Level Up Just By Eating

Chapter 23
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Chapter 23: vs Bat

Translated by kuronochan

After finishing the job, I raised my level with a light meal.

Then, I went to the guild while feeling happiness.

When I went in front of the reception, the usual Onee-san said.


Onee-san stared at me with a slightly surprised face.


“Is it about Lalana-san’s designated quest?”


“After chopping the firewood, it became like that.”

“To receive a designated quest three days after registering, how frightening......”

“Is it really that rare?”

“At the least, such case does not exist in this guild.”

“I see.”

“And, about Lalana-sama’s quest, is it okay to assume that you are accepting it?”

The Onee-san took out a quest paper.


Collection of warm small stones.


Probably about D.


I’m thinking of 3000 Barse


I want you to collect『Warm Small Stone』that can be taken near the Babarel Volcano.

I will lend you a magic bag with 5 kilo of capacity, so. It’s good enough as long as you pick up until that is full.

“Magic bag?”

“It’s this.”

The Onee-san showed me the bag.

With a glance, it is a brown bag, but its string has a rainbow color.

“Items can be placed inside as long as there is capacity left.”


“It is a very expensive item, so please be careful.”

“Is compensation for it needed or something?”

“It does not, but you will lose trust.”

“I see.”

I nodded and took the bag.

“Also, if you are going to take the quest, please take out your guild card.”


I passed the card to Onee-san while tilting my head.

Onee-san went to the back and processes something in the guild.

She returned.

The card has the letter D.

“Kehma-san shall be promoted to D rankーーexceptionally.”


“From our perspective, we can tell that the possibility of Kehma-san breaking through the Babarel Volcano without injuries is high, so......”

When Onee-san muttered that, Laura said.

“If it’s like that, shouldn’t you just raise it when we return? Like great and famous.”

“If it is like that, it will be too late......”


“Well, that’s exactly true.”


“Eh?! Hey, what does that mean?!”

It looks like Femil and Laura did not understand it.

Femil absentmindedly looked up to me and Laura asked frankly.

Especially Femil, she’s making her bunny ears stand to listen to what I say so cutely.

“It’s about what the other G-Rank adventurers would think if me, a G-Rank as well, returns without injury.”


It looks like Femil understood.

Her expression changes to that of a bright one.

Her tail started swinging.

However, Laura tilted her head while she placed a finger on her lips.

“They’ll think, my Kehma’s............amazing???”

“We’re just saying that as a result of that, there might be guys misunderstanding that they can go there too.”

“Isn’t that very dangerous?!!”

“That’s why they raised my rank before I went to the volcano.”

“The Adventurer Rank also has the meaning of whether the adventurers are doing their job well.

That is why, we do not prefer raising one’s rank suddenly, but......”

“My Kehma is just too amazing even keeping that in mind huh!”



Laura’s face became delightful although she’s not the one who’s being praised.

Oh really, this useless goddess.

I thought of that, but I felt happy about it.

I took the two with me and went tot he Babarel Volcano.

According to the guide that I received in the Guild, the Babarel Volcano is across the Green Forest.

I said before we enter the forest.



“Lend me your head for a bit.”

“H-H-H-Here! Please do what you want!”

Femil reached out her head. I placed my right hand there.

(Skill Transfer!)


Femil became flushed and started fidgeting.

“How is it?”

“Eh! Ehhto......”

“Shouldn’t you be able to use Ice Needle?”

“My magic aptitude, there should be only flame though......”

“If you think so, try shooting towards that tree.”


Femil looked towards the tree’s trunk.

“Ah......! Are?! Auu!?!”

She raised her magic powers and declared although she had confused eyes.

“I command you stark stake of ice. Pierce my enemies! Ice Needle!!”


The three huge icicles pierced the tree’s trunk.

“The instant I held my staff high, the chants, it appeared in my head............desu.”

“I told you right? That I can make you learn.”

“Kehma-san, how amazing...... auuu............”

Femil stared at me with a gaze of respectーー

And fell on her butt.

“What happened?”

“I got so moved to Kehma-san who’s so amazing; my knees gave up......”

“How exaggerating?.”

“It’s not an exaggeration you knoww?......auu?”

“Anyways, since we’re going to fight against monsters in the volcano, it’s better to have Ice Needles right?”

“What about Kehma-san......?”

“I am, well, I should be fine.”

I drew out my sword.

I casually swung it while I drew it out.

The tree that was more than 2 meters tall was cut into pieces.


Femil’s gaze of respect got stronger than earlier.

And with this and that in the forest.

After we easily went through the bright zone and passed through the dark jungle, in a certain cave near the volcano.


“What is it? Femil. Why are you trembling on top of shrinking your body?”

“U-U-U-Unlike, Kehma-san and Laura-san, t-t-t-this isn’t a place, w-w-w-where a D-Rank like me, could enter......”

“I’ll support you.”


Femil somehow nodded.

Being honest is a good thing.

We entered the cave.

It is unexpectedly bright.

“It looks like the flame mana that swirls in the volcano is just making the stones shine red!!”

The useless goddess Laura started explaining properly.

To test that, I scraped the wall.

The boulder wall that was shining like the setting sun became just a stone.

“I see.”


“Is it hot? Femil.”

“I-I-I-It’s alright............auuu?”

She is already about to collapse although she said that.”

“Drink water okay?”


I passed the canteen and let Femil drink water.

And thenーー.

“It’s here!!”

Monsters appeared.


It’s a Flame Bat, red like flames, and has a diameter of 30cm.

There are three of that.

I feel like I can defeat it in an instant by releasing a flying slash, butーー.

“I-I-I-I’ll do my best!!”

Femil suddenly stepped forward.

“Ice Needle!!”


The three icicles flew towards the bats!!




The icicles were able to kill two, but one missed.

“Are you alright not chanting?”

“I used it once, so I somehow remembered it!!!”

That’s quite amazing.

As I’ve thought, she has a good potential when it comes to magic.

And while we were talking like that, the remaining bat came flying over.

Femil tried to hit it using her staff.

“Eii! Yaa!............auuu????????!”

However, her attacks did not hit even once.

It was dodged easily.

The bat that fluttered its wings opened its mouth and breathed fire.


About this much, huh.

I made Femil fall back.

I drew my sword.

I cut the flames.

And split the bat into two while I did that.


“You really, did not need magic, huh......”

“Well, yeah.”

“Fufu”, I made a smile.

The Swordsmanship’s level, it’s good that I raised it!

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