Level Up Just By Eating

Chapter 20
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Chapter 20: Doing “ecchi” things with different girls.

Translated by kuronochan

Damegami, you’re cute, Damegami.

I’ll touch here and there okay, damegami.

“Hyaaaaan! Ahn! You’re touching too much, idiot!! Kehmaaahh!!”

The moaning useless goddess was so cute that I touched more and more.

Rather than lust or libido, it’s her appearance of hating sexual harassment that was cute.

And when I played with her with such motiveーー.


The blond drill hair Ojou-sama who is the store owner of the inn Asha opened the door strongly.

“Will you please, go with me to a night of alcohol journey?!!”

Asha who rushed into the room saw me and Laura and got petrified.

“W-Were you......in the middle of doing it......?”


Laura quickly denied.

“Kehma is ecchi and pervert, and just kind to me when I do things and smart, that’s all!!!!”

“I can only hear praises though......?”

“A-A-A-Anyways, we’re not in that kind of relationship!!

We’re not!! We’re not okayyy!!”

“Is it alright, if I invite Kehma-sama for a night of alcohol......?”

“Of course! Instead, you can make him drink until he drowns!!”

“I don’t mind too, but......”


Asha nodded with a face full of smiles.

She went to the corridorーー.

And brought a small barrel.

It is about 40cm tall and thick enough that Asha could only bring it using both of her hands.

However, a barrel is a barrel although it is small.

I think that there is about 50 liters inside.

On top of that, Asha brought three of those.

“I was not able to defeat Kehma-sama, but he is a person who was able to drink with me equally.

I have never met such person, so I am very happy?”

Asha sat down while she said that sweetly while smiling.


She plugged a tube-like thing to the barrel and poured alcohol. She drank it all at once.

“It is the best!!”

I also drank.

Citrus and carbonate, it has a refreshing taste and flavor.


I leveled up as well.

Level: 1338→1339

HP: 11423/11423(↑8)

MP: 10527/10527(↑7)

Strength: 10232(↑8)

Vitality: 10259(↑6)

Agility: 10180(↑8)

Magic Powers: 9687(↑7)

Learned Skills


Raised Skills

Poison Constitution LV2 117/150(↑1)

As usual, alcohol is treated as poison.

And the reason why the Poison Resistance is not trained is because the skill is not raised.

“You really drink good as usual??”

Asha put her hands together and made a pose that girls make when they ask for something.

“Hey, Kehma.”

Laura pulled the hem of my clothes.

“Is alcohol, really that tasty?”

“Of course!!!!”

Asha answered.

“Alcohol is GOD! Alcohol is JUSTICE!

Everything that exists in this world was born from alcohol and everything shall disappear to alcohol!!!”

“That much?!!”

“It’s that much!!!”

“Alcohol’s amazing! Alcohol’s amazing!! Kehma! Kehma! Kehma!!!”

“Ahn, Ahn”, Laura opened her mouth as she pulled the hem of my clothes.

I grabbed a cup and put it to Laura’s lips.

Laura held my hand tightly and swallowed as she drank.

“Fuaaa...... Amazing. It’s really, deliciou............”


Laura collapsed.

It was an instant although she have Poison Constitution.

“Laura-sama has, the constitution of being unable to drink huh......”

Asha wept from her soul.

She cried so sadly as if she looked at an unlucky girl who died at 6 years old.

For Asha, being unable to drink alcohol was something like that.

And after about 30 minutes.

Asha peeked inside the barrel and said.

“There’s nothing left......”

“It looks so......”

“It is very regrettable, but it is for the best to drink alcohol moderately. I will let it end with just this for today??”

It looks like three barrels is moderately inside Asha’s world.

It is a different world in a sense.

And that Asha, she started sticking her body to me.

“Having someone who is able to drink with me, it feels this good huh......?”


She kissed my cheek and started to cling to me sweetly.

“I understand now why the fortune teller said that my fated person is someone who can drink more than me......??”

This, can I do it......?”

I thought and reached my hand to Asha’s huge breasts.


Asha let out a sweet voice and hid her huge breasts while saying reasons.

“You shouldn’t, Kehma-sama?

My current relationship with Kehma-sama is just friends.

If you want to do dirty things with me, please do it after you drink me under the table?”

“But leaving that on the side, can I touch a little more?”

“Nothing can help Kehma-sama huh......?”

Asha loosened her clothes and showed only the parts above.

“This is special, okay......?”

Then, she slowly embraced me and let me place my face between her breasts.

Keeping matters aside, Asha is also quite drunk.

“This time for sure, please excuse me?”

Asha bowed her head and left my room.

It was really, heaven.

I stole a glance at Laura.

(Kuka?, Kuka?)

The idiot girl Laura slept unguardedly.

And, there are two mountains on her chest.

I poked just to test it.


I thought of poking it just a little but it reached so deep.

I started grabbing it while I’m at it.

GunyuGunyu, I touched her.

Really, only her breasts are the best.


Laura moaned and moved her legs.

Her thighs could be seen because her skirt got misplaced.

And because of that, I became slightly curious.

(This girl, I wonder what kind of panties she’s wearing......)

I held the hem of her skirt.

It this was normal times, I would’ve held back for sure.

But I am drunk right now.

I flipped her skirt and looked at it.


I had a nosebleed.

This damn useless goddess.

She’s not wearing anything.

Why aren’t you wearing anything!!

Do you want me to attack you?!

No, seriously?!!

I thought of that, but that was too much.

Laura says bad things about me, but still, she still believes on me.

The reason why she does not leave me how much I bully her, is because I am not exceeding the line that must not be exceeded.

And exceeding that is a betrayal to Laura.

I cannot do that.

I absolutely cannot do that.

I still want to, I want to continue bullying this useless goddess!!

I want to play with this useless goddess that continues to like me although I bully and bully her.

I left the room in a dash.

I rushed into the room on the side.

I felt like there was some lock, but it was destroyed with one hit.


The bunny-eared glasses-girl Femil instinctively hid her own breasts and fidget.

Her cute panties have white and pink stripes.

“You were in the middle of changing huh......”

“If you understand that then please go out!!”


I left obediently.

I returned after five minutes have passed.

Femil was wearing a black robe and holds her wooden staff.

“What was that all about......?”

“When I was looking at Laura, I just got a little aroused. I thought of staying here.”

I sat on the bed before I got permission then said to Femil.

“Sorry, Femil, please go to my room.”

“It was something like that......”

“It is something like that.”

“If so......

Femil puts her hand inside her skirt.


She took off her own panties.

And then, she slowly passed that pink and white stripey to me.

“If you are fine with mine, please use it......”

“Is it okay?!”

“Kehma-san have, helped me, so......”

Femil whispered as she rubbed her legs.

She bowed her head and left the room.

The only thing that remains is me and the warm panties in my hand.

I’m worried about Laura for being an idiot, but I’m worried about Femil for being too sincere.

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