Lessons on Raising a Partner

Chapter 35 - Pull your sword! Have a nice fight!
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Chapter 35: Pull your sword! Have a nice fight!

The egg was black, with thin scaly protuberances and a transparent blue sheen. The soft basket for the egg was made of gold wire. The cushion material under the egg was also made of expensive red velvet, embroidered with exquisite patterns, which made the egg more precious and beautiful. The crystal box with moonlight seeds, though small, was carefully carved and glittered from afar, with a golden velvet fabric as the cushion.

Cessie carefully removed the soft basket and the crystal box and placed them on a large round table in the middle of the collection room.

“You’ve seen what you wanted,” Cessie said, placing his hands on the table and staring at the Ayulon egg. “These are the most precious and rarest beasts in the stars. I’ve been looking for it for so many years and finally found it. If it weren’t for you, I would like to add them to my collection. But Auguste,” Cessie suddenly looked up at Auguste. “Jamie wants to revive his wife with the moonlight flowers that can bring the dead back. I understand that. I understand that. But what do you want the Ayulon egg for?”

Hai’an was always held in Auguste’s arms. He could feel Auguste’s heartbeat echoing through the glass. It was steady and powerful.

When the egg was taken out of Cessie’s cabinet, Hai’an heard Auguste’s heart beat faster, even though he looked calm and unchanged, and his eyes did not even jump with any emotions. Auguste’s heartbeat had remained unchanged until just now.

Hai’an suddenly realized how important the egg was to Auguste. But no matter how beautiful the egg was and how delicate the crystal box with moonlight seeds, it couldn’t hide from Hai’an that the egg and moonlight seeds were dead.

It was a dead dragon’s egg and wilting moonlight flower seeds. Hai’an could not feel any fluctuation of life elements in them. They were silent and they were dead quiet.

The vitality and hope of the initial life had long been lost.

Auguste did not answer Cessie’s question, “I want to touch it.”

Hai’an heard Auguste’s voice floating over his head, but he did not dare to think about the words that carried Auguste’s longing and waiting for many years.

“No,” Cessie stopped his hand and protected the dragon’s egg in front of him. “You have to promise me first and help me get the tungsten liquid.” After that, he looked at Jamie. “As for you, when you give me the tungsten liquid, I will give you the seeds and no longer accept your interstellar coins.” Cessie laughed, stood upright, took a glass of wine and sipped, “Is this a good deal?”

Jamie lowered his head and sneered. Hai’an could not see his expression, but could see his lips move. “You have enough tungsten.”

“I didn’t save enough! The Freedom Alliance and the Empire have fought. Dean was once your man. The zirconium he took away can make at least a million mechanical fighters! ” Cessie burst into a rage and hit the glass on the table. The glass rolled several times on the table and fell on the floor. It was not broken, but the precious wine spilled on the table. “Auguste, I told you long ago to give me that technology, but you refused. If you just told me the manufacturing technology for mechanical warriors, I would have already given you the dragon egg.” Cessie’s face was grim.

He walked up and down the table with excitement. “I don’t believe it. I am not an empire man. The fuck with this fighting. You let Dean run away with the mechanical warrior technology and he shared it with the Freedom Alliance. If you hadn’t quit the Emperor’s regiment, you’d be relaxed.”

“I didn’t give him the technology.” Auguste stepped forward and approached the round table. “It was his own work. If I didn’t quit the Emperor’s regiment, you would keep everything a secret from me!” Auguste roared. “You found the seeds and egg long ago, but you kept accusing me of working for the Empire for so many years!”

When Auguste yelled this sentence, Jamie suddenly moved, his hands formed claws, his whole body bowed, and threw himself at Cessie. Auguste also let go of Hai’an, threw Hai’an over to Carl, and then stepped onto the table to grab the soft basket and crystal box on the table.

But they didn’t succeed. Jamie was thrown back by Cessie’s shield. The huge eyeball tree stretched out a vine to hit back. It “snapped”, surrounded Auguste and corralled him toward a collection cabinet.

The alarm went off.

“Bobby! Pay attention to my collection!” Cessie was so angry that he never expected Auguste to have the courage to confront him head-on.

Ayulon eggs were so rare that Cessie promised to help Auguste find the eggs on the condition that he joined the Emperor’s Regiment to serve the Empire. Cessie thought that Auguste was somewhat afraid of the Empire. After all, the Empire was guarded by Ivan Randall, no worse than the Freedom Alliance, but Auguste turned a blind eye to everybody.

Colin and Corson scattered and ran away. They went to various wardrobes to look for tungsten liquid. Their two tasks were to look for tungsten liquid. Everything else was ignored.

Carl caught Hai’an who was thrown over by Auguste, pulled Lydney behind a collection counter, and then put Hai’an into Lydney’s arms. “You and JianJian stay here, pay attention to your safety!”

After that, Carl ran to the stairway door on the second floor, and then stood in front of it. The guards had run to the castle, stood on the stairway with a machine gun and shot at Carl, but the bullet hit him without any injury. He opened his mouth and spit out a tooth and threw it at the guards.

After a huge explosion, there was tremendous shaking on the ground. The stairs on the second floor were completely blown up. Carl picked up the metal decoration on his battle suit while he pulled out several metal ribs from his chest with his other hand. But the rib was no longer a simple rib, but a mechanical part that could serve as a rib. Carl assembled the mechanical parts from the rib and the uniform and soon turned them into a heavy machine gun.

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