Later, He Became A Royal Healer

Chapter 40 - Pa Pa, face slapped.
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Chapter 40 - Pa Pa, face slapped.

If he wanted to try it, then they will try it.

In regard to Kang Shengzhe, he had never cowered from a duel, and it was even more unlikely to happen when [Liang Liang] was the one who took the initiative to issue the challenge. In a space where the other party could not reach, his lips lifted alongside his good mood.

[don’t want to move]: –〖Stuck Out Tongue〗Don’t cry when you lose.

Little Angel Liang Liang did not reply and concurrently, an invitation for a one against one on the Mohist School’s Mechanical Bridge arrived. Kang Shengzhe pressed accept and chose Li Bai without any hesitation when they entered the hero selection stage.

PKPKPKPK. Either way, there was no possibility of him losing; KK’s Li Bai has never lost to anyone.

As there were in the loading screen, Kang Shengzhe abruptly remembered that he was supposed to play an open mic rank game with Liang Liang but he gave up on the idea soon after because there was no harm in pushing it back.

Truthfully speaking, even though he had a vested interest in Liang Liang’s voice, he was not anxious just because he could not hear it. His reasoning was as such: as long as he could play together with Liang Liang, it was already enough of a treat.

Kang Shengzhe sincerely felt that he could feel the person himself – no matter if it was disposition or who he inherently was – from his words and his playstyle.

There were deviations whenever they were conversing, but there were no such occurrences in games; as they played more games together, what kind of person the other party was became increasingly defined. In turn, his feelings towards Liang Liang as he continued to interact with him, too, became more and more indisputable, and the tacit understanding they had grew by the day.

That sort of feeling was... fantastic.

However, the feelings he had as they played games together was one thing and what determined a victory or defeat in a duel was another. Kang Shengzhe personally had a strong desire to win, and the possibility where he would lose a game on purpose was non-existent. Furthermore, his opponent was [Liang Liang], and he was not in the position to purposefully throw.

The sound of landing rang out and the game officially began. The system made an amicable and rousing announcement: “Welcome to King’s Glory!”

Compared to the times where he had to broadcast, Kang Shengzhe was far more excited. He changed out of his lazy posture and straightened his waist, flattening out his thick and broad back. His fingers flew across the screen and tapped on the four keys quickly.

During their confrontation in the afternoon, Kang Shengzhe had not gone all-out; not because he belittled him, but more so because he and [Liang Liang] were testing each other. Thus, he did not set the rhythm. This time around, he immediately seized the moment he reached level four and unleashed the full extent of his hand speed to try and suppress his opponent unilaterally.

Li Bai exchanged blows with Gong Sunli at the middle of the narrow path, as adversaries who were locked in an unavoidable confrontation whenever they came face to face. The Millennium-old Fox and Flower Dancing Lady were standing far apart and facing one another in one moment, and in the next, without a pause, they immediately jerked forward.

Kang Shengzhe pursued and attacked with all his strength and with every intention to bully, his flurry of abilities akin to a dance of shadows and swords. Struck by one of sword-wielding shadows, Gong Sunli’s health dropped by half, and she moved back while casting her first ability to open up the distance further. And Kang Shengzhe backed into his own tower as well, ending the short skirmish.

In the all chat, Kang Shengzhe’s words emerged.

[don’t want to move]: — Come again.

One-on-one battles could agitate the emotions of the players more than group battles, and Kang Shengzhe’s mood was rarely this high. While he was controlling Li Bai, he noticed that Little Angel Liang Liang’s Gong Sunli was pacing left and right as if he was in the middle of contemplating something.

A rare reply from [Little Angel Liang Liang] appeared in the text channel: — Come.

One word, but when it landed, it was not soundless. Kang Shengzhe became invigorated again and went up to bully.

Not intending to give Gong Sunli time to react, he acted in a rapid manner. As his character entered her attack range, he immediately released a sword shadow to dash, but it was at this second where Gong Sunli flickered out of his sword array, taking a step back before he could blink.

Mm, alright, his reaction was faster than before.

Kang Shengzhe followed up instantaneously with another dash from his first ability, and used his ultimate right in her face. Gong Sunli could not dodge in time and before she could make her exit, the health bar above her head nearly emptied out, and all that was left was the last blow.

The duration that allowed him to return back to his original position was ending, and if he delayed for a second more, he would seal off the possibility of returning back under his tower. Making a split-second decision, Kang Shengzhe gave up on the retreat, and stayed in his current position to murder Gong Sunli. He charged forward with his sword, but before he could take a step, Gong Sunli’s blue paper umbrella collided with him and sent him flying backwards.

Gong Sunli hadn’t used her ultimate prior to this.

Li Bai started dodging left and right as Gong Sunli took advantage of the opportunity she had opened for herself to attack his body with her blue maple leaves. After a wave of auto attacks, Li Bai finally opened his sword array to mitigate the damage. When the ability ended, Gong Sunli’s figure was already positioned behind Li Bai.

Although it was only her auto attack, it caused a lot of damage when it landed on him and Li Bai’s health dropped rapidly.

Between a marksman and swordsman, there was a difference in their attack ranges. Crippled by the range advantage, Kang Shengzhe could not touch You Liangxing, and he could only watch as his health make a sharp decline. In the twinkling of an eye, the situation had been reversed.

Escaping was useless; meeting the enemy directly was the only option left. Gong Sunli’s reaction speed was faster as compared to their last confrontation, and her figure shifted left and right, and he could not hit her.

It obviously only took one hit, just one before Gong Sunli would inevitably fall but when the game made a sound notification for first blood, the person who died was instead... Li Bai.

Kang Shengzhe: ......

Kang Shengzhe suddenly had a conjecture: Did Gong Sunli take his attacks on purpose just now? But that would mean that the other party had anticipated his actions to some extent. To predict his Li Bai, was that possible?

In the face of having been killed, Kang Shengzhe remained silent for a few seconds. When his hero resurrected in the middle of the fountain, he paused, and typed: — Come again.

Li Bai ran out and after ten seconds of clashing, he was heroically killed for the second time.

The sound of his face being slapped twice echoed in his ears, and Kang Shengzhe scrunched his brows: — Again!

A nebulous theory had a rough, dubious point for argument. But [Little Angel Liang Liang] seemed completely unaware, Kang Shengzhe was dealt another head-on blow in blissful manner as they were fighting under a tower.


His crystal nexus exploded in front of his eyes and Kang Sheng did not make a sound for a long time. He exited the match and returned back to the friends chatting interface, and finally replied after a long, drawn-out silence:

— ..... ying.

T/N: Rolling over and crying with laughter.

Ying = a sound one makes when crying.

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