Level Up Just By Eating

Chapter 17
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Chapter 17: Taking care of thugs.

Translated by kuronochan

“Well then, I have certainly given it.”

“Thank you very much.”

“It is an investment after all. You do not need to worry.”

Lilina left the Guild.

I took out 30 gold coins from the bag.

I said to the Guild’s Onee-san that became the witness.

“Well then, I want to pay the debt with this completely.”

The Onee-san looked at the gold coins with widened eyes.

“What is it?”

“Kehma-sama is the first for me, returning the debt from registering at this speed, so......”

“Is it that rare?”

“In this Guild......no, I think it is a first in the world.”

“Well, after all, those really promising adventurers don’t have debts in the first place.”

“That is true, but even if you look at that as an exception, it is still......”

“Ehehe?. That’s right, amazing right?! My Kehma, amazing right?!!”

“Why are you the one bragging?”

I pinched Laura’s cheeks.


However, I didn’t feel bad being praised.

That’s why the ‘pinching’ this time is a soft pinching.

I only pinched her very kindly.

I approached the bulletin board to receive another work.

I have a lot of money.

There’s no need to be particular about the work.

I should find a job that could be finished quickly, and if I don’t find any, I should stop for today.

And when I stared at the bulletin board with those feelings, I found a new quest.


Incineration of garbage.




400 Barse.


Garbage has piled up in my house.

Honestly, it’s on the way.

I want to take care of it as soon as possible.

The amount is about the same with 7 goblins.


The garbage is near that of a raw trash, so it is limited to those who have flame-type skill.

I have Flame Emission LV6; it can be said that it is a quest for me.

I reached out to the paper.

It overlapped with a white hand.


It is a rather small girl wearing white gloves.

Is she a magician or something.

She is wearing a black robe and holds a wooden staff.

And the thing that must be mentioned is those bunny ears.

But if you say that she is a bunny beast-kin with that, her tail is like a dog’s.

I found out later on, but it looks like she’s born from a bunny-eared mother and a dog-type beast-kin father. 𝒇𝘳ℯe𝙬e𝘣𝙣𝘰ѵ𝒆𝗹. c૦𝑚

“Ahh! E?to............”

The girl became timid and looked at me and the paper alternately.

But she was immediately crest-fallenーー.

“Please take it......”

However, her gaze remains on the quest paper.

I took the paper.

“This quest, are you taking it?”

“If I do not clear a quest, the food expenses will be difficult1......”

Gyuu......, the girl’s stomach growled as she talked.

“Are other quests difficult?”

“I have already failed three times, so more than that is......”

“If so, I’ll give it to you.”


“After all, I’m just only choosing easy quests so I can rank up faster.”

“Ahhhh! Thank you very much!”

The girl quickly raised her head.

“I shall never forget about this favor!!!”

“That’s exaggerating.”

“Hahaha”, I raised a laugh.

I saw off the girl and looked at the bulletin board.


Laura is staring at me intently.

“What is it?”

“Kehma’s like, kind and like a gentleman other than me right......”

“Aren’t I nice to you too?” (Flicks using a finger)


Laura places her hands on her forehead and shouted.

“Is that something you say while you flick me a finger?!!”

“Whatever, let’s go home.”

I took Laura’s hand and casually ran.

“Kehma you idioooot......”

Laura moaned with teary eyes, but she did not let go of my hand.

When we were on our way back, a voice echoed.

“T-T-T-T-This is not what I heard!!!”

“Didn’t I told you? It isn’t in purpose dammit.”

There is raw trash piled up like a mountain beside the girl and the man.

“This garbage, it is equal to that of 27 goblins!

7The quest only says equal to 7!!”

“I just forgot it you know, writing 2?”

“I......i-if you’re going to give additional rewards, I can burn all of it if you want......”

“Why the fuck I’d do that?!!”

“Well then, I’ll report it to the guild as a violation......”

“Hmm, go do that then?

I’ll just request it again, I’ll write please take care of 27, like a damn F-Rank quest.”

“No way............”

“Well then, go do the damn shit.”

Batan, the man closed the house’s door after making a disgusting smile.

Laura who was pissed off said to me.

“Let’s kick his ass! Kehma!!”

She reached out her right hand to the side and used her Goddess Power.

A hammer came out.

“If Kehma’s not going to kick his ass, I’m going to hit him a good one!”

That sense of justice is a good point, but......

“Isn’t it alright to leave it alone......”

“What did you say?!!”

“Isn’t it just a trouble that might frequently appear when you’re an adventurer?”

“That might be true, but............”

Laura stared at the girl intently.

And the girl was looking at the mountain of garbage intently.

She holds her cane and pulls it just a little.

“Fire Ball!!”


It burned the raw trash which consists of peeled skin of fruits and core of vegetables.

And once again, she took out a part of the trash pile using her hands.

“Fire Ball!!”

Fwoosh!!, she burned that and looked at the mountain of garbage again.

The firepower of the girl was very impressive.

But, however, the amount of trash is too much.

It has not decreased at all with just two fireballs.

“Higgu! Uuu! Uu............”

