Level Up Just By Eating

Chapter 28: The journey with the carriage was easy
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Chapter 28: The journey with the carriage was easy

Translated by kuronochan

The journey with the carriage was easy.

Rorona rode in the front most carriage and silently sat as she moved her elf ears.

And send orders from time to time.

"Please stop."

The carriage stopped quickly and Rorona went off.

"I know that you're there."

Bandits appeared.

"Hehhe. Well, this is quite some beauty huh."

"A female elf, a knight on top of that......"

"I wanna do her so badly......"

Rorona showed blatant disgust to those guys who have eyes which were like they were high on drugs.

However, there are 30 of them. If you think about it normally, it is fighting against odds.

"Hmph......you trash."

"Need help?"

"It's enough with me alone."

After Rorona scoffed like "Hmph......", she charged with her sword still in its sheath.

A crescent moon shaped slash was created.

Three of the bandits had their heads cut off.

A bandit swung his club towards Rorona but she dodged it by jumping back.

A clean slash. The tip of the club was sliced.

Rorona made a light leap.

She easily went over the skin headed bandit and landed to the ground.

In that instant, two bandits were slashed into two.

Five bandits aimed with their crossbows and shot at once.

Rorona dodges four of them with simple shifts of her body and caught the last one with her hand.

"If there were at least 300, it might have been a good fight."

She continued killing the bandits while saying something like that.

Countless blood spurts danced in the air but she did not get stained even once.

Rorona had declared with an arrogant tone, but she is not overconfident nor has a big mouth.

It was a declaration accompanied by skills which were defined by her amazing talent and relentless training.

"But, Kehma's about three times stronger right."

"Well, but, my powers come from cheat though."

That is why, I feel a certain respect for people who became stronger through hard work.

While hugging Laura to be careful of projectiles, I ate an apple.


I leveled up.

Rorona had not raised her level even once after defeating 30 bandits, but I raised mine thrice with one apple.

Really......I'm so cheat!

The battle ended.

The bandits were annihilated without any chances of running away.

Not to mention Rorona, her sword didn't even have blood in it.

It is releasing a silvery white glow similar to that of a jewel.

"Good sword."

"It's something that Lalana-oneecha............onee-sama made for me. Of course it's excellent."

While saying that, Rorona took out a small bottle.

She scattered white powder.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm burning them."

"Don't you need to take something? Things like their equipment."

"If they were equipment that truly has some value, it won't get decay just by being on fire."

"I see."

Rorona took out a bright red stone after scattering powder.

She rubbed it to her sword's sheath and it lit like a matchstick.

She threw it towards the bandits' corpses.

The corpses burned out grandly.

After waiting for a while, the fire disappeared.

We advanced.

We were attacked by goblins and orcs, but Rorona defeated them easily.

She is really strong as she says.

And with this and that, night came.

We surrounded the flame that Rorona made.

We took meat from the carriage and ate it after cooking.

"Even so, it's really an easy time!!"

"Well......that's true."

"We're going to get 20000 Barse for each day although it's like this, so it's the best of the best right!!"

"I completely agree."


Laura and I enjoyed it obediently.

However, Femil seemed to feel a little bad.

She made her body smaller while holding a cup of grape juice with both hands.

The ears on top of her head were drooping as well.

Rorona blatantly narrowed her eyebrows.

"You......are you fine with this?"


"Indulging in the compensation and meal, without showing any kind of work. Are you not ashamed......?"

"If you say 'help', I'll help you though."

"And also, you said that we don't need to do anything too!!"

Laura and I said together.

Rorona narrowed her eyebrows to disgust more and more.

"Do you not think that since you lack ability, you should make up for it with hard work......?"

"I don't really think of it that much."

"Do you not have, any pride......?"

"Of course we do!!"

Laura declared sternly.

"I am a Goddess! Laura Gine Amara!

Spending one's life without working and indulging to sleep, is the Goddess's status and pride!!!"

What a useless goddess.

Even I who is her ally got disgusted.

Rorona showed disdain and whispered to herself.


"Lilina-oneecha......onee-sama, what is she thinking letting me be with these guys............"

And then, she turned around and entered the carriage.

She closed her eyes.

It's a style, making her body rest with only her elf ears moving, and detect it when an enemy comes.

She's clearly angry.

However, Laura is a useless goddess, so she was greatly satisfied from the bottom of her heart.

"To think that she's willing to make me laze around, Rorona-chan's a great and famous good girl right???"

I'm rather thick-faced too, but I lose to this girl.

"Laura-san...... Amazing......"

The diligent Femil also respected her instead.

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