Later, He Became A Royal Healer

Chapter 38 - Hero Tutorial.
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Chapter 38 - Hero Tutorial.

Ah Sheng.

You Liangxing hesitated briefly when he saw the form of address, even though he felt that there was anything wrong with it. It was just that when he saw the character for ‘saint’, his reaction lagged a little.

He thought that if the form of address for [don’t want to move] had the character ‘sheng’, it should be the first character from the word victory instead.

You Liangxing replied: — Ah Sheng.

[don’t want to move] seemed ecstatic, and the number of〖Out of Control〗faces appeared at an alarming rate.

On You Liangxing’s chat interface, the name for【don’t want to move】was still the WeChat default of【K】but he tapped on the remarks and changed it to【Glory’s Ah Sheng】instead. Soon after, he decided to remove the first word, and left it at【Ah Sheng】.

There was no need for the distinction; aside from his close friends, Kang Shengzhe was the only one in his friends list that was from outside his usual circles.

— [Ah Sheng]: — What about you?

You Liangxing replied: — Anything.

After sending it, You Liangxing realised that his response was inappropriate. The other party did not know his name and the word ‘anything’, by definition, was too broad. Just as he was about to remedy it, Kang Shengzhe had already replied from his end: — Then I’ll call you...

[Ah Sheng]: — Liang Liang!

[Ah Sheng]: — What do you think?

You Liangxing felt that it was... nothing much, really.

However, the word &#k2018;anything’ had already been said, and it was too troublesome to reject it and adjust the manner of address. You Liangxing gave a slight pause before he replied: &#k2014; &#k2026;Anything.

This &#k2018;anything’, however, sounded more reluctant than the previous one by half.

But Kang Shengzhe did not seem to notice.

[Ah Sheng]: — Liang Liang! Liang Liang! Liang Liang!

The more he called him that, the more energised and happier he became.

You Liangxing: .....


After affirming his form of address, [Ah Sheng] was in high spirits when he asked: — Are you still playing?

You Liangxing: — Aren’t you hungry?

It was fine when he did not mention it, but now that he did, the hunger he had been ignoring made a gradual return. Having slept in until late noon after a late night and gaming once he woke up, his stomach was empty and rumbling for sustenance.

[Ah Sheng]: — Not hungry!

[Ah Sheng]: — I just want to game! 〖Serious Face〗

[Ah Sheng]: — Wait, what’s that smell, it’s really fragrant!

You Liangxing hooked his lips: — Go have a meal.

[Ah Sheng] did not answer the question: — Will you be online tonight?

There was no need for specificity; both of them understood that their time of meeting was 10:30. Well-aware of his meaning, You Liangxing replied: — Yes.

[Ah Sheng]: — Good. 〖Jerry the Mouse throws down his handkerchief〗

With nothing left to say, the conversation ended there. You Liangxing looked at the rich expression packs that [Ah Sheng] had and pondered for a bit before he went knocking on Liao Su’s chat.

You Liangxing: — Are you there?

Not long after, [It’s Liao Su Not Plastic] replied: — Yi, look who this is! Isn’t this my Brother Liang! What’s up!

You Liangxing sank into silence for a good while before said with much difficulty: — Send me a few expression packs.

* * *

Since Liang Chulin left, the activities that You Liangxing had were much lesser.

He was idle in the hotel. They had made arrangements to game at half past ten, but the time between now and the appointment had freed up immensely. He warmed himself up as he usually would, and even under the condition where he did not have a sandbag, he started to practice his punches and kept going until he worked up a sweat. Despite the vigorous exercise, there was still time left on the clock.

As You Liangxing was pulling his phone out at random, he recalled the one against one he had with Kang Shengzhe in the afternoon. Since his thoughts had strayed down that path, he realised that he might as well attempt to find tutorials for King’s Glory on the open browser.

In You Liangxing’s opinion, his technique was rather run-of-the-mill and there was a lot of room for improvement, and since he already started playing, learning a bit more would never hurt. You Liang flipped through the webpages, and there were many video recommendations of anchors from King’s Glory.

Sweeping through them was a glance, You Liangxing noticed that there was a slightly familiar name that appeared as the first few recommendations.


This anchor happened to be the only anchor that You Liangxing was familiar with on King’s Glory. Liao Su had harped about the anchor frequently, and he even made him watch a video once. At that time, You Liangxing did not know much about the game, and he only remembered that the anchor’s voice was rather unique. Other than that, it did not leave a lasting impression on him.

There was half an hour more to ten o’ clock. After considering his options, he typed the two letters【KK】into the search bar of the website, and in a blink of an eye, a large volume of previous broadcasting videos emerged in an orderly manner.

There were a lot of videos from【KK】and You Liangxing scoured the “Hero Tutorial” section of the old broadcasts before finally settling on one regarding Li Bai. After the solo in the afternoon, You Liangxing was very curious about the hero’s playstyle.

More importantly, he wanted to know how to restrain Li Bai.

Clicking on the video, his screen, which was rendering at a lower quality, was being bombarded with a barrage of comments. Since KK was too popular, the comments he had were explosively full, and You Liangxing could only watch it after blocking the barrage. The length of the video was around twenty minutes and it was an entire record of a random Li Bai game that KK played.

Although there was no one in his surroundings, it was You Liangxing habitually plugged in his headphones and concentrated fully on the task at hand. In his ears, a familiar and young voice resounded soon after.

“Didn’t you guys want to see me play Li Bai? Let’s do it this round then, I’ll play Li Bai for all of you. I don’t know what has been happening recently but everyone keeps wanting to play Li Bai. Hey, hey, is it that you guys think that Li Bai is very easy to play? ... Haha, you guys are right, it is really easy to play! As for me, there are no heroes that are difficult to play~”

Despite having mentally prepared himself, You Liangxing’s eyebrows still raised slightly when he heard the voice, but he was not as shocked as he was the first time around. Quickly adjusting himself, he refocused his attention on the video.

But seriously speaking, it was not conducive to listen to his voice with earphones.

T/N: I just realised, did... did Liang Liang happen to name Liao Su ‘Plastic’, hence why his name on WeChat always remained that to remind him of his error?

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