer hesitated. A sliver of red flickered from its eyes, and all of a sudden, a terrifying aura flowed from its body.


It stomped heavily on the earth and stood up, two thick forearms thumping against its chest, the outline of its muscles visible.

A faint blood-red mist quietly enveloped the Demon Ape leader, and in just a moment, its torso swelled a little, becoming bigger, stronger, and more powerful, and its pupils turned from black to scarlet.

Burning Blood? This Demon Ape has actually mastered Burning Blood???

Bai Wushang couldn’t help but smack his lips. Normally, this skill was only possible for a Demon Ape to learn at the peak of its youth, and when activated, it could drastically improve its physical qualities. Whether it was strength, speed, explosive power, or reflexes, it would have a significant improvement that could last for a certain amount of time.

Of course, Burning Blood had a side effect; it burned the Demon Ape’s heart’s blood.

This blood was vital to the Demon Ape. Normally, it was used to heal the body’s injuries quickly. Once it started to burn, it was a decision to fight to the death no matter what. The ability to heal and recover would be suppressed to a minimum, and instead, it’d strengthen other aspects.

At the same time, the three alpha wolves unleashed a new round of sword wheel charges, faster and at sharper angles.

This time, the Demon Ape didn’t look for anything but went straight for them, swinging its arms five or six times as thick as a grown man’s and striking heavily.

With a loud poof, the first sword wolf was directly pierced in mid-air, splattering blood and falling to the ground.

Ignoring the slash wounds on its hands, the Demon Ape grabbed the body of the first alpha wolf and slammed it hard into the second wolf.

The second alpha wolf was also powerless to fight and was slapped down almost the instant it made contact, flying 20-30 meters back and half-plunging into the earth.

It struggled for a while before it got up, one leg already limping and blood dripping from several places on its head, stomach, and tail.

Enduring the severe pain, the eyes of the second alpha wolf swept back on the battlefield.

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