Later, He Became A Royal Healer

Chapter 9 - Second watch.
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Chapter 9 - Second watch.

The game suddenly plunged into silence. The teasing and su-like voice disappeared with a trace. With his eyebrows scrunched together and the vein in his forehead pulsating, You Liangxing sighed quietly.

He really couldn’t help it.

To be honest, if that person was close at hand, You Liangxing would have knocked him over with a punch a long time ago. He would have landed one punch after another and then asked him if he was tired of being irritating. However, he just had to be separated by a thousand miles due to the nature of gaming. You Liangxing was frustrated to the point where his head aching, and he had resisted until the last moment before he spat out one sentence, “don’t bb.”

Language, however, could not salvage the situation.

Only his hands could truly express the feelings in his heart.

You Liangxing sighed deeply. He did not expect that there was someone that could be more annoying than Liao Su in the world. Fortunately, it was finally quiet, and that chatterbox Naoko Lulu was no longer asking him to hook the enemy Hou Yi. You Liangxing proceeded to control his Zhong Kui to auto attack the nexus, waiting for the game to come to an end.

However, at that moment, the teasing and su-like voice rose up again. Since You Liangxing was wearing earphone, the voice felt infinitely close to his ears.

“En hnngg~~~~~~”

You Liangxing: “.....” !

That was not even a word forming into a sentence, it was just a long, drawn out moaning noise. Even if it was flipped a hundred or a thousand times, it was capable of inducing a tremble from head to toe, and it seduced people to indulge in their wildest fantasies.

You Liangxing stilled violently before he dropped his phone as if he was holding something hot, causing his phone issued a ‘peng’ as it landed. Simultaneously, the enemy’s nexus exploded in game, and a large ‘VICTORY’ emerged on the screen with a sound effect.

The game ended.

You Liangxing paused for a moment before he quickly exited the game.

Leaning back, the sound of his back colliding with the back of the chair was a bit dull. It was only then did You Liangxing realise that his back muscles were tensed up and he had yet to relax.

This fellow... had issues!

The space between You Liangxing’s eyebrows wrinkled again, and the goose bumps all over his body had yet to fade.

Because You Liangxing left the game too quickly, he did not realise that after the long ‘yin’, the male voice had said something after.

After You Liangxing’s tender and sweet voice had landed, the entire live broadcasting room was shocked. No one had expected that the Zhong Kui called Brother Liang Liang, with whom KK had been chasing for the entire game was actually a girl. Furthermore, her voice was rather languid, and it sounded young and pure.

The drawn-out noise sounded in the live broadcasting room, “En hnngg~~~~~~ So handsome.”

The latter half of his sentence was ignored by the audience, and the live broadcasting room instantly became scorched earth.

【AHHHHHHH What did I just hear??? That Zhong Kui is actually a soft little girl????】

【Ahhhh KK shut up!!! Stop barking!!!】

【What! Big pervert! What are hng-ing for! I always knew you were perverted! Perverted anchor!】

【How could a Zhong Kui be so cute, even when she is scolding others! 】

&#k3010;Oh my god, sound-activated benefits!&#k3011;

&#k3010;Unbelievable, my KK just made such a perverted noise&#k2026;&#k3011;

&#k3010;Ahhh the su exploded! Quickly shut your mouth! Let go off that soft girl of a Zhong Kui!&#k3011;

&#k3010;Everyone, please report this pervert KK, thank you for your cooperation.&#k3011;

KK did not say anything but he kept laughing softly. Under the audience’s flooding, his voice became more melodious and moving&#k2026;

Naturally, You Liangxing knew about none of this. He stared at his phone for a short while before he picked it up again. He had already left the game but seeing as it was already later than ten o’ clock and that he did not have Liang Chuhan’s WeChat, he could only contact Liang Chuhan in game.

After the friend request was issued, the other party accepted. You Liangxing entered in the dialog box ‘Let’s stop for today and rest’. Before he could send out the message, the other party had already sent her own message.

[Monthly Refreshing Breeze]: — You-xuezhang.

— That... did you just... speak?

You Liangxing: “.....”

Although You Liangxing already calmed down, he did indeed lose his temper just now. When he was frustrated, he was not in the mood to think too much. However, now that Liang Chuhan had come asking, he realised how much control he had lost over himself, to the extent where he cursed at someone in front of others.

He hesitated for a bit and did not reply for a moment.

His moment of silence, in Liang Chuhan’s perception, was equivalent to tacit admittance. At that instant, Liang Chuhan, who had been in the female dormitory and nervously holding onto her phone, felt her heart jolt. Suddenly, an inexplicable emotion swept through her entire body. She forgot all the unhappiness that she experienced in the game just now, and her heart only repeated one sentence.

– That voice just now, it was You-xuezhang’s!

A person who was so perfect to the extent where people cannot help but take a closer look, that You Liangxing!

He was obviously very handsome, but he actually had such a voice!

Liang Chuhan could not parcel out how she truly felt; she was shocked by the unimaginable contrast, but she was also ecstatic since she had unexpectedly stumbled upon the school senior’s secret. She was in chaos for a while, and she couldn’t help but ask: — Is that the reason why school senior chooses not to speak?

You Liangxing paused for a beat, replying: — It can be considered that way.

For You Liangxing, there were subtleties to the question that made it hard to answer. Truthfully speaking, while he never spoke in front of an audience, he did not make a habit of speaking to people he did not know either. However, to say that he purposefully hid his voice was completely wrong.

You Liangxing did not deliberately hide it, and he had never regarded his voice as a secret that no one else could know.

For Liang Chuhan to have such a delusion, it was mostly derived from the fact that You Liangxing scarcely spoke. But the truth of the matter – concurrently, a fact that Liang Chuhan was not aware of – was that one of the habits You Liangxing cultivated from a young age was simply... he did not like talking.

