Lessons on Raising a Partner

Chapter 24 - Fishing, suction, hydrolysis and Thirst Relief bar
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Chapter 24: Fishing, suction, hydrolysis and Thirst Relief bar

“JianJian, drink water.” Auguste put a glass of water in front of Hai’an.

Hai’an slowly emerged a vine from the soil, and then inserted it into the cup. Soon, the water in the cup dropped more than half.

The trembling grass was green, Hai’an trembled, felt it was enough and took back his vine before he pushed the cup back in Auguste’s direction.

Auguste: He’s full.

Yes, that was Auguste’s new way of playing. When he was on Lota Beta 11 that day, Hai’an broke the shell of zirconium and gold, and then absorbed the zirconium and gold with his vine which made Auguste very interested. Auguste began training Hai’an to drink water by himself every day. This way he would not be afraid to pour too little or too much to drown Hai’an.

Hai’an was now free to mobilize the water elements within a meter, Even if he did not use his vine to touch the cup, he could let the water flow into the flowerpot by itself. But it was shocking, so Hai’an chose to make himself a low-key potted plant.

There was only night in the universe, and the only thing to follow day-night cycle was with the interstellar timetable. According to the clock in Auguste’s room, night had just begun and nights were long and sleepless.

Auguste’s occupation and race did not require much sleep, and he spent every night reading when there was no Hai’an. Now that he had Hai’an, he must play with Hai’an.

So Auguste decided to make a flowerpot for Hai’an himself today.

Auguste’s birthday was August 1st. A month after he became an adult, he created the Vagrant.

In the following hundred years, the spaceship accompanied him to the first battlefield, as well as to leave countless stars, looking for his brethren. But a hundred years ago, only Carl was his brethren, and a hundred years later, Carl was still his only brethren. To this day, he had not found his own race, but he had found another special existence.

Today was September 1st, and his JianJian would get a unique flower pot. Auguste confiscated Carl’s bag of zirconium and gold from Star Lota Beta 11, grabbed several pieces and put them beside Hai’an for him to play with.

As soon as the zirconium and gold elements were released, they began to float everywhere. Hai’an saw that the toys were running about. He stretched out several vines to grab them, one by one, and retrieved them to his side. When they were going to float out again, Hai’an pulled them back.

The balls ran to him themselves when he was on Lota Beta 11. As a result, they started to go wild when he arrived on the ship. Alas, the world was very cool.

In this way, Hai’an circled a zirconium and gold element to puncture its skin, the zirconium and gold in the liquid flowed out, dripping on Hai’an’s leaves, and then was slowly absorbed.

It looked very funny. Hai’an immediately poked several more elements and absorbed all the original liquid inside. Hai’an recalled the feeling, like drinking water, without any taste. Even if he drank too much, he didn’t have to be afraid of drowning.

If only it tasted good, Hai’an remembered Uncle Perry’s honey wine, which was sweet and sour when he was in the Elune Forest. Before he came here, Uncle Perry promised to give him two bottles of honey wine when his adulthood ceremony was over.

It’s a pity that I may not be able to drink it myself in the future. Hai’an was very sad.

Wait? Taste?

Hai’an suddenly realized that he couldn’t eat because he had no mouth, but he could absorb water and zirconium, so could he drink something?

What if he could taste it?

He was looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast!

Hai’an felt that Lydney’s cooking was delicious. Every day he watched Auguste at the table. It was pure torture for him to not be able to eat. He thought of the corn soup Lydney cooked for dinner today and looked forward to breakfast tomorrow.

As a rule, everyone had a glass of milk.

He would steal Auguste’s milk tomorrow.

Hai’an was happy. He stretched out and looked at Auguste, who was sitting next to him in a soft chair, with a pile of spare parts around him as he pounded on things.

Auguste was very serious now. His fine hair hung down in strands, covering his ears. His dark red eyes were fixed on the parts in his hands. Hai’an didn’t know what he was doing. Hai’an had been tired of playing with these zirconium and gold elements for a while.

He wanted to make trouble.

Hence, Hai’an quietly stretched over a vine along the desktop, grabbed a part and quickly retracted it back to hide behind him.

Auguste didn’t look up, as if he hadn’t noticed Hai’an’s little movements.

Hai’an lifted up the part he had stolen. It was a round nut. It was dark and heavy. Hai’an needed two vines to lift it.

With nuts, there must be a screw. Although Hai’an did not know what the nut was for, but looking at the circular hole, there must be something else to go in it. Hai’an looked at Auguste’s pile of parts, and soon found the target. So he stretched out another vine, tried to repeat it, and stole the screw.

Halfway back to his pot, Auguste uttered in a beautiful voice, “JianJian.”

Hai’an suddenly froze and the vines on the table slowly retracted.

Auguste looked at Hai’an, thinking it was a little funny, but he still put his hand up, palm up, saying to Hai’an, “Hand it over.”

Hai’an looked at Auguste’s face. He was staring at Hai’an now, but his face was still soft and lifeless. Hai’an slowly took out the nut hidden behind him and put it in Auguste’s hand.

“Stop fussing, I’m making you a new flowerpot.” Auguste explained to Hai’an with a laugh.

He was making a flowerpot?

Hai’an held several zirconium and gold elements and looked at Auguste, who was still pinching the flowerpot carefully.

Well, I’ll only take a sip of his milk tomorrow.

Looking back on his brain-damaged behavior, Hai’an felt so ashamed that he became a plant and loved to do some foolish things without brain.

Otherwise, I’ll send Auguste something myself.

Hai’ne thought about Auguste’s desire for zirconium solution at Lota Beta 11, so he circled a zirconium element, poked a hole in it, and then extended the vine to Auguste.

When Auguste saw Hai’an stretching out the vine again, he stopped to see what Hai’an wanted to do and what was going to happen again.

Was it because it was too boring to stay here? No one accompanied JianJian to play, so he was not happy?

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