Level Up Just By Eating

Chapter 12
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Chapter 12: Eating delicious dango.

Translated by kuronochan

We collected eggs and returned to the town.

We went to the Client-san.

It is called Dack’s Dango Store.

“Is it right here......”

When I muttered that, an Ossan1came out.

“Heya, heya, heya. You are the Adventurer-san that took the quest this time?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“I am this store’s storeowner, Dack Donaldo.”

“Nice to meet you.”

I entered the store.

I placed the egg requested on top of the counter.

The store owner Dack looked at the eggs with a monocle-like item.

“One, two, three............there is five.

It also looks like they’re not broken.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Well then, can you take out the card?”


“It’s where G something numbers were written when you received the quest.”

“Is it this?”

I took out the card where G-47 is written.

“That’s right, that’s right, it’s that.”

Dack wrote in the card “Dack”, his own name.

“If you submit this to the Guild, the quest is complete.

It’ll be over if you lose it, so don’t lose it alright.”


“Un, Un, yeah.”

Dack smiled pleasantly.

“By the way, we have something like a contract with the Guild.”


“We make quests for G-Ranks more than once every month.

In return, the commission taken will be very cheap.”

“You can receive eggs a little cheaper.

The adventurers can get experience.

The Guild can nurture adventurers while securing a certain incomeーーis that correct?”

“Adding to that, there’s another thing.”

Dack took that thing on a bamboo leaf.

It is a Manjū2 with a tender leaf color.

“This is usually 100 Barse each, but this time its free as the first time service.”

Laura says.

“You mean it’s free?!!”

“That is correct.”

“What’s that, amazing!!! Are you actually a god?! Kami-sama?! A fat man?!”

“What rude things are you saying?!!”


I knocked Laura’s head and did a headlock.

I apologized to Dack-san.

“No, really, I am very sorry! Our idiot is really!”

“That’s tough, isn’t it......”

Dack-san laughed wryly.

“Anyways, since you’re giving it for free, we will take one.”

I took the Dango.

While having a soft and light texture it has some weight to it.

I smelled it.

A green scent tickles my nose as if it is the sprouting young leaves in May.

I took a bite.

My front teeth sank to the leaf colored manjū.

The red bean jam-like sweetness mixed with my saliva and spread throughout my mouth.


My level increased by 1.

“Kehma! Kehma! Kehmaaa!!”

Laura made fists with both hands and stomped on her place.

“A?n!”, she opened her mouth.

I placed all of it in.


Laura tasted it, swallowed, and placed her hands on both cheeks thenーー.


She got moved with a (><) Face.

“What’s this! So delicious! Amazing!

The super refreshing young leaf knight, it destroys my tongue and this town with green scent and sweetness!!!”

” ” He’ll destroy it?!! ” ”

Dack-san and I said at the same time.

As usual, this girl’s language is sometimes strange.

“What’s the ingredients?!! What did you make it from?!!”

“Please follow me yeah.”

Dack took the eggs that I brought and went to the back of the store.

Laura and I followed.

In the very wide gardenーー.





Green Caterpillar.

It is eating huge leaves like MoshaMosha.

Just like in the place where I took the eggs, there is one for one leaf.

“Eh......?! Eh......?!”

Laura’s face became pale.

However, I already drank the egg.

That is why unexpectedly, I feel fine.

“The Green Caterpillar, you used it as ingredients huh.”

“You would think so right.”

“Is it wrong?”

“It is wrong if you say it is wrong, and it is if you say it is, yeah.”

Dack-san grinned with a smug face.

“What we are using is not Green Caterpillar.

What we are using is the Green Caterpillar that grew up eating Great Radish3.”

“I see......”

“Eh! Hey! What does it mean?!”

“For example, there is a fish?”


“If you roast a whole fish that just eaten a poisonous insect, what do you think will happen if you eat all of it?”


I pinched Laura’s cheeks.


Why?! Why?! Whyyyyyyy???????????????!!

Roast fish, they’re delicious right?????????!!!”

“Since it’s a fish that just ate a poisonous insect, of course it will have poison!!!”

“If you meant that, say it normallyyy???!!

Fumii, Fumiiii???????????”

The idiot girl Laura moaned while her cheeks got pinched.


“Our Green Caterpillar is the opposite of that, yeah.

We made them eat many leaves and chose the one that they get delicious the most.”

Dack-san nodded with emotion.

“We tested 50 kinds, yeah......”

It is true that its taste is worth all that trouble.

If I have leeway with money, I would really like to become a regular customer.


1. Ossan(おっさん) – middle-aged man

2. まんじゅう – a bun with a bean‐jam filling.

3. The raws say グレート?ラビッシュ which means Great Rubbish but I dunno. I changed it to Radish because the caterpillars are eating leaves.

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