Limitless Sword God

Chapter 1568 The Soul Is Still There
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Chapter 1568 The Soul Is Still There

He saved the Myriad Realms, saved lives, saved loved ones, and saved close friends, but he didn't save Ling Qing Yu. Even if the Myriad Realms weren't destroyed and everything was stopped, so what? He was still unhappy.

He passed through the heavily shattered realms and headed towards the Immortal Realm that had already turned into dust.

At this moment, the Immortal Dimension was already in a state of chaos. There was nothing left, even the sun and moon had shattered.

Su Yun did not stop in the Immortal Dimension. Instead, he followed the Immortal Dimension and rushed towards the top.

There was also a tiny new interface, And this interface, It's a man-made interface, This interface, It actually existed in ancient times, However, very few people knew about this interface, Compared to the Immortal Dimension, the conditions of this interface were much different. The interface was extremely small, and because of man-made, there were no resources. Immortal Qi and spiritual energy were even more pitifully scarce. The only reason for its existence was because it was located above the Immortal Dimension. When the vicious sword began to destroy the world, it could avoid the vicious energy and destructive power of the vicious sword to the greatest extent possible. However, this was the first round of the Vicious Sword's world-destroying actions. When the second round progressed, this interface would also be unable to resist. In the end, this artificial interface was only a small interface behind the True Devil Realm.

But it doesn't matter, Previously, when the vicious sword was annihilating the world, The Immortal Force that was formed by the Progenitor and the Divine Seal Realm expert to resist the fierce sword came from this interface. There were many experts from the Immortal Dimension gathered in this interface. Most of them were existences in the Ruins and Divine Seal Realm. They thought that this interface could protect him, but in reality, it was only a matter of time before this interface was destroyed. When Su Yun devoured the ancestor's consciousness, he learned of this interface and immediately rushed over.

When he stepped into the nameless realm, more than half of the exterior of the realm had been corroded by the fierce aura. A large and broken barrier mark could be clearly seen outside the realm. He leapt up and moved almost instantaneously. He immediately landed in the center of the interface. At this moment, a Progenitor was surrounded by thousands of powerful immortals. They sat cross-legged as if they were resting. Everyone was trembling.

Su Yun's appearance shocked many people here. Especially the only Progenitor in the center. He opened his eyes and stared at Su Yun. He shouted in surprise, "Your face is so lively. Are you from the outside world?"

"Not bad!"

Su Yundan said, "The fierce sword is beginning to destroy the world. You don't want to stop it. Instead, you hide here and live in seclusion. Compared to Haoyue Progenitor and Skyflow Progenitor, you are truly extremely humble."

Hao Yue and Tian Liu were the names of the two Progenitor who resisted the fierce sword.

"How dare you speak to Lord Progenitor like this! Don't you want to live anymore? Get lost!!"

An immortal saw that Su Yun was actually so arrogant, and immediately shouted.

However, just as he finished speaking, a terrifying ferocious aura suddenly surged out from his body, instantly devouring him. When the ferocious aura ended, that person had already disappeared, not even leaving behind any residue.


The surrounding immortals stood up in unison. They were all shocked to see this scene, and the scene immediately boiled over. Progenitor, who was in the middle, was even more shocked.

"Fierce aura? This is the aura of a fierce sword!!! Who exactly are you?!"

Progenitor roared.

"I am the new ruler of the Heavens and the Myriad Realms. You should have heard of my name!! My name is Su Yun! Now, I want you to do something, and you must cooperate with me!"

Su Yun said indifferently.

"Su Yun?" Hearing this, Progenitor was extremely shocked.

How could no one know this name?

"I didn't expect it to be you!!"

"Su Yun! Why are you here? What's the situation outside?"

"Don't worry about what's happening outside. Now, I want you to sacrifice all of your cultivation to use the power of your hearts as a guide and sacrifice the Fate Stone!"

Su Yun still said indifferently.

However, as soon as these words were spoken, the scene immediately exploded.

Some people didn't know what a Destiny Stone was, but Progenitor and the people beside him were like thunder and lightning to the Destiny Stone.

