Legacy of the Dark Sage

Chapter 585 When It Rains, It Pours (3)
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Olivia was surprised to hear that this burly man was actually a Sigil. She knew about the Regis's ability to tame beasts and make them their Sigils, but she had never heard of a person becoming one.

Then again, it was said that a high-level beast— or, to be accurate, a legendary beast who had lived for hundreds of years could transform into a human. Could it be that this burly man was a legendary beast? His physique and temperament did seem like one.

Good thing none of the two, Byron and Silas, had the ability to read minds. If they knew that Olivia had considered Byron to be a legendary beast, Silas might have already rolled on the floor laughing, while Byron might have fainted in shock.

In any case, Olivia's assessment of the young man her essence met improved both in a bad and good way. Good, because successfully taming a legendary beast that could turn into a human meant his strength was not limited to possessing forbidden magic. Bad because it meant the threat he posed to the Royal Army and the Royal Family increased as well.

Alas, Olivia was somewhat right about Kyran taming a legendary beast that could turn into a human, but she was referring to a different person.

Olivia concealed her shock and looked at Byron and Silas with her most poker face before replying, "Am I right to think that letting his first Sigil and a clan retainer meet me is his way of showing how he places the matter of doing business with me is important even if he cannot come himself?"

Byron and Silas's expressions turned solemn after hearing Olivia. Her words could mean two different things. One, she understood the situation Kyran was in, thus, did not take offence to his coming in person. At the same time, it could also mean that she was very offended by Kyran's lack of professionalism when they were about to discuss business.

Nevertheless, Byron and Silas were not flustered. Their expression only turned solemn because they had already expected it.

Silas was used to such things after working as a mercenary for quite some time. When he was younger, and his family was still complete, similar incidents also happened that his sister had to take care of. At that time, Silas was still young and should not know of such happenings. He only knew about it because Lumi would rant and use him as an object to vent her frustrations.

Byron's reaction was somewhat surprising, given his seemingly goofy character when Kyran was around. Because the leader of the Blue Lotus trusted Byron very much, the former would sometimes let Byron attend important business meetings. Few of those meetings, he received the same reaction Olivia had with prospective business partners. Since the leader of the Blue Lotus still let Byron attend such meetings, it meant how the latter dealt with the situation was good.

With a gentle smile, Silas replied, "Your insight is on point, Ms. Olivia. Because the young master placed great importance on this matter— particularly establishing a good partnership with you— he asked us to meet you in person."

Silas agreed to Olivia's words, emphasizing the positive meaning and not the negative. He thought it best to stop her from focusing on this point and instead move to the next topic.

Byron had a different take on the matter, though. As soon as Silas said this, he added, "It is also very important that we meet you in person, Lady Olivia. After all, what he and your essence agreed on has to be fulfilled. I do hope you remember that my master holds your essence's life in his hands."

Olivia's brow twitched.

It was not only her. Silas also could not help but break out in cold sweat. He looked at Byron from the corner of his eyes and was surprised to see how serious the latter's expression was. Frankly, when he met Byron, he admitted feeling somewhat skeptical about his reliability. Byron's worshipped Kyran to the point of creepiness. In any case, Silas was sure that he had to take the lead in talking to Olivia. He did not expect Byron to change so much.

But then, this guy was someone Kyran chose as his Sigil. Not only that, he was Kyran's first Sigil. There must be a reason behind it that Silas failed to see.

Kyran would have corrected Silas if he had been there and known what the latter was thinking. After all, turning Byron into a Sigil happened on a whim— a result of Kyran's musing that he wanted to test. It was not because he had seen Byron's potential.

"Seeing that you know about the deal my essence made to your master proves my initial doubts about your master's commitment in this meeting are unwarranted. I'll apologize for that," Olivia replied, although inwardly, she was annoyed. She did not expect this Byron to threaten her right off the bat.

Silas was surprised at Olivia's attitude after Byron's threatening words. He initially believed it would be difficult to talk to her, given the information he had about her. It appeared he had been worried for nothing.

Truth be told, Olivia backed down only because she was convinced Byron was a legendary beast in human form. It meant that her initial observation about his mage level could not be trusted.

Levels of Legendary Beasts differ from humans. The strength of a Grand Master Legendary Beast could be equivalent to several human Grand Masters or three Exalted. It might even be comparable to a Magus, but that was only Olivia's opinion.

Byron smiled, "There is no need for that, Lady Olivia. My master is a very forgiving man. Besides, since he honestly wants to establish a good relationship with you. Anyway, why don't we get down to business? I'm sure you already saw the scene in the sky of Meliora on your way here."

Olivia's expression turned grim as she nodded in agreement, "I have. I roughly know what caused it, but I want to confirm if you two are aware."

She was still bound by the tower's rule and could not freely talk about the experiences and knowledge she had gained inside. If these two were unaware of it, there was a good chance her essence would suffer repercussions. She could not afford that, especially when she was taking the challenge to conquer the Tower.

"We are aware of some things, but we also know that you cannot tell us anything," Silas was the one who replied. "The young master already told us."

"That's good then," Olivia said in relief. "Judging from the situation in Meliora, outsiders are approaching."

Byron and Silas shook their head at the same time.

"It's not 'are approaching,' Ms. Olivia. A few have already entered, and more are coming," Silas corrected while Byron nodded in agreement.

Olivia's eyes widened in surprise.

"It is impossible! How can they enter the plane without triggering the... Tell me everything you know."

"Does this mean that you are interested in making your partnership with the young master official?" Silas asked.

Olivia narrowed her eyes, "I wouldn't have come if I wasn't. Besides, if outsiders are already here, I can't sit still and do nothing." She thought of something and nodded before correcting herself, "No. It's not just me. If my guess is correct, every faction in the empire have to make a decision soon."

"A few of those factions has already made theirs," Byron told Olivia.

"Byron, I don't think we should tell her—."

"It is fine," Byron told Silas. "I know my master very well. Now that Lady Olivia said she is interested in the partnership, he would not withheld any information from her."

Silas fell silent. Byron had a point. At the same time, Silas felt telling her too much right off the bat was risky.

Olivia leaned back on her chair and looked at Silas, "Sir Retainer, I understand your concerns. But as Byron here had said, your young master had my essence's life in his hands. Even if I know more than what I should, I will not leak it."

Silas looked at Olivia and shook his head, "I am not worried about that."

As if realizing what Silas was on about, Byron could not help but gasp at his shortsightedness.


"You're right. I forgot about her ability."

Olivia frowned and repeated, "'Her ability'?"

Silas nodded, "We have intel that your faction has been infiltrated by the family backing her. If by any chance, that person gets to you and takes you to her— she could easily read your... memories because of her magic."

"A rare Memory mage?"

Silas smiled bitterly, "It would not be that worrying if it is as simple as using Memory magic because we have items here that can counter Memory magic attacks, but it is not that simple."

Olivia's frown deepened. She did not need Silas to continue so she could understand what he could not say. She smiled wryly and said, "It seems the situation in the empire has escalated without us knowing."

"We can tell you what you need to know," Silas told her. "However, because of the mole in your faction, I'm afraid it will put you in danger, as well as our young master's plans."

Olivia shook her head, "I already know about the moles in the faction. I never attempted to expose them because I don't want to have anything to do with... that woman. But given the current situation, I'll do something about it."

Silas nodded, "If that's the case. We'll assist you."

What followed was a somewhat long explanation from Silas and Byron on the current situation.

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