Lessons on Raising a Partner

Chapter 26 - It was stolen. Now it was found.
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Chapter 26: It was stolen. Now it was found.

The Bilia932 Miner Belt was a planetary belt with many small planets. Like its name, Miner, there were a lot of minerals on every planet in the system. This mineral belt did not belong to any country or galaxy, it only recognized the owner of the planet, so merchants and miners from all planets would gather. Because there was no state management, the public order was very chaotic and very suitable for some shameful activities. Thus, the black market gradually formed.

It was very common for people to be murdered here. However, the crew on the Vagrant were all retired soldiers and the general mob couldn’t hurt them at all. But Lydney was a pure human and still needed to grow. Carl was worried that someone would kidnap Lydney and something would happen if he didn’t pay attention to the other man.

But Auguste thought his JianJian was more in danger due to his rarity. So he was worried about people taking Hai’an.

In addition, Hai’an had just handed him the opened zirconium and gold elements, which gave him inspiration. Auguste decided to do something special for Hai’an, not just make him a new flowerpot.

When Auguste appeared with Hai’an in a new flowerpot, everyone in the hall was stunned. Hai’an was sitting in his new flowerpot, a bit confused. This was because his new pot was in the shape of a small UFO.

“This is his little nest.” Auguste, with a solemn face, introduced the UFO to the crowd “It’s my new flowerpot for JianJian. It’s a special pot for going out.”

Hai’an had just accompanied Auguste to the room and watched the new pot come out of the kiln. Auguste was holding a normal pot earlier, but as he watched, he found that Auguste’s pot was becoming less and less like a normal pot.

When Auguste had finished, he said to him, “JianJian, try this new pot.” At that time, he had not responded.

The new pot was equipped with zirconium and gold elements inside an automatic anti-gravity device, so that the pot could cope with the different gravity of the planets. Inside there were keyboards and remote control devices along the base making the operation very simple.

Hai’an could easily change the flight direction by using only two vines. It could also launch one hundred high-penetration bullets and two small missiles. The back of it was equipped with a jet propulsionfor Hai’an to be able to flee quickly when danger occurred.

The top dome was polished diamond. It was transparent and easy for Hai’an to see the surrounding scenery and convenient for Auguste to appreciate Hai’an. It was also highly resistance against anything!

There was a small storage tank, some YangYang flowers and water could be stashed there for Hai’an. Hai’an could take out the water himself if he wanted it or he could easily bask in the sun. Auguste had sprayed the base of the pot with a white metallic paint so it had a beautiful, pure white color. On the front of the pot, he had painted a black dragon and engraved a row of small characters below it.

Looking at his masterpiece, Auguste satisfactorily put it on the bookcase. He wrote down today’s events in a record book dedicated towards Hai’an’s growth.

Then Auguste simply taught Hai’an how to use the new flowerpot. He let Hai’an try to fly it when they had breakfast.

“Are you sure you have a plant?” Carl said as he pointed at Hai’an with a dull face.

Hai’an: I just want to drink milk.

Auguste sneered. You’re still too young.

After that, he sat down and took Hai’an out of the pot and put him on the table.

The small pot was unlocked with fingerprints. In the whole universe, only Auguste could take Hai’an out.

After all, they were still on the Vagrant and it made no sense for Hai’an to stay in his little ship. He just wanted Hai’an to stay in it just to familiarize him with the operation.

Auguste thought that since he was JianJian’s legs on the Vagrant, that could take him wherever he wanted, he did not need to use the little ship while on board.

Hai’an breathed a sigh of relief when he was taken out by Auguste. He also planned to steal Auguste’s milk. If he had been put in the UFO, how could he drink it?

He looked around at the circle of people and noticed that Jamie was not quite the same as yesterday. Today, he was dispirited. He was holding his head in his right hand and his spoon in his left hand, staring at the table cloth with empty eyes. On the other spectrum, Carl was happily buried in his fried eggs. There was only enough for one fried egg per person, but Carl had three eggs on his plate. As soon as Lydney saw this, he turned on the stove once more.

Auguste was looking at the information coming from his nano computer and he did not pay attention to Hai’an. The other crew members were sitting far away, and seemed likely they could not see what he was planning on doing.

Auguste’s milk cup was placed by his left hand, closest to Hai’an.

When was the right time to drink? There was always a time and place, he must be patient!

Hai’an began to move slowly. He stretched out a small vine and creeped toward the milk on the table. When he almost touched the cup, Auguste suddenly moved.

Hai’an was so frightened that he shrank his vines back.

Gee, I did nothing.

Auguste grabbed the milk and sipped it. He felt it was a little hot and put it down since he wanted it to cool down a little. But because Auguste had the milk closest to his right hand, he kept it on the right whenever he finished sipping.


Auguste’s left hand, Auguste’s right hand, a large plate = can’t drink the milk.

How should this be done?

Hai’an’s sorrow caused him to want to shake, but he resisted.

No, he had to be calm. There must be some way.

It was no longer realistic to stretch his vines along the table. It was so obvious that Auguste would find out, and he could not use magic.

So Hai’an decided to stretch the vine away from the table first, then move it under the table cloth to the other side then stretch it out to steal the drink.

Finishing his work on his nano computer, Auguste did not continue to drink his milk. With no enemy in sight, Hai’an’s vines soon dipped into the cup.

He took a sip.

So tasty!!!

Auguste did not like to drink milk with added sugar, so the milk did not have anything in it, and it was bland. Although it had cooled down, the milk’s unique sweetness could still be distinguished. Besides, Hai’an could not drink it hot. What would he do if his vines were scalded?

Hai’an was moved to tears, though he had no eyes.

He hadn’t tasted something for so long!!!

Without hands, feet or a mouth, nothing could be done. If he wasn’t able to see anything, Hai’an would have been depressed. It was a great pleasure to know that he could still taste.

Hai’an had planned to take another sip, but because he was too excited, he accidentally drank half a glass of milk.

No one sitting nearby noticed that Hai’an was stealing Auguste’s milk, but Colin, one of the twins on the crew, sitting far away, found that Auguste’s milk had been inexplicably declining. On closer inspection, it was JianJian who was stealing his milk.

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