"Stone of fate? ? ! ! It was a Heavenly Dao Stone. A prime minister must have been illuminated by a prime minister's stone. This stone only existed within one's destiny, and it would not easily appear in front of others. Unless it was summoned with boundless power, no one would do so, not even Progenitor! Su Yun! If you want us to forcefully summon the Fate Stones, there is no other way but to make us pay with our own cultivation! If we do as you say, we will all be crippled! ! Do you think we can agree? "

Shouted Progenitor.

"You have no choice!"

Su Yun stared at Progenitor and said coldly.

"You're just one person, how dare you be so arrogant?" The other immortal was unconvinced.

Su Yun was completely forcing them.

"I will only give you three breaths of time to consider. If you don't agree after three breaths, I will destroy the world." Su Yun closed his eyes, there was no room for discussion at all, and every word he said made them feel cold and painful in their ears.

Destroy the world? There were so many experts here, could it be that Su Yun didn't care?

But at this moment, Progenitor spoke. He lowered his head and remained silent for a moment. He said, "It is said that the Stone of Fate is the Stone of Fate. It has always been hidden in the destiny of all worlds and has intelligence. It can freely control the destiny of others and destroy it. It can even change their destiny with the power of the Stone of Fate. It is supreme. It is the true Hegemon. What exactly do you want to do, Su Yun?" Do you want us to summon this Stone of Fate for you? "

"There's no need for nonsense. Hurry up and do it." Su Yun whispered.

They were helpless because none of them wanted to die here. Even if their cultivation was gone, it was at least much better than losing their lives, and the same was true of that ancestor. Actually, there weren't many Great Immortals here, The Progenitor only had one, In terms of strength, This force was nothing, However, this progenitor, Unlike the others, Because he was an ancestor who was proficient in the Destiny Technique, Such a person… All the worlds of the heavens, There was only one, It was precisely because he predicted that the Fierce Sword would launch a second World Extermination that he created such an interface to resist. However, he predicted that the matter of the Fierce Sword was too huge, so he was unable to predict it completely. Therefore, he did not know that this interface could not provide him with absolute protection. If Su Yun did not successfully stop the Fierce Sword, it would be sooner or later.

Progenitor began to set up the formation. The immortals cooperated. Everyone used the formation to transmit power to Progenitor, while Progenitor stood in the sky and used his own small world as a guide to shatter it. He extracted the purest power of Progenitor and spread it high up in the air to guide the most mysterious existence among the destinies of the Myriad Realms.

A humanoid stone with seven-colored light slowly floated out of the void. Its halo was incomparably dazzling, and its aura was extremely profound. It was difficult to express its miraculousness in words.

This Stone of Fortune had existed since the Primordial Era. It was said to have been born with the Fierce Sword, but it did not have to be as terrifying as the Fierce Sword. f𝓇ℯℯ𝚠e𝒃𝘯𝒐νel. co𝐦

When the stone appeared, all the immortals below knelt down and kowtowed, even Progenitor.

However, Su Yun jumped and landed in front of the Fate Stone. He held the vicious sword in one hand and stared coldly at the stone.

"You should know why I called you out!"

He said coldly.

"The Spirit of the Vicious Sword is a change in the soul of the Vicious Sword itself. Whether it's Ling Qing Yu or the will you devour, it's the Vicious Sword itself. Ling Qing Yu is already dead. Even if you conquer the Vicious Sword, you can't revive her! This is fate!"

An empty and emotionless voice floated out of the Fate Stone.

"How can a person's life or death be determined by fate?"

"This is reality."

"However, the reality is that I have already controlled my destiny. I will also break my destiny and let all living beings of all worlds throw away their shackles! Reincarnation to the fullest extent possible! I will no longer be controlled or threatened by anything!"

"You can't do it." The voice was still empty.

"Who said that?"

Su Yun suddenly raised the corner of his mouth with a wicked smile. He raised his death sword and instantly smashed towards the Fate Stone.

Clang! !

Even the Stone of Fate, which was immune to Progenitor's power, instantly shattered under the terrifying vicious sword and directly shattered.

"What?" The people below were completely shocked.

