Legendary Armament Canon

Chapter 490 - Divine Weapon, Ming Hong (2)
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Chapter 490: Divine Weapon, Ming Hong (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The nine tails wagged up and down behind her back, making her ordinary body look abnormally petite and thin. It also made her exude an indescribable temptation.


Zhou Shu snorted. Although Demon Queen Tushan looked weak and beautiful, anyone who treated her as a weak woman would be courting death.

“What do you think? My Kun Wu Saber isn’t bad, is it?” Demon Queen Tushan’s mouth didn’t move, and her voice sounded in Zhou Shu’s ear. “On account of you helping me dig out the Kun Wu Saber, I’ll spare you one more time. Leave.”

She waved her hand and ignored Zhou Shu. She looked smug as she sized up Kun Wu Saber in her hand.


Zhou Shu didn’t say anything. The lightning and the seven-colored vortex in the sky were still pouring down on him.

The weapon in his hand had gradually revealed its true form. It was a straight saber more than three feet long. Its entire body was snow-white, and its blade was as bright as snow.


A soaring saber aura emitted from the saber. The saber trembled violently, as if it was about to fly out of Zhou Shu’s palm.

Zhou Shu snorted. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat a mouthful of blood on the blade.


The saber trembled violently, and a seven-colored light flowed endlessly on the blade.

Zhou Shu shouted, and the saber seemed to turn into liquid and flowed into his body through his pores.


Zhou Shu’s aura exploded. In an instant, his body seemed to become translucent. Seven-colored light flowed continuously in his twelve principal meridians and eight extraordinary vessels, as if the liquid transformed from the saber was fusing with his meridians.

In fact, all of this happened in an instant. Even Demon Queen Tushan couldn’t stop Zhou Shu in time.

The sound of a large river running echoed from Zhou Shu’s body. Amid the rumbling sound, his aura seemed to break through a limit and continued to rise at an unbelievable speed.

At the same time, he actually broke through the bottleneck of the first rank of the Martial Dao and successfully advanced to the Earth Immortal realm!

This was the first time he had relied on his true ability to advance in the Martial Dao. This wonderful feeling made him feel as if he had sublimated.

His aura was still rising, and Zhou Shu fell into a state of neither sadness nor joy.

He straightened slowly and raised his right hand. When he did this, his right hand was still empty, but when he raised it to shoulder level, a long saber suddenly appeared in his hand.

The tip of the blade pointed at Demon Queen Tushan. The killing intent in Zhou Shu’s eyes was so dense that it was almost tangible.

“Divine Ability, Total Annihilation!” Zhou Shu let out a low roar. With a heavy step, he shot into the sky.


Zhou Shu was so fast that even Tushan had no time to dodge.

She raised her Kun Wu Saber and barely blocked Zhou Shu’s blade.

The two sabers collided. Demon Queen Tushan felt her arm tremble violently. The surging and majestic power made her retreat repeatedly in the air.

Tushan frowned slightly and looked down at the Kun Wu Saber in her hand. The Kun Wu Saber wasn’t damaged at all, but the saber in Zhou Shu’s hand was also not damaged.

How was this possible?

The Kun Wu Saber was the trump card of the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain. It was known as the sharpest weapon!

Any weapon in the world was like a rock under its blade.

What kind of weapon is this Zhou kid using to be able to remain unscathed under the Kun Wu Saber?

Just as she thought this, she saw Zhou Shu appear in front of her again.

Anger flashed through her. She didn’t kill him because she thought he was interesting and could play with her again.

But this didn’t mean that he could really be impudent in front of her!

Killing intent rose in the heart of Demon Queen Tushan. She raised her Kun Wu Saber, and a light flashed on the blood-red blade. Unparalleled saber intent erupted.

Demon Queen Tushan was actually proficient in saber techniques!

This was different from ordinary demonic beasts!

Ordinary demonic beasts didn’t use weapons at all!

As soon as Tushan attacked, an expert could tell the difference. Her saber technique had actually reached the peak, and it was not inferior to Zhou Shu’s.

Clink Clink Clang Clang!

In one breath, they exchanged countless moves.

The sharp saber beams flattened everything within a few kilometers.

Tushan realized that Zhou Shu’s strength was actually not much weaker than hers!

This was unbelievable!

The last time they fought, he had been helpless against her. If he hadn’t been useful to her, she would have killed him with a casual move.

But in just a few days, he actually had such strength. Was it because of the saber in his hand?

What kind of saber is that??A trace of doubt flashed through Tushan’s heart. The Kun Wu Saber in her hand was the sharpest saber in the world. She had spent a lot of effort to obtain it.

If she hadn’t attracted so many human sacrifices, she might not have been able to find the Kun Wu Saber even if she dug through this place.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she obtained the Kun Wu Saber, a saber no less powerful than it appeared.

“If I had known earlier, I could have just taken that saber…” Tushan mumbled.

She had forgotten that he had just forged the saber in his hand.


The two sabers collided again. The powerful explosion forced the man and the demon back a few steps.

Demon Queen Tushan stared at the saber in Zhou Shu’s hand and asked coldly, “What kind of saber are you using?”

Zhou Shu didn’t answer at all. He circulated his spiritual essence, and his body glowed with golden light.

He activated the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique, the Golden Bell Shield Technique, the Emperor Xuan Jade Book, and even the Eight-Nine Arcane Art.

His aura climbed another three notches, and he disappeared into the air with a boom.

Tushan’s pupils constricted as she snorted coldly. The Kun Wu Saber in her hand transformed into a saber shadow that slashed in all directions.

There was another clatter.

The two of them were completely engulfed by saber light. Outsiders couldn’t see what was happening inside.

They could only hear the sound of energy colliding. The energy that was casually released could easily shatter rocks and pierce through the ground.

Mi Ziwen and the others had already woken up from Demon Queen Tushan’s divine power. They looked at the battle in the distance with horror on their faces.

In this situation, not to mention intervening to help, even if they got a little closer, they would be crushed.

“Retreat, retreat farther! Quick, get moving!” Mi Ziwen shouted, urging the Hundred Wars Armored Army to continue retreating. The shockwaves of the battle were fatal to them. If they didn’t stay far away, they could be implicated at any time.


Mi Ziwen and the others had just retreated dozens of kilometers when they heard a beast-like roar of pain from the middle of the battlefield.

“Zhou Shu, I’m not done with you!”

With a sharp whistling sound, everyone saw a white light shoot into the sky and instantly disappear into the distance.

At the same time, a ten-foot-long tail covered in snow-white fur fell from the sky. The tail seemed to weigh millions of pounds. When it landed, it made a violent sound, and the ground shook for a moment, as if an earthquake had happened.

The violent quake lasted for a full ten breaths before fading.

The dust and light gradually subsided, and Zhou Shu’s figure appeared in the middle of the battlefield. He stood with his saber, his aura as firm as a mountain.

Looking at Zhou Shu’s back, Mi Ziwen and the others immediately calmed down. It looked like the king had won again!

“Demon Queen Tushan, the Kun Wu Saber is not bad. Why don’t you take a look at my saber?” Zhou Shu’s voice sounded in the air. “I cut off your tail this time. Next time, I’ll definitely cut off your head as a sacrifice to my dead soldiers!

“Remember, the weapon that will kill you is the divine weapon named Ming Hong!”

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