Legend of Legends

Chapter 23: Team Fight 3
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Chapter 23: Team Fight 3

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He needed to pay Artlan back 41G, leaving 1159G.

Junhyuk felt good and said:

"Can I see your products?" 𝗳𝙧𝘦𝒆𝑤𝙚𝘣𝙣𝘰𝘃ℯ𝑙. 𝐜𝐨𝑚

Bebe nodded and gave him the book. He opened the book and various images of products emerged. Junhyuk looked at the runestones. He was carrying the lowest level runestone, but it made a decisive difference in the fight, so he carefully looked at the yellow and blue runestones.

The yellow runestone did not increase one’s strength, but it increased one’s defensive power and restored one’s health.

The blue runestone increased one’s magical power. It had the name of a spell, and it also increased attacking speed and accuracy.

Junhyuk knew Bebe could answer his questions and asked:

"What’s defensive power?"

"Defensive power?"

Bebe looked at the minions and said:

"Their shield has a defensive power of one."

"Then, will it increase defensive power by two?"

"It means your body will be more than twice as strong as a shield."

It was all very interesting.

"Restoring health, what is that?"

"You regain your health faster. Your power to heal increases, yeah?"

Junhyuk was interested in that too. If he increased his health recovering power, he would increase his survival rate.

"Then, what about this blue color stonel?"

"You see that magician minion? She has spell power of one, but if you don’t have any spell power, it’s a useless runestone. You can’t just create spell power."

"Then, will blue runestone increase my attacking accuracy?"


Bebe made one hand into the blade of a knife and jabbed at his other hand.

"If you increase your accuracy, you will not miss your attack."

"Is that possible?"

Junhyuk could tune his muscles in detail. He did not really need accuracy, but Bebe realized what Junhyuk was thinking and smiled.

"You’ve only dealt with minions so far. That’s why you don’t know there are novices who have powers that disrupt accuracy. If you don’t have any accuracy, you won’t be able to attack them successfully."

"Is that right?"

His thinking had been ordinary, and if he met such a novice his attack wouldn’t work and he might die. Junhyuk realized accuracy was also necessary and said:

"Anyway, I will get the lowest level defensive runestone."

If his body was harder than a shield, he wouldn’t die from a minion’s attack.

"It’s 1000G."

Bebe pushed the plate forward, and Junhyuk placed his hand on it. Soon, the number decreased to 200G. Bebe pulled out a yellow runestone.

"Give me your pendant. I will install it."

Junhyuk gave him the pendant, and Bebe placed the lowest level defensive runestone in it.

"You are not bad. Human novices don’t evolve like you do."

"Everyone died. I heard."

"That’s right. When one has a power and runs around, it’s a big mistake. Even when one activates his power, the body is still that of a minion. Minions are like pieces of paper and die easily."

Junhyuk nodded in agreement. He had faced many near death situations himself.

"You are quite amazing. Maybe you could become the first human hero."

"Doesn’t that happen only when you have a special power? You have to get three powers, and then the power to overcome everything to become a hero."

Bebe smiled and said:

"Does Artlan have powers?"

Junhyuk shook his head, and Bebe said:

"Artlan evolved his own skills up to the level of powers, and you learned from him."

"I learned how to tune my muscles, but he didn’t teach me anything else."

"That basic skill might help you evolve even more."

Junhyuk thought about what Bebe had said.

"Soon, Artlan will be back. Is it OK for you to rest? You should practice," Bebe said.

Junhyuk agreed and gripped his two-handed sword. He hadn’t learned swordsmanship, so he just swung his sword like he was throwing a punch, or stabbing with accuracy, or using the rebounding force to attack.

To deal with minions, what he already knew was sufficient. His defensive and offensive powers gave him an advantage, but he couldn’t get complacent.

Novices with powers might carry runestones just like himself. Then, even without his power, he needed skills.

Junhyuk stabbed quickly with his sword. He was not facing anyone, and it felt awkward, but, as he practiced, his stabbing motion became more accurate.

He stabbed one spot, and Bebe looked at him and yawned. Then, Artlan and Vera came back.

"What are you doing?"

After Artlan spoke, Junhyuk put his sword away and said:

"I thought I should practice."

"Hm," Artlan sniffed lightly and looked at the people gathered at that place. "Hurry up! We will join Nudra."


Junhyuk took a step toward the outside when Vera stopped him by putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Did you buy anything?"

"A defensive runestone."

"You did well. You will be different from the minions. Minions won’t be able to strike you down."

After she spoke, Junhyuk felt this errand had been a success.

