Later, He Became A Royal Healer

Chapter 27 - I feel the same.
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Chapter 27 - I feel the same.

After a night of peaceful sleep, the second day filled with a schedule of leisure and play officially started. As per usual, You Liangxing began his day with a morning run spanning forty minutes before he briefly discussed with Liang Chulin about the specific route.

Neither of them were in a hurry for time, nor did they have a shortage of money; so they decided to slow down and gave each scenic spot half a day for appreciation’s sake.

Liang Chulin had been consistently studying, following a lawful student’s routine of work and rest, and he would frequently neglect physical exercise. After a day’s worth of activity, he no longer had energy left and he collapsed on his bed like an Indian prata the moment the day of exploration ended, and he did not want to move an inch.

On the other hand, You Liangxing had a healthy physique; he did not even show the slightest decline of physical strength as he sorted through the photographs he took during the day with an indifferent expression.

Liang Chulin stared at him seriously going through the photographs for a while before bounced up, and leaned over to say: “Brother Liang Liang, let me see.” Giving it a glance, Liang Chulin quickly sighed: “Brother Liang Liang, why are the pictures you take so pretty as well?”

You Liangxing possessing a good mastery over the things he did was normal behaviour, and he was frequently praised as an exemplar. However, he rarely encountered people who would praise him in such a direct and incessant manner. You Liangxing did not hate people who had a childish temperament and wore their hearts on their sleeves like Liang Chulin, but he suffered more at their hands as a result.

He thought about it carefully. The personalities of the people he had for company were not easy to deal with. Excluding his parents, Bai Yao and Liao Su were one of the personalities types that You Liangxing could not respond well to, and they were essentially the personification of a ball of fire. However, it was precisely because the other person was like this that their daily exchanges were not awkward. Whether it was a good or bad thing was still up for debate.

For example, right now. You Liangxing did not even have to open his mouth before Liang Chulin was already happily saying: “Hey, this looks really good. Brother Liang Liang, let me add that to my WeChat Moments.”

From the photos that You Liangxing took, Liang Chulin picked out a few, and most of them were of him smiling in front of the attraction. Liang Chulin was flipping through the photos casually before he made a belated realisation that while You Liangxing was busy taking photos, he took none of himself.

“Brother Liang Liang, what about you?”

You Liangxing did not have the habit of uploading anything to his WeChat Moments, and whenever he did, it was few and far between and based on his mood. Seeing that Liang Chulin felt a little guilty, he said: “Having the scenery is good enough.”

While he was at it, he shared a picture of the scenery. The last time he posted anything to his moments was to record the developments in a competition he attended a while back. Once he sent the scenic picture, he left without inputting a caption.

Immediately afterwards, he had nothing left to do. As the time ticked down to half past ten again, You Liangxing turned on his phone and logged into King’s Glory.

On the game’s friends list, 【don’t want to move】was really online.

The sound of the game was neither loud nor soft when it reverberated through the room. Liang Chulin remarked: “Brother Liang Liang, you’re playing?” You Liangxing simply looked at him to hint at something, and Liang Chulin waved his hands. “I’m passing, Brother Liang Liang, I’m really tired.”

Liang Chulin fell back onto his bed, exhausted. With zero intentions of moving, he picked up his phone to play with it. Meanwhile, You Liangxing tapped on the ranking interface and sent an invitation to [don’t want to move].

The other party accepted it immediately, and they entered a room for matchmaking.

Considering the fact that he did not know if the other person had matters to attend to, he did not start the queue and waited for a few seconds. Very quickly, [don’t want to move] sent him a message.

[don’t want to move]: — Ranking?

[Little Angel Liang Liang]: — En.

The other party made another query: &#k2014; Just the two of us?

You Liangxing: &#k2014; En.

The other party replied: &#k2014; Really, that’s good.

You Liangxing could not comprehend what their &#k2018;that’s good’ meant. However, after perceiving that the other party had no intention to speak again, he started the matchmaking process and the game officially started.

From 10:30 to 11:30, You Liangxing’s premade duo played three matches.

