Lessons on Raising a Partner

Chapter 19 - Stream excavates a heap of aliens
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Chapter 19: Stream excavates a heap of aliens

The bus took them along and beneath it was endless yellow sand. There was nothing but sand, making it look very desolate.

“Actually, I don’t want to sell zirconium.” Tanamo suddenly opened his mouth and said, “You should know how important zirconium is to us.”

“Yes,” said Auguste, holding Hai’an in his arms and poking Hai’an with the finger held by the vine. Hai’an was shocked by Auguste’s poke, and then retracted the vine. “But the next zirconium planet is too far to catch.”

Auguste pulled back his finger and stopped teasing Hai’an. The small opening of the shield went back to its original state.

Tanamo looked at the movements of the two of them and said, “I saw the news. You two-legged monsters like to engage in politics. You see how good we are. We all live together.”

Two-legged monster Auguste:

Hai’an: = = I’m not bipedal right now.

In fact, Lota Beta 11 was not popular among the stars for many reasons, one of which is that they did not engage in politics, which was more exotic than the Sixth Legion led by Auguste. But it also had something to do with their race and their planet.

“It’s time to cross the river.” Tanamo told Auguste, “Hold on to the armrest of your seat.” While speaking, the bus slowly stopped on top of the yellow sand.

Hai’an felt it was strange. What river?

Lydney was also curious. Lota Beta 11 joined the Star System as a tourist planet. Although few tourists came here to play, it was regarded as a tourist planet. One of the most worthwhile spots for Lota Beta 11 was the river.

But he hadn’t been to Lota Beta 11 before, so he had only read about the river from the college library.

The surface of Lota Beta 11 was all yellow sand. Oasis Port did not appear in the desert except when a spaceship landed. Apart from hotels and stadiums in the desert and open-air facilities, all of the Lota beta 11 aliens lived under the yellow sand. Not every Lota beta 11 insect could leave the sand and come to the surface, while some species of insects can not live under the sand.

Long ago, Lota beta-11 aliens lived in sand. When Mirror Origin came here, people thought that the planet was a dead star. They began to dig, and a lot of Lota beta-11 aliens were dug up.

To apologize, Mirror Orgin’s people began to hand over technology, and recommended Lota beta 11 to join the interstellar chain. Lota beta 11 mastered science and technology and transformed the buildings under the desert.

Later, after Lota Beta 11 joined the interstellar chain, some insects chose to live in the city of Shashang, which was the open city of Lota Beta 11. Except here, the rest of Lota Beta 11 was rarely open to the public

The bus stopped for a while. The yellow sand in front of the bus suddenly receded and the bus also slid down and fluctuated in the sand waves. But Hai’an felt that it was no different from a normal river.

Besides, he was held by Auguste in his arms, and there was no need to worry about where he would end up.

The speed of the tour bus was not much faster than before, when Hai’an saw a huge whirlpool in front of him not far away, funneling down continuously, the tour bus followed.

Lydney was a little flustered. He knew the river was buried, but he had never read about the river and its whirlpools. In a hurry, he grabbed Carl’s arm. When Carl saw Lydney’s fear, he took his hand and patted his back, whispering in Lydney’s ear, “Don’t be afraid. I’ll take you with me later. You can follow me closely.”

“Okay.” Lydney thought that Carl was really a good man. The person he liked most was Carl. In fact, Carl was very strange; he was so gentle to Lydney and uncontrolled as if it were instinct.

With the bus sinking, the surrounding was getting darker and darker. The fast-moving sand blurred the walls and the world outside the bus, leaving the road ahead dark. Hai’an couldn’t help feeling a little nervous. It felt like they were going to enter the center of the earth.

The bus was getting faster and faster. At last, it crashed into a sand pile and stopped. The sand heap was smashed and a cloud of dust rose. When the dust settled down, the bottom of the river appeared in front of them.

“Welcome to Buried River City.” Boss Tanamo opened the door and stood upright outside. That was when Hai’an found that Tanamo was shining.

The fluorescent green spot on Boss Tanamo, which was first seen on the bus, was now slightly diffused with soft light. Around him slowly appeared some yellow dots of fireflies, which converged bit by bit, forming a luminous band on the top of his head, illuminating the whole space.

Like a river. This was the reason for the name buried river.

Auguste let Hai’an go and let him float. Some fluorescence gradually came close to Hai’an and attached to the glass cover. Hai’an could not help but stretch out his vine to touch the fluorescence and see what they were.

But Hai’an only touched the glass cover.

“Huh?” Tanamo was surprised to see Zirconium and Gold so close to Hai’an. “This is the first time I have seen Zirconium and Gold close to other living things.”

No matter what the fireflies were, Auguste saw that they were almost covered with protective shields, just as he held a big light bulb, so that he could hardly see the humbleness. So Auguste reached out and “chattered” the fireflies away, and pulled Hai’an down and held him in his arms.

“Pack up quickly. We’re in a hurry.” Auguste frowned. “When did Lota Beta 11 become so open that it seduced my plant?”

Boss Tanamo, who had no control, “Well, I don’t know why they like your plant so much, but in that case, I’ll sell you better zirconium this time.” Tanamo turned to beckon Bena, who was instructed to leave.

“Ha-ha,” Auguste sneered, “so you sold me all junk goods before?”

Tanamo pretended to be deaf and did not reply, but let Auguste follow him, “Follow me.”

Lydney and Carl followed. They walked along a wide road with high sand walls on both sides. There were many windows on the sand walls. The Lota beta-11 aliens kept looking out at them. Overhead were flowing fluorescent rivers. Some fluorescent lights flew down from above and floated beside them, as if they wanted to get closer to Hai’an.

But with Auguste there, he embraced Hai’an more firmly.

Boss Tanamo was talking to them again. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything other than here. This is the first time I’ve seen such a wonder on the planet. Do plants really have such magic? Hahaha, maybe someday I will see someone who is not long-eyed invade Lota Beta 11.”

Hai’an couldn’t help filling his head with ideas when he listened to this. What if it really happened?

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