Artlan and Vera took the lead, and they arrived at the watchtower where Nudra was stationed. Nudra was at the top of the watchtower and looked at Artlan and Vera and smiled.

"You are right on time."

"What do you mean?"

Nudra lifted his hand and pointed far ahead and said:

"They want to put an end to this."

"Is everyone here?"

Nudra nodded, and Artlan’s face hardened.

"Did you call those two?"

"They will be here soon."

Junhyuk understood that five heroes would be there in total. Far away from the watchtower, they showed up.

Grangsha was holding a shield and a sickle, and Warren was also there; Ellic was holding his hammer; Lybia had beautiful snow fractal-shaped wings, and, lastly, Minota, who was thirteen feet tall with huge muscles, appeared.

Minota had three horns on his head and looked similar to, but stronger than, the legendary Minotaur.

Junhyuk checked out the enemy camp. He was not looking at the heroes because he couldn’t deal with them. Heroes were out of his league. If he needed to, he would use his force field, and that was all.

He was looking for enemies he had to fight. He could stop worrying about the minions and looked for novices, but he did not see any. Novices were bigger than minions, so it looked as though he only had to kill minions that time.

"It’s manageable."

The number of opposing minions was less than fifty. The rest of the minions looked like they’d been picked up from other places.

Sarang walked from behind him and asked:

"Big Bro, are we in a danger?"

Sarang had also realized who they had gathered at the enemy camp. Junhyuk answered steadily:

"We will have two more heroes joining us. It will be quite a fight."

Still, Sarang looked frightened. When heroes fought near minions, things were dangerous. Their powers were enough to kill nearby minions, so they should keep their guards up.

Junhyuk looked at the enemy and explained gently:

"You should stay behind since you are a magician minion, but watch out for that being who has ice fractal-shaped wings."

From far away, Libya looked like a fairy, but she used her magic to devastate everything. Last time, if it weren’t for his field, he would’ve been killed by her.


"She attacks with ice magic, so you should just deal with minions."

"I understand."

While Junhyuk and Sarang were talking, a man showed up from the forest. He wore a sword on his back, and greeted people by nodding. Without speaking, he looked at the battlefield.

"Halo, are you still practicing silence?"

Nudra asked, but Halo did not answer. Junhyuk had met him a few times before, but he had never heard him speaking. However, he had outstanding skills.

He went inside the enemy camp, and his swordsmanship was like a flash of lighting, making his hair stand.

Then, there was a person walking on tree branches, wearing a hood and holding a longbow. Her eyes were like blue jewels, and she flew to the top of the watchtower.

"It hasn’t begun yet."

"It’s always like this," Vera answers her.

She looked down to the bottom of the watchtower, saw Junhyuk and waived.

"He is still alive?"

Junhyuk nodded slightly, and the woman jumped down and stood next to him.

"I heard about it. You can transfer your field to other people!"


"Then, put it on me."

"That’s garbage," Artlan keenly intervened. "I will take the force field."

"But, my body is like a piece of paper. You know how weak I am."

"It’s because you are ignorant and focus on attack runestones."

"Hm! If I didn’t, do you think they would die from my attacks?"

Artlan wouldn’t hear any more of it and looked at Junhyuk.

"Put it on me."

Junhyuk thought it would be better to cover Artlan with his field. Artlan took attacks from everyone. If he was to survive from the enemies’ concentrated fire, he should have the force field.

Artlan looked at the woman:

"Diane, you stay behind with your bow."

"Hm! Don’t ask me for any help."

Diane stopped talking and went back to the top. Artlan shouted at her:

"Where are the minions?"

Diane answered from the top of the watchtower:

"Libya killed them all, you know. She uses territorial magic."

Artlan looked at Halo.

"What about you?"

"They are over there."

From the left side of the watchtower, Artlan saw ten minions. There were seventeen regular minions, a magician minion and a novice on their side, but the opposing side had fifty minions.

They were not easy enemies.

Artlan moved his hand.

"Come down."

From the top of the watchtower, Nudra, Vera and Diane went down, and they line up with Artlan and Halo. They walked toward the enemy camp. Artlan walked with authority, and Junhyuk, Sarang and the other minions followed him.

There was a change in the enemy camp. The thirteen-feet tall Minota took the lead, Gransha followed him, then Warren and Ellic, and Lybia walked last. Behind them, there were fifty minions.

Both sides stopped within twenty meters of each other. Artlan took out his saber and shouted:

"Do you want to fight?"

Minota wanted to fight him and smiled like an ox.

"Whoooo! I will kill you all with my stomps!"

Minota stomped the ground, and Artlan ran toward him. It was the beginning of a big battle.

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