"There will be no more destinies in the Heavens and the Myriad Realms. If you insist on saying destinies, I am destinies. Whoever I want to live will live!! Whoever I want to die will die!!"

Su Yun held the fierce sword, shattered the void, and flew away.

He crossed the Chaos Immortal Dimension, the broken Spirit Dimension, the Ultimate Martial World that had already turned into dust, and countless interfaces. In the end, he arrived at a familiar yet unknown interface.

Tianwu Continent!

At this moment, things were different in Tianwu Continent. The fierce sword did not have time to destroy this fragile interface. Su Yun entered it and quickly headed towards the original Su Clan's location. However, in the years that he had left, Tianwu Continent had changed greatly. Even the Su Clan had already migrated away. It was unknown how many years had passed.

Su Yun arrived at Heavenly Dog Mountain in the fierce region. This barren mountain had not changed much in these years. Several Lingxuan Scholar carrying Dao Swords were walking on the mountain, as if they were on their way. Su Yun flew to the top of Heavenly Dog Mountain. Looking at this barren mountain, his memories began to recall. He waved his head and the void split open, grabbing a broken box from inside.

This was the Wu Ji sword sheath.

When the fierce sword broke through the seal of the sword sheath, Su Yun immediately put it away. However, the current Wu Ji Sword Sheath had long since been shattered, and it was extremely difficult to seal the vicious sword. Fortunately, he no longer needed to use the sword sheath to seal the fierce sword, because he was the fierce sword.

He placed the sword sheath on a piece of desolate rock in front of him, took a slight breath, and jumped into the broken sword sheath.

In the sword sheath world, it was dim. The aura left behind by the fierce sword hadn't completely evaporated. The entire world was hazy and extremely dim. Su Yun landed at the bottom of the sword sheath world and walked gently. As he walked forward, the dim world gradually opened up, and the hazy aura gradually disappeared.

Looking at the silent world, his mind couldn't help but recall all the things that happened between the girl and him back then. There were tears and tears, blood and tears, hoarse shouts, and tenderness that broke his heart and devoured his bones.

Everything was like yesterday, and everything seemed as if it was another world.

He walked quietly and watched quietly. He knew that the girl hadn't left him, but had always been by his side.

After an unknown period of time, Su Yun, who was quietly moving forward, had a sparkling and translucent light emanating from his body. However, after this light emanated, it quickly disappeared. He took a few steps forward and suddenly stopped.

Right at this moment, a voice that sounded like the sound of nature entered his ears. It was like a gentle breeze blowing from the horizon, and it was pleasant to hear, and it was unforgettable for all eternity.

"What are you doing now?"

This sound almost made his heart tighten in an instant. He laughed, but his determined eyes became hazy.

He abruptly turned around and a delicate little face appeared in his line of sight. The distance between the two faces was less than half a finger. He could clearly see the smile on her little face, and she could clearly see the deep love and joy in his eyes.

The girl was still like that. Her face was almost perfect with melon seeds. Her hair was vertical, her autumn eyes were like water, and her skin was stuffed with snow. She only wore a snow-white dress. Her golden lotus-like jade feet stepped naked on the ground. She did not dress up at all, but her country was overwhelming.

Su Yun stretched out his hand and hugged the girl tightly in his arms without saying a word.

The girl did not resist and hugged him tightly. She closed her eyes slightly, but a happy smile rose at the corner of her mouth.

Su Yun knew, Ling Qing Yu had always been in his consciousness, When she was unable to suppress the new will of the fierce sword, she injected her final strength into Su Yun's body. This strength also blocked the attack of the fierce sword body for Su Yun later, but this consciousness fell asleep forever after blocking it. In order to wake up Ling Qing Yu, Su Yun had to completely cut off his fate and let himself replace it before it could be realized.

"Where's the Fierce Sword?"

"It's already been stopped! It's only my sword now!"

"Your sword? Then you…"

"Yes, I am already the sword spirit of the fierce sword!"

"You? Then who am I?" Ling Qing Yu asked.

"It doesn't matter who you are. The important thing is that I will be by your side."

Su Yun stretched out his hand, stroked Ling Qing Yu's head, and said with a faint smile.

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