Legend of Legends

Chapter 21: Team Fight 1
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Chapter 21: Team Fight 1

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Warren had no intention of letting Artlan and Vera go to the watchtower where Nudra was, so he ran toward them. The distance between them was shortening fast. Vera created a firewall, but Warren slashed through it with his claws, and Grangsha was right behind him. The enemy minions followed them.

Artlan steeled himself and turned.


There was no time to escape. Warren ran toward them on his four legs, and he must’ve been using an extra power to speed up. His speed looked unnatural.

Nudra lifted up his hands as he watched Warren run. He extended his hands slowly and energy waves traveled from him toward Warren. There was nothing Warren could do about the waves. He just put his paws in front of him to block.


Warren fell backward as Grangsha swung his sickle. The energy wave was split in two, leaving Nudra surprised.

"I am not well matched against him."

Nudra pushed Warren back, giving the others time to escape. Warren couldn’t give up on the wounded Artlan and Vera and started chasing them again.

He was unable to use any more speed power and slowed down.

Finally, Artlan gave up on escaping and stood strong, lifting up his saber.

"Nothing I can do about it." 𝙛𝓇𝘦e𝙬𝑒𝚋𝒏૦ѵel. c𝒐𝚖

Their side had three heroes, and the opposing side had two heroes. They could win. The problem was that Vera and Artlan were wounded.

If the watchtower had been able to help them, they would’ve taken a rest, but now they had to fight as they were.

Artlan stood at the front, and Vera started her magic spell. Vera used fire-based magic. This time, she shot off a fire spear.

Warren had fought Vera before and covered his face with his paws and ran. Vera’s magic aimed at the targeted opponent and was impossible to escape. Warren knew this, so he didn’t try to run.


Warren was hit by the fire spear and ran forward. Nudra looked at it and said:

"I will help Vera. You take Grangsha."

After he spoke, Nudra ran toward Warren. Warren sniffled and raise his claws when Nudra kicked him. It looked as though Warren’s arms and claws were longer than Nudra’s leg, but an energy wave shot off from his leg.


Warren fell back, and Grangsha lifted his shield and moved toward Nudra. Then, Artlan flew in from behind Nudra and swung his saber.


Grangsha had lost the opportunity to attack Nudra, and, facing Artlan, he swung his sickle. Artlan parried the sickle with his saber and smiled.

"I am using it well, what you dropped earlier."

Grangsha’s eyes lit up with anger.

"I will kill you!"

Grangsha was seriously hurt from fighting Nudra, and it was hard tell who had the advantage between the two.

Artlan was missing one of his sabers, and it felt like he was at a disadvantage.

Junhyuk quickly took stock of the battlefield. If Artlan took care of Grangsha, then the three of them could take on Warren. The problem was that Artlan was more hurt than Grangsha.

However, they only had to wait fifteen seconds more. If Artlan was surrounded by the force field again, Grangsha wouldn’t be able to deal with him.

Junhyuk was looking for an opportune moment to join the battle when he saw the enemy minions pushing his minions back. He stepped forward.

To break their momentum, Junhyuk banged his two-handed sword against an axe and used the rebounding force to slash the enemy’s neck and stab another enemy minion coming from his flank.

In a short period, he killed two minions. Their morale was shaken, but they soon mounted another attack, without waiting.

Junhyuk realized that they were surrounded by enemy minions and took a step back, dodging their attacks while countering with his own. He was carrying a strength runestone. A failure in his attack was not possible.

Every time he attacked, he was able to kill an enemy minion. They started to avoid him and kept attacking the friendly minions holding their shields. Junhyuk took a step forward to help when a minion showed up in front of him.

He thought his opponent was a minion and swung his two-handed sword to realize the "minion" was holding two axes.


The enemy blocked his sword attack with one hand, and Junhyuk checked him out carefully. He was the same height as Junhyuk, and his shoulder looked wider than Junhyuk’s.

His opponent was bigger than an ordinary minion. As he realized that, hr jumped back. The enemy swung his ax where Junhyuk had stood.

"Tsc! I will make my money."

Junhyuk was used to not being able to understand what the minions were saying. After taking the language pill, that changed. His opponent really was different from the other minions.

"Are you a novice?"

"Tsc, are you also a novice?"

Novices had activated powers. If his opponent was a novice, he also had an activated power. Junhyuk froze.

His force field was a very high-level power, but he had to use it on Artlan. If he used his power on himself and killed his opponent and Artlan died, he too would die sooner or later.

He had to put his hope on Artlan killing Grangsha, and that he would come help out after.

Junhyuk breathed deeply and extended his hands. As he extended his hands, the novice moved to escape. The novice did not know what kind of power Junhyuk had, so he ran.

Junhyuk put up a force field around Artlan.

"Ha-ha-ha, you did good."

Artlan laughed hard and pushed Grangsha. The novice looked at them and then looked at Junhyuk and bared his teeth.

"You used your power."

