Let Me Game in Peace

Chapter 692 - Evolved Body
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Chapter 692: Evolved Body

With Buddha Annihilation dead, the Buddhist kingdom also collapsed. The Buddha statue completely shattered, turning into fragments that fell into the void. At the foundation of the Buddha, a stone door was revealed.

“The exit is there. Let’s go.” Leng Zongzheng led Zhou Wen and An Sheng towards the door.

When they went through the door, they realized that they were already outside the stone house. The stone house was wobbling and crumbling. Before long, it collapsed with a boom, reduced to a ruin.

Zhou Wen looked at the tiny pile of rocks and felt as though he was dreaming.

I’ve finally come out alive. Zhou Wen decided that he had to draw a few Substitute Talismans when he returned. No matter how low the success rate was, he had to draw them.

In the past, he had always gamed and seldom ventured into dimensional zones. Furthermore, he had plenty of Mythical Companion Beasts. With a Substitute Talisman and Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, he felt that it was enough to deal with any danger.

However, the battle in the Buddhist kingdom made Zhou Wen realize how terrifying the Guardians were. An uncontracted Buddha Annihilation was already this terrifying. It was probably more dangerous to encounter a contractor who already had an owner—as long as it wasn’t a rookie like John.

After the stone house collapsed, the phenomenon in Dragon Gate Grotto vanished and everything returned to normal.

However, problems with the Dragon Gate Grotto’s seal seemed to ensue after this. Often, some creatures would break out of the seal, making it much more frequent than before.

Thankfully, most of them were Malla or Fairies. Furthermore, there weren’t many of them. The troops stationed there could deal with them.

“Tianzuo, your family’s Little Zhou is indeed not bad. He’s worth grooming. You should spend more time on him,” Leng Zongzheng said to An Tianzuo before he left.

The corners of An Tianzuo’s eyes twitched, but he couldn’t retort his teacher. All he could do was lower his eyes and say yes.

Zhou Wen, Feng Qiuyan, and Li Xuan returned to their campus dorm and received a commendation. Feng Qiuyan and Li Xuan had fought with their lives on the line and killed many dimensional creatures. Although they didn’t kill any Mythical creatures, they won plenty of illustrious merits.

The military handed out medals to the students who had made contributions. However, An Tianzuo didn’t come. Qin Wufu handed out the medals on his behalf.

After Qin Wufu gave Zhou Wen the medal, he patted him on the shoulder and said, “Zhou Wen, if you wish to join the military, remember to come to me. There’s freedom with me. No one can control you.”

Qin Wufu’s words seemed to imply something, but Zhou Wen had no intention of joining the military at the moment. All he could do was give an excuse.

When he returned to his dorm, he realized that there were many messages on his phone. Some were from Wang Lu, some from The Thearch, and many from Lucas.

Wang Lu and Lucas had sent messages to ask Zhou Wen about the situation after hearing about the anomaly in Dragon Gate Grotto.

The Thearch asked Zhou Wen for any updates—if he was willing to accept her conditions.

He replied to the messages one by one. He didn’t receive a reply from The Thearch. Wang Lu and Lucas quickly replied and Zhou Wen explained his situation.

Only when he was free did Zhou Wen have the time to carefully observe Slaughterer.

After killing Buddha Annihilation, Slaughterer had automatically evolved. However, Slaughterer had always been mysterious. Zhou Wen’s connection with Slaughterer was somewhat odd—he knew very little about it.

He switched on his phone and switched to Slaughterer. Zhou Wen carefully studied Slaughterer’s information.

Slaughterer: Evolved Body

The information was simple, but it was equivalent to not saying anything. He only knew that he had advanced to an Evolved Body, but even the name hadn’t changed at all.

This was identical to the time when he condensed Slaughterer. Other Life Souls could be summoned to be used, but Slaughterer could only be used passively. It was completely different from the other Life Souls.

Zhou Wen later experimented with some of Slaughterer’s abilities, such as infinite Essence Energy recovery or stat strengthening.

Now that he had advanced to an Evolved Body, there was still no information. Zhou Wen could only figure it out himself.

After entering a game dungeon and switching to Slaughterer, Zhou Wen attempted to use all sorts of skills to fight dimensional creatures. He wanted to see what new capabilities Slaughterer’s Evolved Body had.

Soon, Zhou Wen realized that Slaughterer’s augmentation of his stats had increased significantly, and his Essence Energy recovery was faster. However, these were abilities that he already had in the past, so it wasn’t surprising for them to be enhanced.

Don’t tell me there’s no other ability? Zhou Wen attempted to communicate with Slaughterer, but unfortunately, just like before, Slaughterer didn’t respond. It was like a lifeless machine that clung to his body.

It’s impossible to not have any new abilities, right? Zhou Wen felt that it was definitely not that simple, but after trying for a long time, he failed to discover any extraordinary abilities.

I’ll test it out slowly in the future. Zhou Wen thought for a moment before switching to the Hell King Life Soul. He planned on grinding it to a Perfect Body.

He only needed to slay dimensional creatures to advance. The Hell King Life Soul was probably the easiest to advance.

Just as Zhou Wen was about to begin a massacre in-game, he suddenly realized that the Poison Bats in front of him didn’t have any invisible flames.

Why is this happening? Zhou Wen frowned and looked at the horde of Poison Bats. He realized that there were no invisible flames on them.

Zhou Wen exited the dungeon and logged into a few more dungeons. The outcome was the same. None of the dimensional creatures in-game had invisible flames.

Could it be that there are no invisible flames because they are simulated creatures in-game? But that’s not right. If the creatures in-game are different from the creatures in real life, why would a Companion Beast that drops have the invisible flame? For instance, an existence like the Golden Battle God Halberd has the invisible flames? What’s the reason? Zhou Wen couldn’t understand the reason why and planned on heading to a dimensional zone in real life to take a look.

Zhou Wen planned on heading to Tiger Cage Pass. Every time he entered a dimensional zone in real life, something would happen, so he deliberately chose to head to Tiger Cage Pass.

Tiger Cage Pass’s final boss was the Elegant Emperor Puppet’s avatar. Zhou Wen could easily kill it now, so no matter what happened, it wouldn’t be too much for him.

I have to think of a way to get a Companion Beast that augments luck or good fortune to neutralize the bad luck I have. Otherwise, I have a nagging feeling that something will go wrong having Bamboo Blade, Tiger Soul General, and Tai Sui on me, Zhou Wen thought to himself.

Since Tiger Cage Pass wasn’t too dangerous, Zhou Wen took the chick out with him to let it get some fresh air. It had been recently eating and sleeping all day in the dorm, making it look much fatter.

An Sheng got someone to deliver food to them every day, so the antelope and chick ate like kings.

The chubby chick stood on Zhou Wen’s shoulder with its round face. At a glance, it looked like an owl.

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