Lazy Dungeon Master

Chapter 14
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Using DP to Create a Golem

“And so, I think I’ll learn [Create Golem].”

What I had my eye on was the [Create Golem] magic.

Magic that makes a golem… yeah, isn’t that good, wouldn’t it be easier to have the golem work?

“Eeh, there’s not a magic that just makes a golem. It’s better to just summon a golem monster with DP. Though it’s 100 DP for one, it’s strong.”

“In other words, [Create Golem] pays for itself after summoning a hundred of them… then everything after that would be the same as being free.”

“That’s amazing!”

Hmm, would I summon that many? Or can you even summon things at no cost? Since I have no clue how good a golem’s performance is, I don’t really know if would really need one hundred of them.

Though to be blunt, there’s a reason I want to make one… but I’ll keep that quiet.

“So without further ado, I order the scroll for [Create Golem]… ah, it came out.”

In exchange for 10000 DP when I selected the scroll for [Create Golem], a scroll of parchment bound by a string appeared.

Let’s not worry about the leftover DP suddenly becoming less than a third of what it was…

I’ll use it immediately. Unfastening the string, I looked at its contents.

[Create Golem] was written along the left side, followed by some kind of magic formation.

“… Hey, how am I supposed to use this?”

“Just put some magical power into the magic formation.”

When Rokuko said that, I tried out pouring magical power onto it. It felt like the life magic’s [Cleanup].

I sensed my body’s magical power rush from my hands into the magic formation in them. It felt like I grew a little weaker.

As the magical power flowed from my hands onto the magic formation, the lines of the formation spun.

I get it… so this is what it feels like when magical power is drained away.

Well, I wonder how much of it’s enough? For now I’ll just pour more into it. The formation accelerated as I continued to fill it with magical power.

Did it reach a critical point? The magic formation’s resistance vanished with a bang, magical power raining down on me.

As soon as I was showered by the rain of magical power, I felt the structure of the magic formation embed itself in me.

No, it probably really was embedded in me. It felt like I could already use [Create Golem].

As for the scroll… the lines representing the magic formation burned, disappearing in flames.

“… Heeh, it’s the first time I’ve seen something like that. So that’s what happens when you use a magic scroll.”

“Eh-? Rokuko, you haven’t used a scroll?”

“No way, too expensive.”

“Then how did you know how to use it…?”

“Fufun, because it’s common sense… Ane-sama No. 89 taught me a bit though.”

I immediately tried out using [Create Golem].

The required materials were what was needed to make the golem’s body and magical power. I knew that. Probably due to the scroll’s effect.

Stone was needed for a stone golem. Clay was needed for a clay golem. The amount of magical power changed as needed.

Should I dig up the clay from outside the master room? Standing up… I remembered Meat. She was crouching idle in the corner of the room with her arms holding her knees.

Yeah, I don’t have to do it. Let’s make use of it.

“… Alright, Meat, please go out and dig some clay from a bit outside the cave. This much is fine.”

“Y–es. Goshujin-sama.”

I ordered Meat to bring back about a soccer ball’s worth.

I bought a shovel (5 DP) since she tried going outside without anything. When I passed it to Meat, it felt like her face looked a bit surprised. Her expression was dead as usual….

A little while later, Meat came back with the shovel and clay. Holding it with her small body, it looked heavy. Rather, it probably really was heavy for a child.

Yeah, she can come and go from the master room now.

“Alright, good job. Have a rest.”

“Ah, uu.”

I praised her while patting her head. Incidentally, I used [Cleanup] on her since she was dirty from carrying the clay with her bare arms.

Though, she said something like, “hyafu-!” I wonder if having [Cleanup] used on you is ticklish?

Now I want to try it on Rokuko.

“Alright, without further ado… [Create Golem]!”

I poured magical power into the lump of clay. Making the circuits with my magical power, it took the shape of a person.

