Later, He Became A Royal Healer

Chapter 2 - KK.
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Chapter 2 - KK.

You Liangxing snorted and ignored him.

However, any sounds coming out of his mouth, without exception, seemed synthesized with a voice changer. It was as kittenish as one could imagine, and even the noise that was made from his nasal cavity sounded softer than usual, which made it extremely delicate and pretty.

Liao Su’s shoulders started shaking and his face turned red, making a ‘puchi’ noise, “Hahahahaha–!!!”

You Liangxing could no longer bear it, and he used one leg to kick the person out of the dormitory.


A University’s cafeteria had a total of four floors. As the key university within the urban area and one of the most famous domestic universities, its enrolment of students was vast, leading to a varied mix of tastes within the school. Having lived in the school for two years, You Liangxing and Liao Su were extremely clear about where the good food was, and they immediately went to the third floor of the cafeteria.

You Liangxing walked quickly and he had casually donned on an outer jacket. But even with his mercy of informal appearance, he still attracted a lot of attention as he walked to the cafeteria.

The female student, who was working in the cafeteria as she was studying, cramped up when she saw You Liangxing at close range. Her eyes flitted around before she lowered her head and asked, “Excuse me... You... Which item do you want?”

You Liangxing stretched his fingers out to point at the item, but the girl was too nervous and did not look at You Liangxing at all. After waiting for two seconds without any response, she carefully raised her eyes and asked again, “You-xuezhang?”

Gaze colliding, You Liangxing was about to raise his hand to point at it again when the girl blushed, and lowered her head again at the speed of light.

You Liangxing: “...”

Liao Su was unable to resist smiling, and his voice was tinged with laughter when he opened his mouth to help them out of the predicament: “Junior sister, give him the braised pork ribs.”

Red faced, the junior sister looked at You Liangxing. Seeing that You Liangxing did not deny it, she immediately scooped up a ladle full of spare ribs and placed it on his plate.

One hundred percent capacity.

One can only come across such a thing serendipitously.

Liao Su was accustomed to such a situation, so he left a window open. He nudged You Liangxing’s shoulder, joking as they walked, “Ai, did you see that, without me, you can’t even eat.”

You Liangxing shot a glance at him and said coldly, “Scram.”

No matter how cold the words from You Liangxing’s mouth were, it came out sweet and soft. Liao Su felt that there was something wrong with the expression but he could not pinpoint the problem and he was even planning to make a few jokes about it when his eyes were attracted to the image on the dining table. His words suddenly changed and said strangely, “, isn’t the semester ending, why did they change the table image again?”

While A University was a prestigious school that promoted academic studies, it had never lagged behind in terms of the trends circulating outside. The images on the surface of the dining table had to be changed once after every month or so, featuring different celebrities and brands, striving to keep up with the latest fads.

This time around, the poster under the transparent film of the dining table had been replaced by Bai Yao, who was the hottest actress at the moment. Wearing a sport skirt, she was vigorously waving her tennis racket. Although the colours were rather pale, her smile casually lit up the entire image, and even with one glance, it felt very bright.

Liao Su sighed, “A female goddess, no wonder she is so popular now.”

When it was only the two of them, You Liangxing was not as taciturn as he was when he was around outsiders. However, he didn’t answer this time which made Liao Su look over. Presently, You Liang seemed like he was lost in thought as he stared at the image on the table, and his subtle expression had a complex feeling that was hard to explain.

Without putting much thought into it and asking according to instinct, Liao Su queried, “You know her?”

You Liangxing raised his eyes and placed down his plate, coincidentally covering up Bai Yao’s face completely, “I don’t.”

Liao Su felt like he should ask more. Within the entertainment circle, Bai Yao was one of the flowers at the forefront, and she would not be related to university goers like them in any way. How could he possibly know her? Liao Su returned back to his senses, laughing, “A female goddess is a female goddess, looking is alright. Reality is still more important, and to speak frankly, did you meet any beauties when you went to the competition this time around?”

Not even lifting his head, You Liangxing said, “Eat.”

Liao Su smiled and said, “I reckon you didn’t meet any, in a maths competition, how many beauties could there be, as compared to the ones I see while I am staying in school. Ai? Do you know the school flower from the Liberal Arts College? The one called Liang Chuhan, I constantly hear about her but I have never met her. Last month, when the Liberal Arts College moved onto campus, I met the real person! She really is quite a beauty! Furthermore, I feel like she might be interested in joining the school union...”

You Liangxing sighed deeply, taking the two spare ribs in front of him and putting it on Liao Su’s plate.

Liaso Su was talking happily when the abrupt gesture interrupted him. He asked strangely: “What are you doing?”

You Liangxing: “Trying to get you to shut up and eat.”

Liao Su said in disbelief: “Shutting me up is only worth two pieces of spare ribs?”

You Liangxing reached out and clamped a piece back.

Liao Su: “...” You’re really too much.

The Physical Education student had a faster eating speed than You Liangxing when his head was buried in his food.

You Liangxing had yet to finish half his plate when Liao Su was already done. You Liangxing was afraid that Liao Su would continue to chatter incessantly, but fortunately, Liao Su picked up his phone after he had put down his chopsticks.

Without someone polluting his ears, You Liangxing ate in a sedate and content manner. Once he was done, he called out to Liao Su twice, and Liao Su took off his headphones and said, “Done eating?”

Since the phone was placed flat on the table, You Liangxing glanced at it. Liao Su was watching a video of a game. On the screen, a barrage of comments was flashing past line by line, and it was probably a live broadcast room of a certain anchor.

“King’s Glory?”

Liao Su’s eyes brightened, and he said excitedly, “Yeah, have you started playing it recently?”

You Liangxing usually had a few hobbies, his chief interest was boxing and he was excellent at other sports too. While other males liked playing games, the current universal and popular trend was King’s Glory or Battle Royales (or King of the Hill), all of which You Liangxing had yet to touch.

Although You Liangxing did not play games, it was not because he disliked playing games. Rather, it was because his boxing took up a large portion of his time so he never started on phone games. Liao Su had recommended it to him a couple of times, but it was always interrupted by too many matters.

You Liangxing replied: “Not yet.”

“Isn’t it going to be vacation soon, we can play together then.”

Liao Su was an iron fan of King’s Glory and he has played for six seasons. While his qualifications were not considered old, he definitely was not new either. Currently, with the popularity of battle royales, the people around him preferred to follow the succession of different battle royale games but Liao Su still persevered in the King’s canyon day in and out, stopped by neither wind nor rain.

“Right, just in time, look at this, this is interesting.”

Liao Su moved closer to You Liangxing and planted an earpiece into his ear, and You Liangxing immediately had goose bumps when a sudden male voice intruded.

The voice was neither high nor low, but once it filtered into a person’s ear, it gave rise to quivering sensation, starting with a shudder; and tingles would run through a person’s entire body from head to toe.

You Liangxing did not have a peculiar interest in regard to voices. However, when he heard it, he had a sudden epiphany of what netizens meant by “this person is really su” (has a perfect voice). With such a throat, just hearing it was enough to kindle a desire to get to know this person.

You Liangxing’s eyes swept towards the lower left corner of the screen. The game live broadcast was in full screen but there was no small window reserved for the anchor’s appearance. “Who is this?”

Liao Su laughed softly, and as if he was presenting a treasure casually, he introduced:


T/N: Three guesses who our ML is and the first two don’t count

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