Junhyuk positioned himself, holding his two-handed sword. He knew how precarious of a situation it was to deal with a novice without his own power, but there was no other way. He set himself on higher ground since it offered him a better chance to survive. He lifted his two-handed sword and said:

"Come on!"

The novice ridiculed Junhyuk and flew toward him. A novice without his power was not very strong, so he ran toward Junhyuk without a second thought.

Looking at the novice, Junhyuk’s eyes hardened. He realized from his first clash against the novice that, even though he was carrying a runestone, he was not stronger than his opponent. There was the possibility his opponent was also carrying a runestone, so he decided to defend himself.

The novice ran toward him and swung his axe. Junhyuk blocked him with his sword.


Junhyuk’s sword struck the axe, and the novice wielded his other axe, holding it in his other hand, but Junhyuk learned to expect anything when fighting minions, so he blocked it as well.

Junhyuk focused and noticed that his speed was faster than his opponent. It turned out, he was also stronger. Junhyuk tried to stab the novice when the novice stomped hard on the ground.


The ground shook, and Junhyuk felt energy coming up from it and was unable to move. He couldn’t even move a finger and didn’t know how long his body wouldn’t move. He was in a situation where he could die at any moment.

Junhyuk tried his best to move his body when the novice smiled cooly and swung his axe. Junhyuk was in a desperately dangerous situation. Then, an energy bolt passed by his cheek.

A minion would’ve died, but a novice was different. The novice turned his axe’s blade flat to block the flying energy bolt.


The novice stepped back with his axe, and Junhyuk was able to move again. As soon as he could move, he started swinging his sword. Junhyuk’s sword moved like lightning, and the novice blocked it with his axe, but he wasn’t in a position to fully block the sword strike.


Junhyuk tore up the novice’s armor at his shoulder. The novice stepped back and stared at Junhyuk.

"Tsc, shameful."

Junhyuk laughed. The novice had used his power on a powerless Junhyuk. He wasn’t in a position to discuss what was shameful.

Junhyuk pointed at the novice with his two-handed sword. The novice stared at him and then shouted:

"Gather up!"

Hearing the novice speak, the other minions gathered around him. There were nine minions and a novice, and they got together in one place. Junhyuk saw them gathering and thought he should wait for Artlan. When Artlan stepped forward, the minions wouldn’t be able to deal with him. Of course, Artlan had to kill Warren first, but if he endured, he would survive.

Junhyuk took little steps back and said:

"We will retreat toward the watchtower."

"I won’t let you!"

The novice understood what Junhyuk had said and ran forward. The minions ran with him. If there had been only minions, Junhyuk could’ve killed them one by one while retreating, but now there was a novice among them. He did not have the same number of minions as the enemy, and they were too many.

Junhyuk calmly parried each minions’ axe attack, one by one, with his sword.


The attacks were continuous, and, as he parried them, he took little steps back. The novice swung his axe at him. Junhyuk could resist the novice and his axe, but the novice was attacking with his minions, forcing Junhyuk to go on the defensive.


Junhyuk moved back quicker, and the novice attacked with all his might. Against continuous attacks, Junhyuk continued to move back. Then, an energy bolt flew by.


The novice blocked the energy bolt. Using that moment, Junhyuk mounted his own attack. Since the novice had continuously attacked him, now there was a small distance between Junhyuk and the opponent’s minions.

Junhyuk had not intended it, but, as the novice blocked the energy bolt, he showed him an opening, and he took advantage of it on the spot.

The novice turned his face quickly, but he still got slashed across the cheek. As his sword swayed down, Junhyuk jumped forward.

He was carrying a strength runestone and he was already many times stronger than a minion, but he hit a minion with his shoulder, which gave him quite a shock.

"Tsc! Tsc!"

The novice went to the back, but Junhyuk did not give chase. Suddenly, the minions swung their axes without restriction. Junhyuk looked at the swinging axes and took some steps back and raised his sword.


The minions saved the novice, and he shouted:

"Kill that magician minion!"

After hearing the novice, the minions headed toward Sarang who was throwing energy bolts from behind Junhyuk. If he let Sarang die, Junhyuk would die from a coordinated attack from the novice and the minions.

Junhyuk swung his sword at the minions heading toward Sarang.


The minions died still wearing their armors and fell to the ground. Junhyuk stood at the front and shouted:

"Do you really want to die?"

Junhyuk stopped the minions from moving any further, and the novice’s eyebrows twitched. He could kill a minion with just one blow. If they tried to pass him, there would be massive casualties.

"Five of you attack him, and the rest attack the magician minion!"

Junhyuk realized situation went from bad to worse. He raised his sword and took some steps backward and said:

"Run to the watchtower!"

"Big brother!"

"I will slow them down. Run!"

Junhyuk made sure that Sarang stepped back and began running. Then, he turned to face the novice. The novice bared his teeth and smiled.

"You’ve made a big mistake."

The novice moved forward yelling:

"Kill him!"

As he looked at the minions and the novice running toward him, he gripped his sword tighter.

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