Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 2734 - In Saber Master’s Hand
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Chapter 2734: In Saber Master’s Hand

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“No one found it?” Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen looked dejected.

“This dark void is really huge on top of the time given to us being too short. Although the five of us scattered around in search for the Interspatial Ring, we’ve probably only searched half of this area after three hours with the other half remaining unchecked. It’s normal if we don’t find it, but it’s a pity.” Saber Master looked a little disappointed.

“Unfortunately, Old Gu has given us a chance, but we didn’t get anything.” Long Xianzi also shook her head.

“Time’s up. Let’s go out,” said Saber Master.

He immediately skimmed toward the spatial passage that stayed open nearby.

Hong Chen and Long Xianzi looked at each other as both of them were ready to go after Saber Master.

However, Jian Wushuang and the Devilish Wind King did not move.

“Alliance Master Su Han and Devilish Wind King, both of you aren’t going?” Saber Master looked puzzled.

Jian Wushuang did not answer but only stared at Saber Master with a strange luster in his eyes.

Devilish Wind King squinted his eyes slightly and commented in a low voice, “Saber Master, Old Gu’s Interspatial Ring should be in your hands am I right?”


Saber Master was surprised as he stopped dead in his tracks.

Hong Chen and Long Xianzi also stopped and looked over their shoulders in surprise.

“Devilish Wind King, what do you mean that I have the Interspatial Ring?” Saber Master’s gaze was a little cold.

“It’s very simple—I’m just speculating.” Devilish Wind King smiled indifferently. “Although we aren’t close before and I don’t know much about you but I know one matter for sure—you’re extremely powerful and ambitious. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have become one of the faction’s leaders in Crimson Stone Fort.”

“It’s possible that none of us found the Interspatial Ring today. However, it’s also likely that one of us found it but refused to admit it. I won’t be so easygoing if I were you in such circumstances. I would’ve questioned everyone here one by one and possibly even kill the other four people.

“Kill the four of us and then check whether we have the Interspatial Ring so you will be certain if we have Old Gu’s Interspatial Ring. It’s the safest way. Even if you are worried about failing to kill the four of us, you’d also think of other ways such as stirring up suspicion against each other so that we start fighting internally, but now...

“You trust us too much as though you believed we didn’t get the Interspatial Ring. You didn’t have any doubts and neither did you try to find out more from us as you just wanted to leave here as quickly as possible.

“It’s entirely normal if this happens to the four of us because we aren’t as powerful as you with nothing much we can do even if we have our doubts, but this doesn’t seem right for someone of your stature.

“At the very least, I won’t have let the rest leave here so easily if I were you.”

Hong Chen and Long Xianzi’s expression changed after hearing Devilish Wind King’s lengthy explanation.

Previously, it had not crossed their mind but they agreed with Devilish Wind King’s words. Saber Master was behaving oddly.

It might not be true when the five of them claimed to have not located the Interspatial Ring—what if one of them was lying?

Not only did Saber Master not doubt anyone, but also wanted them to leave quickly. Something smells fishy.

“In conclusion, there’s only one possibility which is you must have found Old Gu’s Interspatial Ring and kept it. That’s why you didn’t care about the four of us and didn’t even think about forcing us to tell the truth as it was unnecessary, was it not?

“Saber Master, I wonder if my deduction is correct?” Devilish Wind King looked at Saber Master with a sly smile.

Jian Wushuang’s expression was also very strange.

He did not leave immediately because he saw right through Saber Master as well.

He and Devilish Wind King shared the same doubts.

Hong Chen and Long Xianzi both gave a side glance to Saber Master as soon as Devilish Wind King finished talking.

“Saber Master, is it true?” Hong Chen was staring at Saber Master.

Saber Master denied, “Nonsense! I didn’t persecute or attack any of you because we have gone through thick and thin in this secret realm together. Why are all of you suspecting me now?”

“Haha, Saber Master, is that really the truth? Although we came to this secret realm together, we’re here only for our interests. Everyone knows quite well the length our friendship extends to or rather the lack of it. Even if we do, no one will be able to withstand the temptations, right?” Devilish Wind King sneered.

Hong Chen, Long Xianzi, and Jian Wushuang had cold expressions on their faces.

“Saber Master, is Old Gu’s Interspatial Ring really in your hands?” Long Xianzi was staring at Saber Master.

“No,” said Saber Master coldly.

“No one will believe that. Let’s do it this way, you should take out your Interspatial Ring and let all of us skim through it. We’ll apologize to you if Old Gu’s ring is truly not there. How about that?” Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen suggested.

Saber Master smirked. “What a joke. I said I didn’t have it and that’s it. Who do you think you are to make me put my Interspatial Ring up for investigation? Are all of you Undying Saints? Even if you’re Undying Saints, there’s no way I’ll obediently hand over my Interspatial Ring for an inspection!”

“Don’t blame the four of us if this is the case.” Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen sounded gloomy before he immediately looked at the three people beside him. “Long Xianzi, Su Han, and Devilish Wind King, what do the three of you think?”

“We can only try some harsher methods since Saber Master chose not to cooperate,” said Long Xianzi with her green spear already out.

Jian Wushuang and Devilish Wind King were staring down at Saber Master.

The four people did not communicate too much but had nonetheless reached a consensus.

They were almost certain that Old Gu’s Interspatial Ring was with Saber Master and extremely eager for the opportunities contained therein.

Therefore, the other four members had decided to gang up and force Saber Master into handing the Interspatial Ring over!

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