Legendary Armament Canon

Chapter 1229 - 1229 Someone is Helping, This Is Too Much (1)
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1229 Someone is Helping, This Is Too Much (1)

Zhang Yukun and Liu Liang suddenly changed drastically.

Although the two of them were still using the God of War Catalog and the Martial God Catalog…

Their moves were on a completely different level from before.

Now, even the first-rank Martial Dao experts were involuntarily attracted and looked at the two of them in surprise. 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝑒𝑤𝑒𝘣𝑛ℴ𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝒸ℴ𝑚

Liu Liang was quite famous, but they had never heard of Zhang Yukun.

The two of them actually had such strength. Was this the effect of cultivating the God of War Catalog and the Martial God Catalog?

The eyes of the people from both camps lit up.

They all felt that the catalog they cultivated was the strongest cultivation technique!

Only Zhang Yukun and Liu Liang knew that they seemed to have become marionettes. They had no control over their actions at all.

Instead, someone was using some strange method to control their movements!

The two of them looked at each other and saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes, as well as a trace of fighting spirit.

“My God of War is the strongest!”

“My Martial God is the best!”

The two of them looked at each other silently.

Two other people also looked at each other, and sparks flew in the air.

These two people were Nameless and Cao Chenyang!

Cao Chenyang finally appeared!

He didn’t disguise himself at all. He just stood casually in the crowd and looked at Nameless with a burning gaze, his eyes full of provocation.

Others might not be able to tell what was strange about Zhang Yukun, but Cao Chenyang could.

But although he could tell, he didn’t expose him on the spot. Instead, just like Nameless, he controlled Liu Liang’s actions.

Speaking of which, Cao Chenyang didn’t really take this matter seriously. He came with a teasing attitude.

Otherwise, apart from Nameless, he could easily kill the thousand people on the peak of Mount Hua alone.

But if he wanted to resolve everything with brute force, he wouldn’t have come at all.

Some of the strongest here were only Earth Immortals. Cao Chenyang really didn’t care about them.

He had no intention of really attacking. The reason he even turned up was that he wanted to see his ‘disciples’ win. Only then would it be satisfying.

What was so fun about killing a group of ants?

Therefore, Cao Chenyang controlled Liu Liang while Nameless controlled Zhang Yukun. The two of them fought across the air.

Moreover, neither of them had actually used much of their true abilities. The moves they used did not exceed the scope of the God of War Catalog and the Martial God Catalog.

This was equivalent to the two of them giving everyone a practical lesson at the top of Mount Hua.

Some martial artists with higher comprehension already revealed thoughtful expressions. They stared fixedly at Zhang Yukun and Liu Liang, crazily absorbing their moves.

Clink Clink Clang Clang!

Zhang Yukun’s sword collided with Liu Liang’s Great Xia Dragon Sparrow Saber. The saber and sword broke into countless pieces at the same time, and the two of them took a few steps back at the same time.

They were both panting and staring at each other.

Zhang Yukun panted heavily and said, “Thank you for letting me win!”

Liu Liang’s expression was solemn as he cupped his hands. “Thank you for letting me win!”

“What’s going on?” Everyone was stunned.

A draw?

Wasn’t the God of War camp still a match behind?

The people from the Martial God camp were a little excited. The people from the God of War camp frowned.

Cao Chenyang looked smug as he looked at Nameless provocatively. How is it? Am I, the Peerless Martial God, better?

The moment Cao Chenyang saw Nameless, he understood his identity.

But Cao Chenyang thought that Nameless was the unknown martial artist on the Myriad World Communication Token and didn’t know that Nameless was Zhou Shu.

A mere unknown martial artist actually dares to wrestle with me. Do you know how powerful I am? Cao Chenyang thought.

Zhang Yukun walked back to his camp and said embarrassedly, “Everyone, I’m sorry I let you down.”

The people from the God of War camp spoke one after another.

“No, no. The other party is powerful. If it weren’t for you, Brother Zhang, any of us might have lost this match.”

“This is already a very good outcome. We still have a chance!”

They said this sincerely. They had seen Liu Liang’s strength with their own eyes.

Any other second-rank martial artist wouldn’t be able to do better than Zhang Yukun.

The current outcome was already the best outcome for the God of War camp.

If Zhang Yukun lost, they would really suffer a crushing defeat.

They still had a chance now. As long as they could win the last first-rank Martial Dao competition, they would be able to draw with the Martial God camp.

If their Earth Immortal won, the God of War camp would win this battle!

The premise was that they had to win this first-rank Martial Dao battle. Otherwise, even if it was a draw, they would lose this competition.

Everyone’s gazes landed on the first-rank martial artist who was about to fight for the God of War camp.

The first-rank Martial Dao martial artist immediately felt as if a mountain had fallen on him.

This time, all the pressure fell on him.

If he won, the God of War camp might still win.

If he lost, the God of War camp would suffer a crushing defeat and never have another chance!

“I…” Just as the first-rank martial artist was about to speak…

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