The three matches were very fruitful. Both of them played extremely well. Even though they did not turn on their microphones, nor did they speak in text throughout the entire gaming process, they still had some connections to each other in the game.

When You Liangxing was playing a mage, the other person would be jungling, and he would frequently come to the middle lane to help him catch people. And when he was using a marksman, [don’t want to move] would provide his assistance. The pair were akin to conjoined twins; wherever one person went, the other would surely follow.

You Liangxing was in a state of concentration, and having devoted all his attention to the game, he only realised that an hour had passed when the third game ended.

Since it was half past eleven, he ought to sleep.

You Liangxing did not send another invite, so the other party messaged him on the friends’ interface.

[don’t want to move]: — Not playing?

You Liangxing hesitated before replying: — En.

Even though it always one simple word, the other party never disdained him for being indifferent, and only thoughtfully returned:

[don’t want to move]: — Okay, good night.

Following it closer was another:

[don’t want to move]: — I will wait for you tomorrow.

The sentence repeated itself in You Liangxing’s heart. He was about go offline but his hand stopped, going towards the dialog box instead.

— Wait for me?

King’s Glory was not a small game, and the friends that a player could find did not number at one or two. And for the both of them, the time that they have spent together was relatively short and they only played two nights of games together thus far. After seeing this sentence, it was inevitable that he would be alarmed to some extent.

Wait for him?

Was the... wait specifically for him?

Perhaps the sentence was a little too abrupt, because the other party was obviously hesitating as well. After a short while, the other party replied: — Playing with you, has a special sort of feeling.

The sentence sounded rather tart in his head, and You Liangxing’s eyebrows suddenly raised.

When he sought out the other person to play games for the past two nights, he did not possess any other thoughts or intentions. In regard to the entire ‘carrying girls’ or whatever it was on the internet, he had never given it any consideration.

Additionally, he was not even certain if the other party was a male or female, nor did he care if the other party was male or female. He only played games with them because it made for a better experience.

The direction was worth pushing towards, and You Liangxing thought the same. However, if the other party’s heart was not in the game, he would not feel good about it either.

As he was ruminating, the other party’s response arrived soon after.

[don’t want to move]: — Simply put, I only want to play games with you.

You Liangxing frowned slightly, waiting for his next message.

[don’t want to move]: — It’s more pleasurable.

At that moment, You Liangxing stilled. After hesitating for a bit, he could not help but lightly tap on the keyboard, replying:

[Little Angel Liang Liang]: — I feel the same.

You Liangxing exited King’s Glory and got ready to sleep. On the adjacent bed, Liang Chulin stared at him with bright eyes, face irradiated.

Liang Chulin’s voice was visibly affected as he said: “Brother Liang Liang, you smiled again just now. When you start smiling, you feel more handsome, especially handsome. Explosively so.”

After three consecutive praises, You Liangxing closed his eyes and said lightly: “Sleep.”

Then came a new day, which was best summarised as looking at the scenery in the day, eating food in the afternoon and sleeping on a big bed at night. Liang Chulin had limited physical strength, and after he returned to the hotel every night, he would at most gather up the last of his energy to soak in a bath. As for the other matters, he could not care for them, so You Liangxing had to be responsible for the both of them. Only when he had taken care of everything, would he log on to play an hour of games every night.

[don’t want to move] was a very considerate teammate; every night, he would punctually come online at 10:30. And then You Liangxing would receive his invitation, and the pair would continuously open games.

Most of the time, they would win from the beginning to the end, save one incident where [don’t want to move] was pushed back too heavily. After constantly playing the game for more than a week, You Liangxing started including King’s Glory as part of his daily life.

He had no choice but to admit that he had jumped down this hole.

Since it was around half past ten again, You Liangxing went online as per usual. Like clockwork, [don’t want to move] sent him a game invite. They have been playing together for a week, and between the both of them, they had a decent amount of tacit understanding. While that was indeed the case, they scarcely talked to each other. In fact, if he had to be honest, he knew nothing about the other party.

Today, [don’t want to move] did not rush to start the matchmaking queue, and even started to make small talk.

— Don’t you play games during the day?

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