Life Of A Nobody - as a Villain

Chapter 197 Looking for answers
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Chapter 197 Looking for answers

As soon as Rio stepped out of the library, his breathing became ragged, each step he took was in a daze without any notice of what's around him or who's been staring at him. He could faintly hear someone calling him from behind, but even that became a backdrop as the scenes of Shweta kept floating in his mind.

Suddenly, he collided with a young girl, who let out a startled shout. He turned to look at her, but her face seemed to blur as Shweta's image superimposed itself. The girl scolded him, "Hey, watch where you're going."

"Stop staring, seriously. What's wrong with you?" her voice seemed to merge with Shweta's.

Then, he heard a familiar voice from behind, calling him "Brother." He turned around to see Amelia approaching him, her face etched with concern. Unable to face her in this state, he summoned his mana and created a portal, disappearing from that place. He wanted to be alone now, away from everyone.

Walking out of the portal, he landed in a garden and sat down near a tree. Pulling out a potion from his storage ring, he drank it in a one big gulp before tossing the empty vial aside. With the tree trunk as his support, he laid down there. π˜§π“‡π‘’π‘’π˜Έπ‘’π’·π˜―β„΄π˜·π‘’π‘™.π’Έβ„΄π‘š

His chest was aching as if someone was constantly clawing at it from the inside, he could hear his own heartbeat thumping like crazy.

"Did you know I really like the open sky? Looking at it from the below, it seems so far and so peaceful. I don't know why people like the moon, the floating clouds are much more beautiful. Don't you think so, Shiva?"

"I never thought the cheating boy who was responsible for my punishment would end up being the one I'd end up with."

"Why don't we move in together. It's been so long since we've known each other. Maybe you'll get bored of me before we even get married."

His memories consumed him, and he clutched his chest, attempting to block out the painful recollections. His pleas for it to stop went unheard as Shweta's voice continued to echo in his mind.

"You know I had a dream last night. You wouldn't believe what I saw. Aren't you curious?"

"I dreamt we were all grown up, and we were still living together. We had our own little house, and our own little family. We even had a _ _. Hey, why are you smiling? Stupid, I'm not telling you anymore about that."

"Stop saying my lines to me, idiot. Here, open it, it's your birthday gift. Do you like it?"

"Stop crying, it was just a little accident. You won't get rid of me so easily. I'm not leaving you. Not now, not ever."

The memories, the sounds, the visions everything turned back in time. Her voice was echoing in his mind, and he couldn't do anything to stop it. Clutching his chest, covering his ears -nothing seemed to work. Tears started flowing out his eyes, as all the precious memories he had of her kept ringing in his ears. Yet the more he remembered them, the more hurtful he felt when he knew how she'd leave everything behind, leave him behind with a letter and go away.

'Stop it.'


[Serenity Elixir - This potion induces a sense of calm and tranquility, easing racing thoughts and soothing frayed nerves. It's often used to alleviate anxiety and stress. This elixir brings clarity and focus to a cluttered mind.]

Looking at the system's panel, which showed a potion, he bought it without hesitation and drank it.

After some time when finally the whispers and the voices started to fade away, he took a calm breath and exhaled. He kept lying down looking at the open sky, and once he finally calmed down, and there was no more pain, anger took its place. His eyes started turning redder as he looked at the system panel, specially at the gift section of the option, which was shining with a bell notification sign near it.

Even though the system didn't say anything, and he didn't look at it, but with the example of Ria and Amelia, he could guess what that gift was, and it only made him more mad.

He had to try hard to keep his mana in check, so he didn't create another rockus like the one in the library, but it was getting harder with every second.

Fighting to control his rising mana, he commanded, "Speak!" His tear-stained eyes bore into the screen as he struggled to prevent Shani's blessing from spiraling out of control again. His mastery over the blessing was little, and due to his outrage, it was getting harder to keep it from functioning.

[I had no idea, host.]

[I didn't know anything about anyone's reincarnation, host. Neither Ria's nor Shweta's. I just know that they weren't supposed to be here.]

'Is she what I think it is? One of his other gifts for me. Did he send another crystal for her too.'

