Lessons on Raising a Partner

Chapter 13 - Touch your coquettish appearance without me.
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Chapter 13: Touch your coquettish appearance without me.

“In fact, it is more likely that the Imperial forces here have been bought by the alliance.” Auguste went on to say, “Don’t you think it’s strange that those police cars could find out that it was my car, but nobody has come to my door yet? When Leston comes back, get ready to leave Freeport, before the sun rises tomorrow.” Auguste looked down.

Carl thought of the plant store that was eager to move. “Did you say anything to the shopkeeper and that’s why they’re moving too?”

“Yes, the android in that shop is very special.” After Auguste said this, he was going to take Hai’an back to his room, because it was not yet time for dinner.

He placed Hai’an in a new pot and dirt and watered him on the way. This time, Auguste only poured a third of the water. Hai’an felt that the water was just right. The new dirt and pot were very comfortable.

Same as the first time, Auguste took out his knife and carved JianJian’s name on the new pot. Then he carefully placed the old pot on the bookcase on the left wall by the bed. He took out a notebook and wrote in it carefully.

Hai’an watched Auguste’s actions that cared so carefully for a potted plant, proving that Auguste was absolutely a good man. The elves loved plants and they were also close to all the people who loved plants.

Maybe I could try to communicate with Auguste myself.

Anyway, the plants here were so strange because they were so much smarter than those in his original world. Auguste should not be afraid of him if he tried.

Hai’an began to shake every which way, trying to attract his owner’s attention.

When Auguste saw that Hai’an was shaking again, he was attracted to it. Normally, his potted plant would shake so hard to attract his attention when something happened. But what happened this time? Was the water too much?

“JianJian, what’s wrong?” Auguste squatted in front of Hai’an.

If the name was omitted...his master’s voice was so beautiful! It made him go numb all over.

Hai’an was intoxicated with Auguste’s voice. Auguste found that Hai’an did not move. He reached out and poked at Hai’an. When Hai’an saw Auguste poking at him, he remembered the vines he had grown when he first mobilized the wood element. He tried to mobilize the element again to see if he could get a vine.

Auguste poked JianJian, watched him tremble and then, from the roots, a thin, soft green vine, with a few small leaves, wrapped around his fingers that he had not yet had time to retrieve. Because the vines were too thin and tender, Auguste dared not move them for fear that he might accidentally break the little green vine.

Auguste: Was this called being coquettish?

Hai’an: I’ll touch him too, or I’ll get poked so many times in vain.

One person and one potted plant stood frozen for a long time.

The room was filled with warmth and sweetness.

Auguste’s door was kicked open again.

“JianJian!” With a loud noise, the vines Hai’an had just made were scared and disappeared.

Needless to say, it was definitely Carl. Hai’an felt that only Carl had the courage to open Auguste’s door, either by crushing the lock or by kicking it open. Was it so easy to open Auguste’s door? Or was Carl too strong?

“Auguste! Leston’s back. We can go, haha! ”

Auguste was very unhappy.

If he could not be happy, then Carl could not be happy.

A woman appeared at the door and rescued Carl. Hai’an only found out whether she was female because of when she spoke. Although her voice was hoarser than that of other women, he could still hear a female’s voice.

Hai’an had been surrounded by several crew members before, but he had not seen the woman, or perhaps had seen her, but Hai’an had not noticed her.

The woman’s hair was shaved to only an inch long. Visually, the shortest hair on the ship would be the girl, not the other men. Carl’s long curly hair was undoubtedly the longest. She was wearing a black vest, camouflage pants, but on her feet... flip flops. Her figure was not the normal kind of soft, but full of smooth muscles. It looked stronger than his elf body before he became grass.

Hai’an felt that he had suffered 100,000 injuries. He was desperate for the days when he did not have to be grass any longer.

“Captain, the equipment has been inspected and there is enough energy to start at any time.” The woman said this very bluntly and turned to leave.

“Ah, Alia, you finally woke up. Would you like to have a meal? We changed to a new cook, so you can walk slowly.” Carl saw the woman looking surprised and ran after her.

In fact, Carl saw Hai’an’s vines, but he dared not ask now that Auguste would break his leg if he stayed. Was it not the best time to run?

Only Hai’an and Auguste were left in the room. Auguste stood up and asked Hai’an, “Would you like to see the spaceship take off?”

Of course! Hai’an trembled excitedly and his master understood.

When the meal was near, Auguste took Hai’an into the hall. Hai’an found that there were many people there. In addition, there were nine of Auguste’s people there that had never seen Hai’an. The woman, Alia, who had just appeared, was also in the hall. This should be the whole population of the ship.

As a result of the arrival of Lydney, the new chef, they ate normal food today. Lydney also stewed Carl’s eggs, sprinkled some spices on it, making it smell more fragrant.

Carl’s eyes were filled with tears. He grabbed Lydney’s hand, which was holding a spoon for the soup. “I’m so old and yet this is the first time I’ve eaten such a delicious egg!”

Lydney was dumbfounded.

Auguste placed Hai’an on the table and set a plate of chicken legs beside him.

“JianJian, while it’s hot, look at it, and I’ll eat it after you’ve seen it.”

Hai’an: Go away.

After the last sunshine disappeared behind the white fog boundary, the night came to Freeport.

Auguste announced to the crew, “Before sunrise tomorrow, we go to Lota beta 11.”

“Yes!” All of them answered in one voice.

Lydney was a little nervous. Carl told him that he only had to take charge of their food. The food was free and he didn’t have to worry about not having any food. But Carl didn’t say they were leaving Freeport.

When Carl saw Lydney bowing his head and not talking, as if worried, he put his elbow out and stabbed Lydney who was standing next to him.

“Don’t worry, we are just traveling.” Carl consoled Lydney, but Lydney still looked nervous. Carl had to come up to him and whisper, “Freeport is not safe.”

“What?” Lydney raised his head and stared at Carl who was half a head taller than him.

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