Lord of Pets

Chapter 33
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Chapter 33: A New Discovery

At dawn on the third day, waking up from a shallow sleep, Bai Wushang ate a good breakfast, replaced his injury medicine, and resumed his journey.

The light in the Dark Forest was terrible, and what should have been a bright morning was still dim as evening.

With a torch in one hand, Bai Wushang walked forward with vigorous strides.

Late stage youth, Mortal Bone level 4-star Black Woolly Mammoth? Relatively low quality, without any natural evolutionary path, not worth considering.

Peak stage youth, Mortal Bone level 6-star Ghoul? It does meet the criteria… but it is said to be too difficult to breed, needing to be constantly fed, so I’ll put it on the alternative list for now.

…Hmm? This is a Dark Fire Bat? Mortal Bone level, 7 stars, excellent potential, but, but it’s just born, right? Its hair hasn’t even full grown; the life level is too low!

The vastness and breadth of the Dark Forest was far beyond Bai Wushang’s imagination, and he spent the entire day searching and identifying it.

Over 50 species of transcendent creatures were encountered by him, though the vast majority did not meet his criteria.

The very few that were barely there were only temporarily on the alternative list.


On the fourth day, the situation progressed slightly.

Bai Wushang tried to capture a Dark Crow.

It was a Mortal Bone level 7-star transcendent creature with a three-stage natural evolution chain, and its own strength was at peak-stage youth with great characteristics and traits, making it a target for the most desirable level of contract.

Unfortunately, extreme excellence often represented extreme strength at the same time, and Bai Wushang’s carefully prepared plan to capture and entrap ended in failure.

Even then, he was chased by an enraged Dark Crow, and ran in disarray for a long time.

It wasn’t until three or four o’clock in the afternoon that Bai Wushang dared to sigh in relief when he unexpectedly escaped from another remote area of the Dark Forest.

This wasn’t a female, was it? I only knocked off one or two of its feathers, and it chased me for so long. Don’t be so vindictive! I’d better stay away…

Standing in the sunlight, Bai Wushang gasped for air and looked back at the large bird that was circling and screeching not far away, but did not dare to fly away from the darkness.

After a break, he straightened up and looked straight ahead.

What leaped into view was a high and undulating terrain with sparse grass and gravel, a completely different environment from the one he previously experienced.

“It’s a bit deserted. It doesn’t seem to be the same forest as at the beginning…” Bai Wushang muttered, and turned to look at the Dark Forest behind him, asking himself, “Should I explore another place or find a way to return to the Dark Forest?”

The time remaining at the moment was too precious to waste anymore.

After slight hesitation, he made up his mind, and took a step towards the unknown area ahead.


After traveling some distance, he suddenly heard a wolf’s howl from not very far away.

Bai Wushang raised an eyebrow, not having much of a reaction. Creatures like wolves mostly traveled in packs, and were not something he could easily mess with.

“Ahwoo!!! Ahwoo!!!”

Soon, the wolf howls were rising and falling, one louder than the other, with more excitement and urgency each time.

Bai Wushang couldn’t help but stop. The howling was too frequent, and it was almost continuous.

What’s happening?

Just as such a thought flashed across his mind, he heard an explosion, which seemed to be the sound of a giant tree collapsing.

Immediately afterwards, the sounds of thumping, chirping, chattering, and beeping kept coming.

With a slight change in his expression, Bai Wushang took a glance around, and climbed up the nearest large tree.

Not far away, there was a short, rolling slope that was now churning with plumes of dust.

A flock of large-billed cranes swooped up in alarm, and flew up fast desperately far away.

Five or six crimson stallions, as if frightened, jumped uncontrollably in all directions.

Bai Wushang even also caught sight of a spotted tiger, which looked to be a late-stage youth, with the word king on its forehead faintly appearing, but it still fled frantically with its tail between its legs.

With all the commotion, something big must be happening!

After thinking about it for a moment, Bai Wushang jumped down the tree trunk using both his hands and feet, and carefully approached that short slope.


Five minutes later.

Bai Wushang huddled in one of the bushes, his eyes wide.

In front of him, a pristine giant tree fell to the ground with a bang. It was three or four meters thick and 40-50 meters tall, with branches and leaves that had grown for countless years.

Near it, a large number of carcasses were lined up: two ape bodies covered in lacerations and with their heads separated, as well as seven or eight wolf-type carcasses that either had their bodies mutilated or their heads slapped flat, with dark red polluted blood flowing everywhere.

More than 20 transcendent creatures, divided into two camps, were killing each other.

On one side were giant green-colored wolves, generally over two meters in length, and the three in the lead were even more than three meters long, their fangs exposed and their eyes cold.

A jagged row of sharp blades grew from their heads to their spine and all the way to their tails, as if they had numerous large, broken shards of glass implanted in their skin, giving off a cold glare in the sun.

It’s actually a Swift Wind Sword Wolf?

Bai Wushang recognized at a glance that this was a very famous transcendent creature with a bloodline quality of 6 stars at the Mortal Bone level, which was quite good.

On the other side were giant apes, majestic in size and covered with long, sparse black hair everywhere except for the face and ears.

Their jawbones were far more prominent than their cheekbones, their foreheads were high, and they bore a curved dark red horn on each side of their heads.

They ran in a semi-erect posture, and used their forelimbs as support, propping themselves up on the ground with the backs of their knuckles as if they were holding two stone pillars, and they appeared extremely fierce.

Demon Ape, Mortal Bone level, 6 stars, strength-based transcendent creature with unparalleled self-healing abilities…

While recalling the knowledge, Bai Wushang continued to observe the situation.

The situation on the battlefield was actually quite clear. Nearly 20 Swift Wind Sword Wolves were forming a large circle, surrounding the four Demon Apes in layers.

The Swift Wind Sword Wolves weren’t just numerous, but they were also strong. As far as Bai Wushang could see, none of them were below mid-stage youth, and the three in front were definitely in the late-stage youth.

The Demon Apes on the other side were not as good. Except for the one at the head, which was taller and stronger, estimated to have the strength of a late-stage youth, the other three were all a head shorter, more or less wounded, and their life level was at most in the mid-stage youth.

With the same bloodline quality, the difference in strength and numbers is too great. The Demon Apes will probably lose.

Bai Wushang sighed inwardly. This pack of Swfit Wind Sword Wolves should be the strongest beast pack I’ve seen so far, and as long as they don’t run into a mature youth in the trial Grounds, they’re definitely unstoppable.


The wolves burst into a howl and charged again.

The Demon Ape at the head was not willing to show any weakness, and with a furious glare, it waved its huge palm-leaf fan-like palm, and slapped towards the wolves.

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