Level Up Just By Eating

Chapter 25: Femil’s resolution and
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Chapter 25: Femil’s resolution and

Translated by kuronochan

I let out a sigh after learning magic and getting the Sweltering Heat Resistance.


We heard a voice from deeper within the cave.

“My eyes! My eyesss〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!”

“My arm!! My earssss!!”

Adventurers jumped out from the wall’s cover.

There are two of them.

However, one of them was stabbed by a spear of flame in his chest.

And one of them entered the space surrounded by barrier stones in four corners that also acts as a resting area.

“Haa, haa, haa............”

“What just happened?”

“There’s a Flame Element’s variant!!”


Laura placed a finger on her temples and answered after she accessed the Spring of Wisdom.

“It’s like......an amazing monster that appears once every 30 to 40 years.”

“It’s just 5 years since it appeared in this are! It’s just five years!!”

“It means, the variant this time is an irregular within the irregulars huh.”

The monster appeared while we were talking like that.

It’s a monster that looks like a flame giant, having devil-like horns.

There are empty holes in the place of its eyes and mouth.


Wind sounds like one that comes from an old withered well came out from the Flame Element’s mouth.

It breathed out flames.

The blistering violent flames were blocked by the barrier.

But, however, the Flame Element did not give up.

It swung a whip-like thing in its both arms.


The ground shook every time its attack hits the barrier.

“Hii! Hiii!!”

The adventurer who ran away curled down on the ground with his hands on his head.

“I-I-I-It’s alright!

The academy’s sensei is really amazing you know!

There is no way that the barrier that they created would be destroyed so easily!!!”

Femil said that while she held her staff.


The barrier stones cracked.

“Eh......?”, Femil’s face got stiff.

Everyone’s gaze concentrated to the Flame Element.

However, I have learned the skill called Danger Sensing.

That sharp feeling caught a presence from above.

The Flame Element from ahead swung its whip sharply, and took distance with a back step at the same time that the barrier got destroyed.


A flame pillar was raised at the place I was standing just a moment before.


A Flame Element stuck to the ceiling and looked towards us with its empty eyes.

“There are two, variants......?”

Femil let out a voice of despair.

She shouted as she held her staff tightly.

“Please run away!!”


“Monsters that can destroy the barrier stones!

There are two of them!

There is no guarantee for our lives, even if it’s Kehma-san!!!”

Femil released her Ice Needle.

It’s a magic that has a good compatibility with Femil who have an outstanding talent compared to the average magician.

Normally, one would think that that is an attack that would deal a lot of damage.


It evaporated before it reached the enemy and disappeared as vapor.

It is a surprising heat that eliminates what normal is.

“Auu! Uu......”

Femil clattered her teeth, but even so, she shouted to us.

“Kehma-san is an amazing person! A kind person!

A person that must live much, much longer!

That’s why, that’s why, please run away with all that you have!!!”

The Flame Element attacked.

This time, Femil released a Fire Ball.

The flames cannot be erased by flames.

It collided head-on and created an explosion.


Femil was blown away and fell to her butt.

She had numerous burns although she has a level 3 Sweltering Heat Resistance.

“Please......run away............ Kehma......san............”



“This is really, difficult to say, but......”


The Flame Element breathed out flames when we were talking.

I quickly drew my sword and released a sword slash.

The flames that flew to us was split into two.

And, when I sheathed my swordーー.

The Flame Element split into two.


I casted Heal on the confused Femil.

I also casted Heal on the adventurer that collapsed and the adventurer who got injured eyes and arm.

“This is really, difficult to say, but......”

It was really difficult to say, but I still said it.

“Enemies this much, they’re just mobs for me......”

By the way, I took care of the enemy above using Flame Emission.

When I released the skill while I watched Femil offsetting the enemy’s flames using her Fire Ball, it died so easily.

And as to show proof for that, a huge hole was opened.


Femil got stunned.

And started trembling.

I did not have Telepathy or something like that, but I can clearly tell Femil’s thoughts.

She said with a desperate face while holding her staff.

『Please run away!』

She said with a serious face, one that is prepared for death.

『Kehma-san is an amazing person! A kind person!

A person that must live much, much longer!』

Each one of those words repeated like a revolving lantern1.

Femil was serious and earnest.

That is why, the damage is huge.

“Auu! Hauu......”

Her round eyes were filled with tearsーー.


She groaned as she crouched down.


“Please kill meee!!

Please kill me with one thouuuught!”

Her feelings of shouting while crying, I understood it very well.

By the way, according to Laura, the variant from earlier had a level 1 Makyūshū.

It’s the powers to level up just by eating just like me.

It can be guessed that the identity of the variants that appear every tens of years is monsters that have a unique ability.

I should’ve eaten them.

But anyways.

My fame rose again after reporting it when we returned to the guild.

1. 走馬灯 – although not in this context, it is the flashing scene when one’s about to die that shows that dying person’s whole life

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