Later, He Became A Royal Healer

Chapter 34 - Its impossible to sleep.
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Chapter 34 - It’s impossible to sleep.

His answer was both within his expectations and contrary to his expectations. Before he had received the answer, You Liangxing had a faint perception of such a possibility, but when he heard it from [don’t want to move] himself, an inexplicable feeling lingered.

You Liangxing was rendered speechless, and he could only reply: — En.

[don’t want to move] sent him a yawning expression: — I’m sleepy, but now I can sleep without worries.

They were friends in a game, but he could express his feelings so naturally.

You Liangxing: — Goodnight.

Neither of them messaged each other again. You Liangxing stared at his own phone screen. Around three to four minutes later, he typed: — Would you like to add each other on WeChat?

A few beats. He added a few more words: — Easier to contact.

The transition from a in-game friend to WeChat was a huge breakthrough. When You Liangxing suggested it, he deliberately separated it from the time he said goodnight. Originally, he intended to read what [don’t want to move] would reply with tomorrow, just to give it a buffer, but he did not expect that right after he sent the message, the other party would immediately message back.

[don’t want to move]: — OK!

A stop. [don’t want to move] tried again: — okay.

It was as if he thought that removing the exclamation mark could make him look calmer.

The corners of his mouth suddenly raised, — My WeChat: xxxxx.

You Liangxing: &#k2014; Go to sleep.

After sending the message, You Liangxing exited King’s Glory. He had nothing to do, and the infusion ward had an empty bed that he could rest on. You Liangxing closed his eyes, but after a moment, he could not resist opening it again.

At this sort of time, it was impossible not to think. You Liangxing opened his WeChat, and on new contact added, there was a red notification counter detailing the number one. He tapped on it, and there was a new contact that added him as a friend.


Note: K still does not want to move today.

The timing, the note – it could only be him.

You Liangxing pressed accept, and a message on the chat between him and【K】appeared on WeChat: You have successfully added【K】as your WeChat friend, and you can start chatting now~

You Liangxing stared at it before he decided to send a message: — Goodnight.

There was no delay in K’s reply as he immediately uploaded a〖Shame on You Kitty〗sticker.

The biggest difference between the two chatting mediums was that on WeChat, stickers could be freely used. And stickers were the greatest weapons in chatting because it could easily overturn the impression people had of others in their hearts.

You Liangxing stared at the〖Shame on You Kitty〗sticker for a long time before he decided to ignore it: — Haven’t slept yet?

It had been a while since he said goodnight in the game.

[K] replied: — No, I might be a little high.

Following, he added another 〖Covering my Face while Laughing Uncontrollably〗sticker.

After being bombarded repeatedly, You Liangxing felt like there was a new realisation developing right before his eyes. Games had a shortage of language implements and it was incapable of fully showcasing a person’s character, whereas WeChat provided it by granting an abundance of chatting space, and it gave rise to sense of unfamiliarity within You Liangxing.

You Liangxing looked at the clock and said for the third time: — It’s really late, sleep.

From three in the morning, it had already become four. If he did not sleep soon, he would be very tired the next day. Only when the other party agree, did You Liangxing loosen his breath.

[K]: — You should sleep too; it must have been tiring today.

You Liangxing shut off phone and the screen went dark temporarily. He did try to fall asleep that night but after turning twice, he still sat up.

...He was still thinking.

Re-entering WeChat, there were no more messages from [don’t want to move]. The display picture that [don’t want to move] had was a cyan-blue coloured text, and when he studied the writing carefully, he recognised the English word.

— Victory.


The word gave You Liangxing a flash of understanding regarding the sense of familiarity. Victory, victory, he repeated in his head. It was indeed a word that was synonymous with [don’t want to move].

However, even though he clearly loved victory, he did not want to move. The contradiction was very strange.

You Liangxing tapped on the WeChat Moments for [don’t want to move]. Unlike his habit of updating it once in a blue moon, the Moments for [don’t want to move] was extremely dense, and the most recent one was sent yesterday. The content of it was a screenshot of match history from King’s Glory.

The screenshot was not a random match history. Rather, it was a match history of a game where You Liangxing had partnered up with him. It declared that [don’t want to move] had a KDA of 14-2-10, and You Liangxing had 1-0-28, with one being a damage output while the other played auxiliary. Under their mutual cooperation, it was essentially a massacre.

[don’t want to move] even captioned it: — My teammate has never let me down.

You Liangxing curled his lips slightly. Before he could think, his body made its move first; and his finger shifted, giving it a like.

After doing so, You Liangxing immediately regretted it, having an inexplicable feeling of being caught. They just said goodnight to each other, and yet he woke up again to use his phone, even pressing like on someone else’s moments....

You Liangxing wanted to take back the praise, but he felt like cancelling it would make it more conspicuous, and he started fretting.

Feeling faintly despondent, You Liangxing swiped his screen forward and got ready to leave before he suddenly noticed that there were twenty new notifications.

You Liangxing tapped on it quickly to enter, only to see that all twenty new notifications came from [don’t want to move] alone. Even under the circumstances where both of them said they were going to sleep, the other party actually dared to go through all of You Liangxing’s previous moments, and openly liked all of them without exception.

You Liangxing: ......


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