Later, He Became A Royal Healer

Chapter 19 - My mom is here.
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Chapter 19 - My mom is here.

T/N: On the topic of pronouns first: our ML and his audience assumes that Liang Liang is female at the moment, hence the “(Younger) Sister Liang” and ‘she/her’ pronouns. Although admittedly, in Chinese, there is no pronunciation difference between 她(she) and 他 (he).

Enjoy the chapter!!

After meeting the rank requirements, the invitation was sent out smoothly. Kang Shengzhe laughed as he wondered: “Wow~ feeling a little nervous. What do you think I should say first, hello? Hola? Sawadikap? Will she find me annoying?”

The live broadcasting room laughed at him. 【Wow, he’s self-aware.】

【So you actually have some EQ.】

【Ahhhhh the little elder sister that we adore is coming! No matter wind or rain, I will wait for you in KK’s live broadcasting room.】

Kang Shengzhe was giggling nonstop when a prompt emerged from the game: “The other party has rejected your invitation.”


It was rejected decisively.

The screen was blank for a moment before a barrage of laughter followed.

【Hahahahhahahaha the other party rejected your invitation!!!】

【Suddenly, there’s a feeling of ‘as expected of that person’, what’s happening!!】

【Pfft, just as the God was fucking preparing to give his self-introduction! But Sister Liang really doesn’t want to listen!】

The reply that came after being rejected was a standard system template “Sorry, but it is inconvenient right now,” and it was apparent that the other party was not directly opposed to his invitation. Kang Sheng sighed softly, and his tone was full of loss. “Oh, my fragile and boyish heart.”

His audience laughed out loud: 【KK don’t be scared! Based on personal experience, there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to being single! 】

Kang Shengzhe went silent and he continued to stare at the name ‘Little Angel Liang Liang’. Very soon, the status for【Little Angel Liang Liang】went grey, signalling that she went offline.

Kang Shengzhe laughed: “See that! I told you she didn’t find me annoying; she just doesn’t want to play anymore.”

Afterall, Little Angel Liang Liang had already played a few matches, and going offline after that was rather common. The fans were also clear about that fact, but they could not resist teasing him: 【Oh? When have you ever said that? 】

【No no no, you need to face the facts! She obviously doesn’t want to play with you!】

【Stop hurting KK like this, isn’t it better to just follow along and tell him a white lie? 】

Kang Shengzhe said: “Why are all of you like this, if you keep this up, my heart will be very upset. And once I’m upset, my house will start having a power outage, and once there is a power outage, I can no longer stream, yi! Do you guys feels that, the power is stopping, the lights are going out, KK is about to disappear...”

The audience flooded the room at a high velocity. 【You’re laying it on a little too thickly!】

【If you want to stop broadcasting, you can just say it!】

&#k3010;En?? Are you being serious, how can an additional broadcast be this short!!&#k3011;

&#k3010;Ahhhhhhhhhhh KK don’t go!!!&#k3011;

His fans were still commenting but Kang Shengzhe pressed &#k2018;Stop Broadcasting’. He glanced at the time. It was exactly an hour and a half, accomplishing the task given by the website perfectly.

He stretched lazily in his chair, and the back rest squeaked when he leaned back against it. With a height of 203 centimetres, Kang Shengzhe was extremely tall and his weight was directly proportional to it; and overwhelming a measly chair was an easy feat. Following that, Kang Shengzhe stretched open his legs lazily, but the space underneath the table was cramped and it restricted his limbs. Having failed at his exercise in stretching, he went slack and the exhaustion in his body did not dissipate.

A little tired.

And he was sleepy again.

Kang Shengzhe lowered his eyes. Once he stopped speaking, only a sense of immense lethargy remained on his comparatively taller and broader body. He fell back onto his bed before he picked up his phone again.

【Little Angel Liang Liang】was indeed on his friend’s list, and Kang Shengzhe could not help but give it a few more glances.

Truthfully speaking, he did not think that that the friend request would go through.

It was a pleasant surprise.

Kang Shengzhe revealed a small smile as his long eyelashes trembled. If he had to be honest, he was very interested in the other party.

While the reason for his interest was unclear, he knew that he was particularly invested.

After playing the game for so long, it was not rare for him to come across female voices and even in real life, owing to and by virtue of his external appearance, he was not lacking in female friendships either. But inexplicably, he kept feeling that the attraction he had towards the other party was based off their contradictions; their voice was soft and cute, but the impression they gave others when they spoke was very...

Very handsome.

When the conjecture made itself known in such a bold fashion, Kang Shengzhe could not suppress his smile. As he was about to put down his phone, a WeChat notification sounded. His agent Wang Lu had come knocking.

Wang Lu: — KK! KK! Have you seen your homepage!

Kang Shengzhe calmly replied: — What happened?

He did not check his homepage like Wang Lu suggested. Since Wang Lu brought it up, he would definitely tell him the news right after. Sure enough, one second later, Wang Lu sent another message:

— Your fans just rose get tens of thousands again! At a godly speed!! What did you broadcast just now?

Kang Shengzhe recalled the content of the broadcast. He didn’t feel that it was anything special. However, under Wang Lu’s urging, he dragged himself onto Weibo and checked the latest comments on his page.

The comments were very lively as his fan discussed about KK’s most recent broadcast.

— Hahahahaha KK’s broadcast was very entertaining!

— +1! It feels like I’m watching a television show, and I am looking forward to the follow-up...

— Will KK succeed in carrying a girl, please stay tuned!

— Watching KK gives off a ‘want to stop but can’t’ feeling, and I couldn’t resist following.

After looking around, he replied to Wang Lu: — Oh.

