Looking Over at the Guy Across the Way

Chapter 26: Extra Meat Fanwai, Hitting the nail on the head
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Chapter 26: Extra Meat Fanwai, Hitting the nail on the head

When He JinFei came back to the room after his shower, Luo Xin was rolling around on the bed, naked. The thing between his legs, which hadn’t yet hardened, swung softly with his movements.

“……get your clothes on! Don’t get my bed dirty!”

Luo Xin grinned, pulling him over and shoving him down on the bed: “Aren’t you letting me sleep with you today in order to get the bed dirty?”

He JinFei got angry. Every time the other man put on an innocent expression and spoke to him like that, he wanted to kill him. But he just couldn’t outdebate him.

So he blocked his mouth using the most rotten method.

Luo Xin, biting He JinFei’s tongue with an evil smirk, said faintly: “Mr. He is becoming more and more cunning….” He sucked strongly before the other could respond.

The sharp feeling on his tongue made He JinFei’s stomach twist. His body reacted in the most instinctual manner. The other man’s shaft made direct contact with the skin of his inner thigh, gently rubbing, hot and hard, and the tip left a trace of sticky wetness on his skin.

Excess saliva leaked from the corners of both of their mouths, dripping down his chest and running past the neckline of his wide open bathrobe.

“Mmm–!” He JinFei gasped in shock, the other man had pinched his spit-slick nipple. The wet touch made his chest more sensitive. Feeling his shudder, that hand pinched and kneaded even more, squeezing it for a moment and then pulling outwards and rubbing it with his thumb. All this direct play with his nipple made it swell up.

“It’s all so hard down here…..is it wet in the back…..hmm?” Luo Xin moved his hand towards the back while playing with his shaft.

He JinFei’s bathrobe had long before been pulled open to reveal a healthy, muscular body in contrast to Luo Xin’s milky white complexion, but now this soft, effeminate but evil guy was actually teasing him to the point of release. From time to time, the hand holding his member ground against his tip and it was so sensitive and refreshing that he was numbed from the bottom of his spine to his head. He almost cried out from the pleasure. His balls were occasionally squeezed in that palm and, at the same time, the hand in the back boldly pressed two fingers inside. Luo Xin didn’t hurry to thrust, but instead ground down on that deadly point inside.

“Ah…..Luo Xin, you…..mmm…..If you want to do it, just hurry up! Don’t be so…..ah!”

He JinFei suddenly shuddered all over and a little bit of come spilled from the tip of his shaft.

“How is it, feeling good? Is it my finger making you feel good or would my cock make you feel good? Or…..a vibrator? You see, it’s so wet back here……luckily, I’m the only one who’s discovered this…..say it, do you want me to keep moving?”

Luo Xin bit his ear and said these words that could make a person blush. Even when He JinFei was a top previously, he had never said anything like that. His whole face turned red. His back entrance, however, clamped down and tugged at those two fingers.

“Does that mean ‘yes’? Then I’ll go ahead, ah.”

Luo Xin smiled and suddenly added another finger, quickly thrusting them in and out. His other hand in the front also matched the pace, not falling behind at all, making the man beneath him scream out, trembling all over.

As He JinFei quickly approached climax, the hands that lit his body on fire suddenly stopped, then a hotter, thicker, harder object pressed against the mouth of his hole.

“Mr. He, I’m going to come inside you…..”

“Wh…..at? Uh, mm–!”

The hard head of the tortoise slammed against his prostate with deadly precision. He JinFei jerked his head and came with a shudder. As he was still gasping, the hot length in his body was still thrusting away mercilessly, then a bit stronger, then a bit faster. It seemed Luo Xin couldn’t get enough, he hooked He JinFei’s knees over his shoulders and gripped his waist and then thrust his hips as fast as he could, so fast that He JinFei’s ass turned red from the impacts.

“Wa-wait! It’s too fast, slow down, ah, ah, ah–”

He JinFei felt like he was going crazy. The friction from behind was lighting him on fire, until he could feel nothing but pleasure. He reached out trembling and gripped his abandoned shaft, getting it hard.

“I can’t wait. I’ve been abstinent for so long, can you sense that? *Huff*….so tight….”

Climaxing again, Hu JinFei was too dazed to figure out what Luo Xin was saying in his ear, a few short words, so short that he almost missed them.

“So it turns out love is like this…..”

Yeah, it turns out love is like this.

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