Rio's hands trembled with a mix of anger and despair as he opened the gift section in the system's panel. His suspicions were confirmed - it was another memory crystal, this time containing Shweta's memories.

[Host has met the set requirements to use the 3rd item given by ???]

[??? wishes you another chance and a happy ending you wished for.]

--------- [ Memory crystal (Shweta - host's lover, planet earth) ??

??? has seen the pain of your heartbreak, after seeing your past he has decided to give you another chance. Learning that your fates are intertwined, he had prepared this crystal for you. He hopes you can find your answers and move on from your past.

This memory crystal contains all of her memories and feelings of her past life, with it you can bring your love back. ??? hopes your soul will find its soulmate and peace this time.

Beware this crystal might bring some unpleasant memories and some unseen side effects with it too.

Cost - 100000 SP ]

Reading the introduction and the big words which asked him to find a happy ending and moving on, he wanted to beat that bastard if he could.

"She was alive," he uttered, his voice quivering with emotion. "She was alive when I came here. Tell me, did your fucking being kill her?"


"Are the other gifts someone's memories too? Who else did he kill?" Rio's voice grew louder with each question, frustration and anger bubbling within him.

[Calm down host. You're only wasting your anger. He doesn't care and he won't answer.]

The system repeated, but Rio's torrent of questions poured forth. "Then at least tell me, why me? There are billions of people on Earth. Millions had a worse life than me. Then why choose me? What does he want from me?"

He was a nobody, nothing special about him. He never did anything substantial in his whole life. Did God took pity on him? Why, he didn't even believe in God? If anything, he only remembered them, when he wanted to vent his anger.

Seen his pain, learned his past - His suffering, while significant to him, was eclipsed by the hardships endured by countless others on Earth. Then why focus on him?

He had these questions ever since he got the system and Ria's crystal, but he didn't care about anything since that was a second chance he was glad with. If it meant saving Ria's life this time, he was happy if he had to be a toy for someone. But why her?.

Shweta was alive when he came here. He knew that. And yet here she was, and the crystal of her memories was sitting in his inventory from the day he got his system. So did that mean she was killed that day too.

what he wanted. Even the system didn't know why he chose this host and what he wanted to do with him.

System wanted to calm its host and answer his questions, but it didn't know what to say. Even though it knew 'That Being' for millions of years, yet no one could guess what he was thinking and what he wanted. Even the system didn't know why he chose this host and what he wanted to do with him.

Should it say there are memories and existences stuck in his head, that he has no idea about.

That even their remnants are strong enough to kill the system and fight with the Being itself.

That some man tied in chains made some deal with That Being, and it's goal was to get him a happy ending.

Would he believe that? System had seen all? Nuthat, and even it couldn't believe all that nonsense.

[I'm sorry host.] The system eventually responded, its tone flat and mechanical. [But there's nothing you can do.]

Even though Rio expected this answer, he at least wanted to learn something. He could feel the system's surprise and frustration too, and that was the only reason why he didn't lash out on it.

"She was Saisha right?" Rio asked, as he remembered Jaesin near her, and understood which character Shweta was transmigrated or reincarnated in.

[Yes. And that's why you have to be more careful. The plotlines related to her are completely gone, if you lose your control every time you see her.]

"And if I want to save myself from the fate that's waiting for me, then I need her." Rio said, as he needed to rethink all of his plans now.

Elves had something that he had to get, if he wanted to solve the problem of his doomed ending. At first, he thought of fooling Saisha and getting the treasure, but now it was gonna be hard.

'Amelia has all the habits of Ria, if Saisha has hers too, then it'll be troublesome.' Rio thought as he remembered about her nature on earth. Unlike the elven princess in the novel, who was naive and righteous, Shweta was smart and perceptive. Fooling her easily was out of the equation, and even Leon who was supposed to be her hero can say goodbye to his love life too.

[Yupp. Unless our protagonist burns out his protagonist halo, Leon would look like an annoying fly in her eyes. She hates troublesome things, and Leon is a trouble magnet.]

Rio was thinking about all these changes and his future plans, when a voice interrupted his thoughts

"So you were here."


A/N - so what do u think the being wants. What changes r with Shweta being Saisha means. And who's the girl interfering again.

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