Looking After a Battle God With Hundreds of Billions in Supplies

Chapter 350 - 350: What Can You Do To Me
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Chapter 350: What Can You Do To Me

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Su Ying’s eyes darkened as she met Chu Mo’s scornful smile. He seemed to be provoking her and asking, “What can you do to me?”

Su Ying gave a scornful snort which made Chu Mo pause momentarily. Before he could react, Su Ying threw him onto the corridor on the second floor.

Su Ying immediately deployed the steel cable to hook onto the railing and climb up!

The soldiers didn’t expect Su Ying to be so bold as to flee in front of so many soldiers!

Su Ying grabbed Chu Mo’s robe with one hand and dragged him into the private room.

The soldiers came back to their senses and immediately gave chase.

In the private room, Chu Mo felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck. When he raised his head again, he saw Su Ying staring at him with a sinister expression.

“If you dare to kill me, you, your life as Princess Consort of Qi will also end. Hahaha…” ๐’‡๐’“๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐”€๐“ฎ๐’ƒ๐™ฃ๐’๐“ฟ๐“ฎ๐“ต.๐’„๐’๐™ข

Su Ying looked at him with lowered eyes. “I’m very curious to see how long you can keep smiling.”

After saying that, she snapped her fingers lightly.

Chu Mo only felt a slight pricking pain in the back of his neck, and then the piercing pain gradually spread to his limbs and bones, making him tremble all over. Even if he had been through hundreds of battles, he had never experienced such immense pain.

“Ugh! Argh!” Chu Mo rolled on the ground in pain, wishing he could die immediately.

Outside the door, the soldiers were still struggling to break down the room door.

Su Ying sat on the chair and calmly watched Chu Mo’s expression slowly change due to the pain.

“Who is that eunuch?”

The veins on Chu Mo’s neck were bulging. His eyes were as wide as saucers from the pain, and his eyes had turned bloodshot.

“It’s… it’s the First Prince… the First Prince’s eunuch! It’s a eunuch serving by his side!”

“What you said had better be the truth.”

“Ugh!” Su Ying raised her hand and snapped her fingers. Chu Mo felt the pain slowly recede like the tide.

Chu Mo lay on the ground, panting heavily.

Bang! The soldier crashed through the door and stormed in.

“Princess Consort Qi, you are really bold to hurt innocent people. Take her down.”

Su Ying did not resist. She merely swept an icy glance at the soldiers who had stepped forward. “Donโ€™t touch me. I can walk on my own.”

The soldiers were also afraid of Su Ying, so they obediently stood there without moving.

The rest of the soldiers stepped forward and carried Chu Mo out.

“Wait a minute.”

The soldier turned around with displeasure. “What other tricks do you want to play?”

“I want to stay with him.”

The soldier frowned. “It’s not up to you to make the decision, Princess Consort Qi.”

“If he dies, who will be responsible? You guys or the Capital Governor?”

The soldier’s expression clouded over. “Take her along!”

Su Ying followed closely behind Chu Mo and returned to the Capital Governor’s Office.

Lord Lin was already waiting in the main hall. When he saw Su Ying, Lord Lin’s expression turned downright unsightly. “Your Highness is really capable.”

“The scary one is not the man-eating tiger, but the rats hiding in the sewers. They are not visible to others, yet they can bite an elephant to death.”

Lord Lin gave a disdainful snort. “Princess Consort Qi should instead tell me why you went to the Misty Willow Pavilion in the middle of the night to hurt people for no reason?”

“Then you’d better ask him whose money he accepted to take my life and His Highness’s life.”

Lord Lin frowned and looked at Chu Mo. “Is what the Princess Consort said true?”

The pain just now almost took Chu Mo’s life. He raised his head and glared at Su Ying viciously. “No… Ugh…”

The pain swept over him again. Chu Mo felt his entire body tremble. Suddenly, a wave of heat hit him from below. When he looked again, there was a puddle of fluid on the ground emitting steam.

