Let Me Game in Peace

Chapter 691 - Advancement Initiated
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Chapter 691: Advancement Initiated

“I just realized that there’s an Essence Energy Skill that can restrain them, preventing them from being revived,” Zhou Wen said as he looked at Leng Zongzheng and Buddha Annihilation in the sky.

He didn’t know music and didn’t know much about space. However, he had a nagging feeling that Leng Zongzheng’s organ music was weakening.

“Ah Sheng, do you know music? Do you know the extent of this song? Is it about to end?” Zhou Wen asked.

An Sheng understood Zhou Wen’s meaning and said with a heavy expression, “I only know a thing or two about music. However, I’ve heard from Overseer that Chancellor Leng’s Demonic Symphony has a total of seven movements. It should have reached the sixth movement. If this chapter can’t suppress Buddha Annihilation, I’m afraid the last movement will require him to go all out.”

“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen asked.

“No one knows what the last movement of the Demonic Symphony is. Everyone who has heard it is already dead. Overseer had only heard Chancellor Leng mention it. If the heart doesn’t die, the seventh movement won’t make a squeak,” An Sheng explained.

After Zhou Wen heard that, he immediately knew that things weren’t looking good. Since the heart doesn’t die naturally, it meant that one still had the desire to live. If one’s heart died, they could even abandon their lives. The final movement’s dangers were obvious.

Now, Buddha Annihilation had already heard the end of the sixth movement, but he remained composed. Perhaps victory could only be determined by the seventh movement.

As the two of them spoke, the sixth movement came to an end. Although the first six musical movements had some ups and downs, in general, they were all gentle tunes that spurred one to improve themselves.

When the first note of the seventh movement sounded, everything changed.

The musical note seemed to have an irresistible charm. The moment it sounded, Zhou Wen and An Sheng felt an illusion appear in front of them.

The crumbling Buddhist kingdom seemed to have turned into hell. Death filled the air as countless vengeful souls extended their palms from underground and let out painful cries.

The Demonic Organ Throne in the sky didn’t change at all. It was still the Demonic Organ Throne, but Leng Zongzheng, who was sitting in front of the organ, emitted a terrifying demonic aura. He looked like a devil dressed in a suit. The demonic aura around him surged into the sky as his fingers danced. He pressed on the keys in a frenzy. His eyes were burning with zeal as he seemed to be possessed.

“The organ hasn’t changed, but the person has been possessed. This movement is too dangerous and evil.” Even Zhou Wen, who didn’t know music, couldn’t see the horror of Chancellor Leng’s movement.

In the past, it could be said that it was enticing one into entering a demonic state, but now, it was becoming one with the devil. The dangers involved only could be imagined.

Buddha Annihilation was still sitting cross-legged in the void. He closed his eyes and chanted. He held the Buddha beads with his fingers and emitted a supreme Buddhistic glow to block the terrifying demonic music.

However, when the seventh movement sounded, even Buddha Annihilation showed a change in expression. The Buddha beads in his hand scattered and fell into the void. The Buddha patterns on the Buddha beads revealed smiling faces. However, the smiles looked as ferocious as a devil’s smile. It was as crazy and evil as Leng Zongzheng’s expression.

Buddha Annihilation opened its eyes as the Urna on its forehead emitted a crystalline glow to resist the demonic music. On his body, black-red patterns that represented the devil appeared as they constantly spread across his body. The final target was the Urna.

Zhou Wen and An Sheng felt their hearts tremble. They couldn’t help but be alarmed when they saw the demonic patterns on their bodies.

“Young Master Wen... Quickly retreat...” An Sheng pulled Zhou Wen back.

The two of them retreated again and again before they felt much better. Zhou Wen used the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra to resist the hellish demonic music and it immediately had an effect. The demonic patterns on his body gradually receded.

An Sheng gradually returned to normal. The two of them looked at each other in horror. Despite being so far away, they were still affected. Buddha Annihilation, who faced Leng Zongzheng directly, experienced an indescribable pressure.

“Chancellor Leng is indeed worthy of being known as the strongest existence beneath the Mythical stage. Even Buddha can become a devil. I’m afraid there aren’t many people in the world who can withstand such organ music.” Zhou Wen couldn’t help but praise Leng Zongzheng, who was like a devil.

More and more demonic runes appeared on Buddha Annihilation’s body, almost covering his entire body. Only his Urna shone with a Buddhistic glow.

Zhou Wen and An Sheng were nervous, but Leng Zongzheng’s organ music was getting crazier. They knew that it was probably the final critical moment.

Suddenly, the Urna between Buddha Annihilation’s eyebrows glowed brightly, illuminating the world like a sun.

“It’s coming!” Zhou Wen and An Sheng’s hearts were in their mouths. They knew that victory or defeat depended on this strike. Anyone who retreated would probably be severely injured.

At the instant Buddha Annihilation’s Urna released a blinding light, a dark purple beam of light silently passed through the hellish scene and stabbed into Buddha Annihilation’s back.

Buddha Annihilation’s pupils constricted as the Urna on his forehead dimmed. The demonic organ music immediately invaded his Urna.

A trace of black demonic aura appeared in the originally flawless Urna. Furthermore, wisps of the demonic aura continued to seep into it, weakening the Urna’s glow.

Demonic Neonate! Zhou Wen immediately recognized the sword that had stabbed into the Buddha Annihilation’s back. It was the demonic sword in Demonic Neonate’s arms.

The demonic sword inched into Buddha Annihilation’s heart. With him severely injured and the invasion of the demonic music, the situation changed drastically.

As its Urna was gradually corroded by the demonic music, Buddha Annihilation’s peaceful face also began to distort. Red light flashed in its eyes as the Buddha-like face gradually turned devilish.

Buddha Annihilation stood up abruptly as the power in its body erupted like a volcano. It wanted to send the demonic sword on its back flying, but the demonic sword seemed to be nailed into its bones. Not only did it fail to send it flying away, it even stabbed into Buddha Annihilation’s heart at an even faster rate, piercing right through it.

If Buddha Annihilation could maintain its Buddhist nature, the demonic sword might not have been capable of penetrating its heart that easily. However, the moment it became demonized, Grim Demon on the sword played a significant role. It made Buddha Annihilation unable to put up a resistance.

Under the pincer attack of the demonic sword and the organ music, the extremely terrifying Guardian ultimately couldn’t withstand the attack. Its eyes gradually dimmed.

The Buddhistic glow on Buddha Annihilation’s body gradually extinguished. It also meant that his vitality was like a candle in the wind, about to extinguish at any moment.

Just as Buddha Annihilation was at the end of the ropes, its eyes regained clarity. The demonic patterns on its body gradually receded and it returned to its crystalline Buddha body. It sat down cross-legged and closed its eyes as it said slowly, “Annihilation of Buddha tonight is like the snuffing out of fire.”

With that sentence, the Buddha body burned like a piece of paper, turning to ash.

At that moment, Zhou Wen suddenly felt his Slaughterer Life Soul tremble as though an invisible force was injected into it, rapidly evolving it.

Zhou Wen was alarmed and delighted. He hadn’t been able to find an advancement method for Slaughterer, but now, it had inexplicably advanced.

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