Lord of All Realms

Chapter 1808: The Fourth Generation!
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Nie Tian scooped the Dark Aureole out of the Sea of Life like a pebble.

It floated over Dong Li’s head once again.


Streak after streak of crimson light exploded on their way flying towards Nie Tian’s chest.

The red color in the depths of the ultimate darkness that represented the influence of the origin of life gradually faded.

In further areas, the origins of thunder, ice, metal, time, and space were also gradually rid of the corrosive power of the origin of life now that he had broken free from the blood sea.

As long as his chest, or his heart, wasn’t immersed in the blood sea, the tentacles of the origin of life wouldn’t be able to reach them through him. Therefore, it wouldn’t be able to pressure them continuously.

Then, naturally and gradually, these origins would escape its influence and plaguing, and regain themselves.


Huge waves rose and took over the entire blood sea. The colossal heart in the depths of the sea beat so violently that all powerful beings with bloodlines sensed anomalies in different parts of the starry river.

Several Netherspirit and Devil grand monarchs in the Devils’ Domain of Shadow Devil suddenly felt insecure and uneasy for some reason.

In the dark land, the evil gods and the Rampage Behemoth felt the hairs all over their body prickling.

Even Zhao Shanling, who had taken his human form, looked especially grim as he said with a heavy tone, “I don’t know why, but I’m feeling very uneasy. I have a bloodline connection to the Devils’ holy land, that devil well. Now, for some reason, I’m sensing tremendous fear from it.”

“What’s happening?" Mo Heng asked, looking baffled.

The Snow Devil from the Doomed Star Sea had obtained profound legacies from the origin of ice. Now, she seemed to have accepted Nie Tian completely as she said with a frown, “The young master could even slay the Blood Father of the Spirit World and shatter the remains of the Tree of Life. Who could pose a threat to him after he returns to the chaos with such devastating power? However, I did sense that something was off with the origin of ice earlier.”

“What was it?” Zhao Shanling asked loudly.

The origin of darkness had chosen Grand Monarch Heaven Devil first, but had later switched to Dong Li because of Nie Tian.

Even Zhao Shanling, the Ancient Arch-devil, hadn’t been able to communicate with the origin of darkness to learn about it.

The Snow Devil, however, managed to establish communication with the origin of ice.

With a thoughtful expression, she said, “Just now, I couldn’t communicate with the origin of ice for a while. I sensed regret and fear from it. And intense life power fluctuations seemed to be spreading in the depths of the origin of ice. But it only lasted a short while before everything returned to normal. However, the origin of ice seemed to be weakened after that. Even my connection with it became fitful.”

“I felt the same thing!” Yuan Jiuchuan exclaimed.

Zhao Shanling was flabbergasted.

Only after a while did he come to a sudden realization. “The other origins must have launched a joint attack against the origin of life through Nie Tian! However, the origin of life is the one and only colossus in the chaos. Even if the other origins joined up, they might not be able to match its power. If you say that the origins of thunder and ice were weakened...

“Then, I guess those origins met strong counterattacks and suffered heavy blows.”

Looking grave and stern, Qin Yao asked, “Is there really nothing we can do to help?”

Zhao Shanling took a moment to think, but then shook his head and said, “We can’t join the battles taking place in the chaos unless we join the ranks of paragons.”

Upon hearing this, everyone seemed rather dispirited.

All of them were renowned experts in the three worlds. Who would have thought that they would find themselves unqualified to even join the battles at the most crucial moment?

“However, if you can win the Void Spirits’ acknowledgement and refine them into yourselves, you’ll have the key to entering the chaos,” Zhao Shanling added.

Everyone’s eyes lit up as soon as they heard this.

There were still quite a few Void Spirits wandering in the broken dark land.

They corresponded to different origins in the chaos and served as their eyes.

They were also the keys to entering the chaos, and bore people’s hope of becoming paragons.

“Let’s give it a shot!”

The powerful experts that had been waiting for a long time suddenly started shuttling across the dark land that was on the verge of perishing. They threaded through the deadly spatial rifts in the air and used their unique means to locate the Void Spirits that agreed with their cultivation attributes. Then, they attempted to capture them and refine them into themselves, so they would be able to enter the chaos.


In the chaos.

Nie Tian’s magnificent body towered over the blood sea.

The Spacetime Blade in his hand burst forth with dazzling divine light once again!

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

The colossal heart in the depths of the blood sea pounded so hard that it seemed to be splitting up.

For some reason, Nie Tian felt insecure and uneasy as he sensed the vibration of the origin of life.

He noticed that billowing waves had risen in every part of the vast blood sea.

Countless wisps of blood-colored light were flying everywhere as the life power stirred out of order, as if some magical laws were going to be broken.

Moments later, he exclaimed in shock, “Hmm?!”

He discovered that extremely tiny and thin Bloodline Crystal Chains were suddenly generated in the crimson bloodline aura in his heart.

They flew out one after another like fine lightning wisps, and pierced into his heart from the inside.

As this happened, a brilliant spark manifested out of nothing in his heart, like a seed that was going to sprout.

The aura it exuded clearly belonged to the Tree of Life!

Nie Tian was dumbstruck for a few seconds before a shudder ran through his body. “A seed of the Tree of Life... the beginning of its fourth generation!”

Strong fear rose in his heart in an insuppressible manner.

According to the legends, every generation of the Tree of Life would generate a seed every time its life reached its end.

The seed would carry all of the memories, power, and wisdom of the previous generations. Given time, it would manifest brilliance that even its previous generations didn’t have.

This was how the Tree of Life lived on immortally, and became more and more powerful through the generations.

The new generation of the Tree of Life was only vulnerable when it was sprouting.

Once it passed that phase, it would be able to infuse itself with wood power and quickly surpass its previous generations with the help of the knowledge and imprints from its previous generations.

“I can’t believe it has chosen to take root in my heart and begin its fourth generation!

“This is just like its third generation taking root in the eye of a titan, absorbing enough nourishment to take root, sprout, and ride out the initial and most dangerous phase!

“If it lives through the first stage and grows into a sapling, wouldn’t it be able to return to its peak state within a short time with the boundless power in the Sea of Life?

“Also, its fourth generation would no longer be a pure vegetative being!

“Instead, it would be something between a fleshly being and a vegetative being, a brand new super-strong species that has completely fused flesh power with wood power!

“Is cultivating its next generation in my heart part of its plan too?”

A series of thoughts flashed across Nie Tian’s mind.

“I don’t have a choice now!”

He took a deep breath, the look in his eyes turning cold and ruthless.

Then, he pointed the Spacetime Blade at the depths of the blood sea, and made a forceful slash.

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