Likely due to the effects of the scroll, the image of a golem floated in my head… though it was quite small compared to it, it should be fine. Maybe. Surely. Probably. It’ll work out somehow.

Following the process in my mind, I kneaded the clay, filling with more magical power.

I reproduced a small golem with a human form as the template.

Continuing to pour more magical power into it for around ten minutes, the thirty centimeter tall clay golem (mini) was completed.

“Wow, that’s… a golem?”

“What’s with the question!?”

“But aren’t golems normally bigger than adult humans!? I doubt whether or not it’s even worth making a hundred of these.”

“Well, I’m a bit bothered that I don’t know what a normal one is… well, it should be fine if I make ten thousand or so of them.”

For now it looks like the golems moves when instructed. I immediately decided to have it expand the cave. It’d be saving DP.

Displaying the map, I ordered it to steadily dig towards the separated cave with the goblin room. The freshly made clay golem (mini) left the master room without even a shovel.

“Adaptable golems really don’t exist. It’d be better if it used a shovel to dig through the wall.”

“No no what are you talking about. Right now, I’m impressed by the golem’s possibilities.”

Rokuko’s common sense said that [Golems can’t do anything complex] as though it were unthinkable.

For example, take [Dig a hole]. I think that it being able to do something like dig a hole was already plenty complex. If you tried to do the same thing in modern Japan, it wouldn’t be able to happen without you teaching it the movements for its body to dig a hole.

The location too, if you told it to [Go there] in modern Japan, you would have to teach it how to move its feet. And if it fell it wouldn’t be able to stand up on its own, or if it walked into an obstacle en route it would continue doing so.

But I just said [Go there and dig through the wall]. Magic is amazing. I’m impressed.

However, using magic is pretty tiring… alright, let’s go to sleep.

Ah, right. Let’s make Meat into a hug pillow. I feel like I got her for that reason… no, don’t be afraid. It’s alright since I won’t do anything lewd you know? Yeah, she isn’t wearing knee socks or anything today, it’s better to foster more mutual trust after all…


Well, I’ll say one thing.

People aren’t suitable to be pillows.

Though Meat was turned into a hug pillow… oh, I didn’t undress her of course. Yeah, I just turned her into a hug pillow.

It was good at first.

Silky smooth skin and her hair smelled kind of good.

But the problem occurred after a while.

It was hot. Human skin is hot. Yeah, not even for winter. It was a heat to warm each other in a snowy mountain. I mean, I’d heard children had a higher temperature to begin with… while on the subject, dogs also have a higher body temperature than humans. Thus, the little dog eared girl naturally had a high temperature.

Later, when I started to think the sound of her breathing was getting noisy, Meat was on the verge of suffocating in the futon.

Right, I was dumb. It’s dangerous if her head isn’t properly outside of it. I rushed to get her head out of the futon.

Now her face was right in front of me. Slightly opened erotic lips, tender cheeks red from lack of oxygen… no! I’m not a lolicon! I’m not a lolicon okay!?

Since her breath was ticklish, I faced the opposite direction. Not because of my heart pounding, it’s because her breath was being ticklish… now the back of my hair was being tickled. Uoooh, come on.

Since there was no other choice, I lowered her head and embraced her again. I lowered the edge of the covers so that she wouldn’t suffocate in the futon this time. Even the heat improved with that.

It finally felt just right and I could get to sleep.

But there was still a problem. It was a pretty big one too.

The problem was that I couldn’t move the hug pillow. Though you had no choice but to push aside the pillows if you had to move, the slave, Meat, couldn’t do something like that. The result–

She is peeing…!

No, that’s my fault. I’m in the wrong here. Thinking that, I got up soaked.

Meat was flustered and crying into her arms.

I immediately comforted her and used [Cleanup] on her, the bed, and I…

Yeah, I was in the wrong. Please push me away if you have to go to the restroom from now on.

Oi oi, here’s a hamburger! It’s delicious you know! So please don’t cry, I know I was in the wrong here!

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