Lord Lin’s expression turned even more unsightly. “What’s going on exactly? What did Your Highness do to him?”

Su Ying blinked her eyes, appearing very innocent. “What did I do? Maybe the heavens don’t like him committing all kinds of evil deeds?”

The pain struck ruthlessly and swiftly but it also vanished quickly. Chu Mo lay on the ground, panting. When he looked at Su Ying again, his eyes were filled with anger that also carried a hint of fear.

He didn’t know what Su Ying had done to him. After she dragged him into the room, he only felt everything before him going black. When he opened his eyes again, he felt a pain in his neck, and then his body began to hurt.

Lord Lin’s eyes twitched as he looked at Chu Mo. “Who are you?”

Chu Mo did not dare to lie anymore. “I am Chu Mo, the leader of the Red Demon Sect’s capital city branch. A few days ago, a eunuch came to our Red Demon Sect and offered 20,000 taels of silver to hire us to take the lives of Prince Qi and Princess Consort Qi.”

Lord Lin frowned. “Are you the assassin who tried to assassinate Prince Qi and Princess Consort Qi?”


Lord Lin didn’t speak for a long time.

Su Ying asked icily, “What are you still doubting, Lord Lin? Shouldn’t you tell the Emperor about such an important matter?”

“Your Highness, don’t worry. If what he said is true, the Emperor and I will definitely not tolerate it. Put this person in prison first. Please return to the manor first, Your Highness. If there is a need for clarification, 1 will go to Prince Qi’s Manor and ask Your Highness.”

“Before this case is reported to the Emperor and the truth is revealed to the world, I won’t leave his side.”

Lord Lin’s brows furrowed even more tightly. “Your Highness, you do not trust me?”

“That’s right.”

Lord Lin was speechless.

“If he dies, then there’s no evidence. Can you afford to bear the responsibility for this?”

“Your Highness, you may not be aware but the trial is not that simple.”

“That has nothing to do with me. I just want to ensure his safety.”

Lord Lin gave a scornful laugh. “Fine, fine. Then we’ll put Princess Consort Qi in the same prison as him.”

The officer looked at Lord Lin hesitantly. Lord Lin was obviously downright furious. He did not notice the officer’s gaze and simply asked him to take those two people away.

The officer had no choice but to take them away. He didn’t dare to put them in the regular prison cell. Instead, he took them to a large and special prison cell.

After locking those two people up, the officer returned to the inner hall. “Lord Lin, if we really lock up Princess Consort Qi, what if she turns around and takes revenge against us…”

“She caused such a huge commotion tonight. Why can’t I imprison her on the charge of causing trouble?”

“Lord Lin, do you think what Her Highness said is true?”

Lord Lin didn’t say anything but looked icily at the officer.

The officer got a shock and realized that he had asked something he shouldn’t have. He was so frightened that he shut his mouth and didn’t dare to make a sound anymore.

“Send someone to the Misty Willow Pavilion to investigate what’s going on. Prince Qi has also sent the Imperial Guards out of the city today. Send someone to the Imperial Guards’ Office to ask what they’ve been up to.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Inside the big prison, Su Ying sat cross-legged on the ground to regulate her breathing.

Chu Mo found a spot furthest away from Su Ying and sat there leaning against the wall. When he saw that Su Ying was completely ignoring him, Chu Mo felt annoyed. Was she that confident that he wouldn’t kill her in prison?

In the end, Chu Mo couldn’t resist opening his mouth. This woman was terrifying, but she was so mysterious that he wanted to find out more about her.

“Princess Consort Qi’s martial arts skills are truly formidable, and the weapon in your hand is something I’ve never seen or heard of before. 1 wonder what kind of weapon Princess Consort Qi used to deal with me?”

When she heard Chu Mo speak, Su Ying slowly opened her eyes. Chu Mo could not understand the strange look in her eyes.. “Do you know why you’re still alive?”

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