Let Me Game in Peace

Chapter 860 - Slaying With One Strike
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Chapter 860: Slaying With One Strike

Zhou Wen sized up his surroundings and looked at the map. He didn’t discover any dimensional zones nearby.

The closest dimensional zone was about sixty kilometers away.

Is there a break-out creature nearby? Zhou Wen didn’t dare let his guard down. He used Truth Listener’s ability to scan the vicinity, but he didn’t find any dimensional creatures.

To be able to cause such damage, it should be very large. Why didn’t I discover it? Zhou Wen was puzzled.

However, on second thought, it made sense. After such a thing had happened, the transport team would definitely have checked the surroundings. If there was such a huge dimensional creature, it was impossible not to have found it, nor would they have been transporting goods here in the middle of the night.

“Lad, can you fly over?” the officer beside him asked Zhou Wen.

“This distance shouldn’t be a problem,” Zhou Wen answered with a nod.

“You should only do so if you are confident. Don’t take any risks with a child,” the officer exhorted.

“Thank you. I’m confident.” After Zhou Wen thanked her, he leaped up with Ya’er in his arms. After leveraging himself off the mountain wall, he arrived at the mountain pass opposite.

“The students of Sunset College are indeed extraordinary. This movement technique is truly impressive. If I had been able to get into Sunset College back then, I would have long been a section commander after toiling for so many years,” a soldier said enviously when he received the news that Zhou Wen was coming.

Zhou Wen didn’t want to be too ostentatious, or he would have flown over. He never expected such a movement technique to be praised by the typical soldier.

“When you got here, was the road already like this?” Zhou Wen asked one of the soldiers.

“That’s right. When we were about forty to fifty kilometers away, we heard a loud bang. At that time, we were wondering what had happened. Only when we arrived did we realize that the road had collapsed,” the soldier answered.

If it were anywhere else, it might be difficult to hear sounds. However, this was a mountain road. The distance of forty to fifty kilometers was the travel distance; the actual straight-line distance wasn’t that far.

It won’t take long to travel forty to fifty kilometers here. If there really are break-out creatures, theoretically speaking, they shouldn’t be able to go far. Zhou Wen constantly used Truth Listener to scan the area. This time, he focused on scanning the forest at the foot of the mountain.

This was because Zhou Wen previously felt that the dimensional creature was likely very large. It was impossible for it to be hidden in the forest.

Furthermore, there were no signs of the forest being destroyed. It didn’t look like a behemoth had passed by.

However, for safety’s sake, Zhou Wen carefully scanned the forest.

As there weren’t any dimensional zones nearby, the forest below didn’t undergo much mutation. The trees weren’t too tall either. Zhou Wen scanned the area for a while, thinking that he wouldn’t find anything, but suddenly, he discovered a creature rushing through the forest.

The creature looked like a centipede. It was huge and its body was probably the thickness of a bucket. Its upper body had a human torso, legs, and head. It looked extremely strange.

It advanced through the forest and was almost at the mountain path.

What dimensional creature is this? Was the mountain path destroyed by it? Zhou Wen didn’t have time to think as he said to the soldiers, “There seems to be a dimensional creature in the forest below. Quickly evacuate the gap. Don’t get too close.”

The soldier was taken aback. He looked down and didn’t see anything. He used the walkie-talkie to pass Zhou Wen’s words to the officer across him.

The officer hurriedly got someone to carefully observe the situation below. While they were still observing, they saw the monster with a centipede tail crawl out of the mountain wall.

“Dimensional creature. Prepare to fire.” The officer immediately gave the order to shoot. Essence Gold bullets rained down on the dimensional creature.

The hard bullets appeared to shoot into rubber and stuck in its body. The terrifying thing was that the bullets quickly melted into its body as though they had been absorbed by its body.

Seeing that the Essence Gold bullets were ineffective, the Epic officer ordered a giant eagle Companion Beast to release a claw beam from the sky to attack the monster.

The monster looked up and glanced at the giant eagle. A blood-red beam shot out from its eyes. When the beam touched the giant eagle’s body, it immediately plummeted from the sky. While still in midair, it had already melted into a pool of blood.

The officer was alarmed. Their transport team had two Epic officers. Together, they had five Epic Companion Beasts. With such strength, they could deal with ordinary emergencies unless they encountered Mythical creatures.

Now, an Epic Lightning Eagle had been killed in one strike. Such strength seemed to have exceeded the Epic stage.

“Retreat, everyone fall back.” The officer gave the order, but it was too late.

Before the soldiers could board the vehicle, the monster had already climbed up the mountain wall. Its eyes suffused with a red glow. When the beam of light landed on the truck, it melted.

Everyone’s hearts were covered in a shadow. Having encountered such a terrifying dimensional creature, they were probably doomed.

“Retreat! Retreat immediately! Commander Yan and I will provide cover. The rest of you retreat immediately. Ignore the goods. Retreat immediately!” As the officer roared, he summoned his Companion Beasts to hold back the monster and cover the others’ retreat.

The monster’s body, which was dozens of meters long, climbed up the mountain wall and let out a strange roar. Its red eyes shot red beams at the officer.

The officer quickly dodged. At the same time, he slashed out a sword beam with an Epic Companion Beast sword in his hand, hoping to slice through the monster’s centipede-like body.

However, just as he moved, the centipede-like body swept over. The countless centipede feet were about to grab his body.

The officer’s sword beam slashed at the centipede, but the sword beam scattered like glass after shattering. It failed to deal any damage.

“It’s over!” The officer’s face was pale. He had already tried his best to retreat, but the difference in speed was too great. He was unable to dodge the centipede’s attack.

Suddenly, a golden sword beam descended from the sky like a bolt of lightning, illuminating everyone’s eyes.

In the next second, they saw the golden sword beam cleave the monster’s body in half. The monster split into two and fell down the cliff.

At that moment, they saw the spot where the golden sword beam had vanished. A figure held a golden sword in one hand and a girl in the other. He was floating above the broken road. It was naturally Zhou Wen.

The officer and soldiers were dumbfounded as they looked at Zhou Wen in disbelief.

“Thank you for your help,” the officer said as he saluted Zhou Wen.

“I’m afraid it’s not safe here. There are other dimensional creatures. It’s best you leave quickly,” Zhou Wen said as he summoned Tyrant Behemoth and made it grow in size.

“Tyrant Behemoth... That’s Tyrant Behemoth... So Tyrant Behemoth isn’t a Companion Beast from the West District...” the soldiers immediately shouted when they saw Tyrant Behemoth.

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