It must have come from her frustration rather than the difficulty of the job.

She started weeping.

“As I’ve thought, I’m going to kick his ass!!”

“Calm down okay.”

I grabbed Laura’s collar.

I lifted up the idiot girl that struggles.

I carried her like carrying a bag of rice.

“Release me Kehma! I can’t kill him!!”

“Even if he’s a piece of trash, killing that is a crime you know.”


“Anyways, leave it to me.”

I approached the girl while carrying Laura like a bag of rice.


“The person from earlier......”

The girl looked at me and noticed.

She forcefully rubbed her eyes off its tears and said with bravado.

“I-I-I-I’m not crying okay?!!”

“No one said something like that though?”


“By the way, what’s your name?”

“I’m Femil2......”

“That’s a cute name.”

“Thank you very much............Pyon”

It must be because she was praised. Femil’s cheeks were slightly flushed.

I stared at Femil who looks crestfallen andーー.

Poked her breast.


It ‘s hard to tell from above her robes, but there was some quite volume there.

I put Laura down to my side and pushed Femil to the wall.

This time, I grabbed and felt the breast that I poked earlier.

“Hyaaan! Aan!!

Please stop??????. Please, stoooooop????????.

What are you doing... what are you doing????????”

Femil said that, but all that she could do was tell.

She could not resist with her powers at all.

“Really, what the heck are you doing!!!!”

A hammer hit my waist.

I fell to the ground because of the impact that came out of nowhere.

“I just thought of teaching her that a terrible thing would happen to her if she can’t say no to unreasonable people if she’s going to continue a cruel job like the adventurer.”

“Then why the heck are you doing that terrible thing?!

Are you an idiot?! Is Kehma an idiot?!!”

“Right now, I can’t really refute to that.”

“Reflect on yourself!! IDIOT!!!”

Honestly, I’m the one who’s in the wrong this time.

Nice tsukkomi, Laura.

Well, for the meantime, I should work since I had some touch.

I knocked on the door.

I heard a voice from the other side.

“......who is it?”

“I’m an acquaintance of the girl doing your request.”


I heard a blatant click of the tongue, and the door opened.

“What do you want?”

“It was written that it’s incineration for the same amount of 7 goblins, but I just thought that there was too much.”

“I just forgot to write the 2 in 27.”

“And then, she said that you declared that you wouldn’t pay additional rewards?”

“If I’m going to request for 27 of them, it will become equal to that of an F-Rank after all.

When I said that, she just ‘voluntarily’ said that she’d do it.”

“Is that so......”

“If you got it, get lost.”

I let out a sigh because of the man who does not really feel bad about what he’s doing.

“I’ll just say something. You damn bastard.”


“My right hand is going to slip right now.”



My right hand accidentally slipped and crushed the right side.

I said with an innocent smile.

“I’m sorry. My hand ‘accidentally’ slipped.”


“There’s some guy who ‘accidentally’ writes 7 where he should write 27.

There’s nothing weird if there’s a guy whose right hand accidentally slipped and destroy the wall right??”

“I-I-I-I’ll pay additionally!! T-That’s good already right?!”

“How much?”

“Since it’s 400 Barse for 7, I’ll pay 2800 Barse for 27......no, 3000! I’ll pay 3000!!!”


“T-T-T-Thr, 3000 is not enough?! What about 5000?! How about 6000?!!”

I said.



“3000 for the incineration and 7000 for the inconvenience fee of almost getting deceived.”

“What about the remaining 55000......?”

“There’s your damn house’s wall in the place where my right hand slipped.

My right hand really hurts because of that. The remaining is for consolation money and treatment expenses.”

“That’s too much......!!”

“Whatever, just give me the money.”

“P-Please at least make it 20000......”



“It’s 60000.”

“Please make it 40000......”

“I’m fucking saying it’s 60000!!!”

“That’s too overbearing......!”

“Is not paying the girl who will incinerate everything additional rewards, although you wrote 7 on the 27 in the request, not overbearing???”

When I said that like a thug, the man completely shut his mouth.

He returned with a bag of gold coins.

“It’s exactly...... 6000............”

“If you learn from this, stop doing bad things and cheap things every again okay?”

“You, don’t think this is the end......?”

The man still seemed to be dissatisfied.

It cannot be helped.

I went outside with the man.

“What are you going to do......?”

“Since we got the money properly, we need to finish the job right?”

I reached out my right hand.


I used the Flame Emission Level 6.

It is the Level 6, in a world where a master-class at level 4 and able to release Sword Pressure in Swordsmanship, a long range attack.

That was already an absurd destruction power.

The mountain of raw trash that is said to be equal to the amount of 27 goblins disappeared without leaving ashes.


“Ha......?! Ah......?!”


Femil dropped her jaws open, and snot came hanging from the piece of trash’s nose.

And Laura proudly sticks out her big breast.

“If a guy like me, loses『lifestyle that must be protected』......

You can easily understand it if you have more intelligence than a slug, right?”


The man prostrated3.

1. desu

2. desu

3. 土下座 – dogeza

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