Lessons on Raising a Partner

Chapter 25 - XiaXia, You have many eyes.
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Chapter 25: XiaXia, You have many eyes.

But instead of picking up the parts, Hai’an wrapped his vines around Auguste’s hand and around his forefinger, dragging it out towards him. When Hai’an took Auguste’s hand, he put the broken zirconium in it.

Auguste pinched the zirconium element that was handed over by Hai’an and saw that it had been punctured, so that the original zirconium-gold solution could be extracted at any time. Auguste found several zirconium-gold shells lying beside Hai’an’s flowerpot, and the original zirconium-gold solution in them had disappeared.

Obviously it was absorbed by Hai’an.

Zirconium and gold can promote evolution, but it must be used as a raw liquid, and the extraction method of raw liquid was only known by the residents of Lota beta 11. But now Hai’an could also extract zirconium and gold. He had absorbed a lot of raw material, so maybe the reason Hai’an had grown very fast these days because of this.

Auguste picked up Hai’an and examined him. He found nothing special. He took out a bag containing zirconium and gold and drew out a handful of it.

“This is for you as a snack.” Auguste put the element of zirconium and gold in a small cup and covered it. When Hai’an wanted to eat, he could push the lid aside and eat it without worrying that the element would float away.

Eat more and grow faster.

Hai’an hated it. These elements didn’t taste at all. He wanted Auguste’s glass of milk.

Auguste was going to add the zirconium and gold element liquid in his hand to JianJian’s pot. Now, he was going to make more than just a pot.

Lydney took Carl to see the tree, and found that Lydney gave it a name that was supposed to match Hai’an: XiaXia (SeeSee)

It was kept on the main table in the room by Lydney, not on the bedside table like Auguste did, because Lydney felt a little scared if he woke up in the middle of the night and saw so many eyes staring at him with eyes wide open. The eyes of the Teardrop tree would only close halfway most of the time.

So Lydney named it XiaXia... ==

This little pot had exceeded all of Lydney’s expectations. Lydney began to congratulate the little boy on not buying the pot at the free auction, otherwise his parents would probably come to him to settle the accounts.

“I’ll give you another gift.” Carl also found something wrong with his first gift to Lydney. Pure human beings were so fragile. What if they were frightened to death in the middle of the night?

Lydney waved his hand and laughed. “No, I’m used to seeing it and I even feel a little attached to it. After all, this is your first gift to me.”

Carl wanted to say something to persuade Lydney, but he closed his mouth after hearing Lydney’s second sentence. He turned the subject around and cautioned Lydney carefully, “The black market is dangerous, we are going to talk about business so just follow me, don’t run around.”

“Well, I won’t go around and cause you trouble.” Lydney promised.

But Carl still felt uneasy. “Maybe you should just stay on the ship. Stay with Leston, he won’t get off. Stay with him and watch the ship.”

“Well, if there’s any real inconvenience, I’ll stay.” Lydney knew that it was because he was a pure human, and he didn’t want to drag down Carl.

“No, no.” Carl changed his mind again. If Lydney stayed, wouldn’t he be staying alone with Leston? How can this be done? He gave him the protective shield that Alia made for Lydney, and there’s nothing wrong with protecting Lydney himself.

Carl finally decided to take Lydney off of the ship. “You’d better go with us. You must have never been there before. I’ll take you out to play.”

“I’ll ask Alia to prepare your weapons, and if anything really happens, you must remember to protect yourself, regardless of the rest of us.” Carl grabbed Lydney’s shoulders and said this very seriously.

Lydney was stunned when Carl grabbed his shoulder, but he could not help being serious after listening to Carl’s words. This was the first time Carl spoke to him in such a serious tone. It seemed that the trip to the black market was not going to go well.

Just thinking about what Jamie said in the lobby about going to buy Carl a birthday present, Lydney asked him, “Is it true when Jamie said that you’re not yet an adult and he was going to buy you a birthday present?”

Carl was shocked that Lydney remembered it.

“He’s talking nonsense. I’m an adult.” Carl put down the hand that was on Lydney’s shoulder, turned around and picked up the kettle and watered XiaXia to hide his slight discomfort.

Lydney quickly stopped Carl, he had watered the plant just that morning, it couldn’t be watered more.

“We’re actually going to take something.”

“Take it?” Lydney noticed Carl’s words.

“Yes,” Carl added, “but that should have been our stuff. We would buy it, no matter how much it costs, but since he doesn’t want to sell it, we have to take it.”

Lydney was a little curious about what it was. “Can I know what it is?”

Carl thought that since Lydney was now a crew member, sooner or later, he should know something, so it should be okay to tell him.

“It’s an egg.”

“Egg?!” It was no wonder Lydney was so surprised. After seeing Carl’s enthusiasm for eggs, it was hard to believe that the egg he was looking for was not for food.

Lydney’s eyes were so accusing that Carl immediately explained, “I’m not getting it to eat! That egg is really important to us.” After that, Carl took a deep breath and lowered his head. “If this egg is harmed, Auguste will be upset, me too.”

Carl didn’t say the rest, but Lydney knew how much the egg meant to them.

For a moment, both men were silent.

“Let’s not talk about that,” Carl said to Lydney earnestly, raising his head and wiping his face with his hand. “When are we going to have dinner?”

Lydney: “...”

Didn’t they just finish supper?

“Maybe we can sleep first,” Lydney implicitly told Carl that they should sleep.

Carl looked at his watch and realized that it was night. Lydney was a pure human and he needed sleep.

“Oh, yeah, I won’t disturb you, so go rest,” said Carl, then he got up and went to the door. Lydney followed him to let him out of the room.

“Good night,” Carl said to Lydney at the door. “Tomorrow I’ll wake you up, so sleep well.”

“Okay,” Lydney said to Carl with a laugh, “Good night.”

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