Not wanting to speak did not mean he was afraid of people knowing.

Hence, You Liangxing’s answer carried some ambiguity. However, he was not aware that his answer seemed to harbour some nervousness about having his secret found out in Liang Chuhan’s opinion.

[Monthly RefreshingBreeze]: — School senior can rest assured; I will not tell anyone.

You Liangxing: .... En.

You Liangxing did not think about it as much as she did, and naturally, he would not know that Liang Chuhan’s mood carried some delight. The mentality of a lady was hard to comprehend; in a moment’s work, Liang Chuhan’s heart shone brightly.

At the instance where You Liangxing spoke, she had been startled by You Liangxing. But after confirming it, she felt another feeling rush into her heart.

While others have never heard You Liangxing’s voice, she had heard it!

After gaming for the entire night, this was the first time Liang Chuhan felt the distance between her and You Liangxing shorten. It was as if she had realised the truth behind You Liangxing, and all the questions she had in regards to You Liangxing scarcely speaking had all been resolved.

Yes, he did not say hello nor did he open his microphone, but it was not because he was indifferent to her, but rather because he had issues with his voice, and it was not easy for him to open his mouth.

After knowing this key point, Liang Chuhan could not help but laugh. She thought about it further, You Liangxing was so handsome but his voice was extremely cute; such a huge contrast made it really difficult to suppress a laugh.

Liang Chuhan mustered up her courage and typed: — In the future, can I find school senior again to game together?

You Liangxing replied: — Sure.

A conventional question that was impossible to reject. Just as You Liangxing finished replying, the dormitory door slammed open, and Liao Su rushed into the room with vim and vigour.

“Brother Liang! Brother Liang! I have something huge to tell you! Did you just...”

Because he ran too fast, Liao Su choked on his words and he had no choice but to stop and relax for two seconds. However, within those two seconds, the eyesight that the athlete was intensely proud of caught a glimpse of what was You Liangxing’s hands and he immediately went on another tangent.

“Wait a minute! Why are you like this! You’re privately chatting with Liang Chuhan???”

You Liangxing, who had taken a step back after being roared at, said “Yes” in agitation.

Originally, Liao Su wanted to tell You Liangxing about the live broadcast, but he no longer cared for it as he hurriedly said: “What are you privately chatting about! The three of us can chat in private too!”

You Liangxing was the most afraid of Liao Su shouting so he replied concisely, not wanting to say a word more than necessary, “She asked me if we can game together in the future.”

Suddenly, Liao Su went silent. Casting a stringent gaze on You Liangxing, he asked cautiously, “What did you say?”

You Liangxing: “I said sure.”

“You agreed! How could you agree! I refuse to give in! Why didn’t she ask me! My skills aren’t bad, I got a quadra kill just now!”

You Liangxing rubbed his forehead, warning coldly: “Liao Su!”

Liao Su: “I’m not listening, I’m not listening!”

You Liangxing: “.....”

You Liangxing could no longer bear it, and the frustration he had accumulated throughout the night exploded. He stood up and hugged Liao Su’s waist and lifted him by the waist abruptly. Liao Su, a one metre and eighty tall male was tossed into the air and flung onto the upper bunk by the leg.

“Holy–!” Liao Su’s centre of gravity was destabilised and he hurriedly gripped onto the handrails beside the bed. You Liangxing punched him again, and shoved Liao Su into the upper bed fiercely.

“Go to sleep!”

Having been thrown on the bed, his entire person was shocked by You Liangxing’s actions. However, after composing himself, he went forth like a brave man, “I refuse! I want to curse at you! It’s your fault for playing so well! Because of you, my girl has flown away!”

With one leg, You Liangxing kicked the bed that Liao Su was on, and the huge force caused the bed to tremble twice. Liao Su froze, and quickly shut his mouth.

In the ensuing silence, Liao Su whispered: “She really is interested in you.”

Head throbbing, You Liangxing said: “Shut up!”

Liao Su kept whining nonstop: “I should have known that the girl I wanted to carry could not be carried! Indeed, KK is right...” Speaking of KK, Liao Su’s memory suddenly returned. Once he thought of what happened during the live broadcasted, he suddenly shouted, “Right, I have something to say to you, just now...”

In the next second, You Liangxing’s gloved right hand punched Liao Su’s headboard. The iron rails faltered, trembling, and issued a wail.

You Liangxing: “You still have a chance to say your last words, what do you say?”

Liao Su: “Good night.”

Trembling, he tacked on a line, “Muah.”

You Liangxing snorted coldly and turned around to adjust his boxing gloves. Liao Su exhaled slowly, and obediently laid back down on his bed.


Liao Su closed his eyes but his emotions were surging. After pretending to be asleep for a long time, he could not resist sneaking a glance in You Liangxing’s direction before he took out his phone to review KK’s broadcast.

Yes, he should have accepted reality a long time ago.

Playing King’s Glory was done in pursuit for the ranks, carry what girl!

Only skills and technique were his one true love, the Great God KK would guide him forward! He won’t carry any girls! He will never carry a girl ever again!

Liao Su clicked on the live broadcast he had been watching half-way before he had run back to the dormitory. He plugged in his earphones to listen to KK’s commentary and coincidentally, it happened to be the moment where the game with You Liangxing had ended.

He did not start a new match and started saying goodbye to the fans as per usual, and did a live broadcast summary.

Suddenly, KK’s voice became deep and meaningful, and in his last sentence, he said faintly, “My darlings, I have to admit, carrying a girl is pretty cool.”

Liao Su: “.....”

T/N: Lighting a candle for Liang Chuhan.

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