The reply he gave was disinterested; he was neither saddened nor gratified by the growth of fans, as if he had already possessed everything. While KK had such a bearing, Wang Lu did not. The two consecutive upsurges in fans made him ecstatic and excited, and everything he said exuded joy.

— This trend is not bad! It’s very good! What you just broadcast.... Ah, forget it, I could never control what you broadcasted to begin with. Anyway, you’re doing well, keep it up!

The questions that Wang Lu asked were perfunctory; answering was actually optional. In his honest opinion, the rise in fan count subsequently after the additional broadcast KK hosted was merely a testament to his strength in attracting the audience. As his agent, not only did it shine a spotlight on his face, his wallet would also benefit from his surge in popularity.

Wang Lu: — This is good. Our positions will be stable with this trend. Right, the company told me to notify you that once your personal matters are dealt with, you have to make a trip to the Imperial City.

Kang Shengzhe: — Why?

Wang Lu: — What else! Bai Yao ah, Bai Yao! You’re playing with Bai Yao, do you think you can just go online and play with her casually? Of course you have to teach her face to face. The itinerary will give priority to Bai Yao, and not to mention, aren’t you excited that you get to meet Bai Yao?

Kang Shengzhe tilted his head, and asked seriously: — Why should I be excited?

Wang Lu’s entire body stilled. He was going to meet a big celebrity, why would he not be excited? He originally intended to answer it as such, but once he was seriously questioned by Kang Shengzhe, he came to a halt. Hesitantly, he replied: — Um, she’s a big celebrity, she’s famous, and she’s extremely pretty. Are you not curious about how she’s like in person?

Kang Shengzhe: — Not curious.

Wang Lu: ......

Wang Lu really felt that it was difficult to communicate with Kang Shengzhe.

As he was about to reply, Kang Shengzhe tacked on another message: — Being pretty is nothing unusual, as for me...

Kang Shengzhe only said half of it but Wang Lu finished it for him: — You’ve seen quite a few?

When he was replying, Wang Lu actually held some contempt for Kang Shengzhe’s thinking. In reality, he had also met his fair share. As an agent for anchors, it was more unlikely that he would only have a few encounters with beauties. However, those beauties were not comparable to real celebrities; the difference in their temperaments were like the distance between heaven and earth, on opposite ends of a spectrum.

Wang Lu: — Either way, being able to meet her is definitely a good thing, you won’t regret it.

Kang Shengzhe: ...En.

The reason why Kang Shengzhe did not finish his sentence was because he did not want to surprise Wang Lu more – Wang Lu would never have guessed that the latter half that Kang Shengzhe swallowed was not ‘I’ve seen quite a few’ but....

‘My appearance is pretty good.’

When Kang Shengzhe thought back about Bai Yao’s appearance, he had no impression of it in his mind. However, when he accidentally switched off his mobile phone, the appearance reflected on the black screen could make him knit his eyebrows delicately.

His appearance had been praised in an exaggerated manner more than once; while he was not trying to be complacent, Kang Shengzhe was no longer affected by other beauties when he met them simply because he had seen his reflection for a long time.

When it came to the keenness of beauty, he would never be subordinate to others.

However, there was no need to tell Wang Lu that much. Kang Shengzhe tossed out a few more arbitrary words, wanting to lie down and nap, but Wang Lu was not done confirming the details and his questions were incessant.

— The flight tickets and hotel accommodation expenses have all been covered by the company, you just have to bring yourself, alright?

Kang Shengzhe typed: — My mom is here.

Even a blockhead wouldn’t believe that there was an interruption. Wang Lu sent him a series of exclamation points: — Stop messing around!!! You have to come!!! If you manage to take full advantage of this opportunity, its highly likely you can get a better contract! I am in charge of raising your value, so you must come! Do you hear me!

Kang Shengzhe: — I heard.

Wang Lu: — What’s your answer!

Kang Shengzhe: — I will be there.

Wang Lu let out a sigh of relief, and he felt his entire body loosen. Gratified, he said: — Good! Your career just started, and you really need to put some effort into it. KK, let me put this bluntly, in the new generation of anchors, you are the best there is. My vision is seldom wrong. You will definitely take off in the future; you have the talent, and the charm, so you have to... KK? KK! Where did you go!

Kang Shengzhe: — My mom is here.

After a second, he remedied: — She’s really here this time.

Wang Lu: .......


Then it was actually fake just now!?

After putting down his phone, Kang Shengzhe raised his head. Guo Hui was peeking in from outside his door, and she asked gently, “How was the Liberal Arts College.”

Kang Shengzhe had to report to Department A in a few days, and since he went out for a walk in the morning, she naturally had some inquiries. “Same old.”

Guo Hui smiled slightly. She had a moderate stature and an aura of gentleness. Based on appearance alone, she had never expected that she would have a “huge” son like Kang Shengzhe. “Nothing has changed?”

Year after year, the architectural landscape did not change. Truthfully speaking, only the students in A University changed from one generation to another. Kang Shengzhe thought about it before suddenly saying: “The boys in A University are... quite handsome.”

The answer came out from the left field. Originally, Guo Hui was asking the question casually, but now she could not resist asking another: “Did you meet someone?”

Kang Shengzhe pondered for a bit before nodding, “En.”

Guo Hui’s expression changed slightly. She rarely heard Kang Shengzhe praise other men. It was not that Kang Shengzhe looked down on them; it was just that of all the people he had met, very few were impressive enough to warrant his praise. Therefore, when someone managed to extract such a praise from Kang Shengzhe, she became extremely curious as to how the person looked like.

“Especially handsome?”

Kang Shengzhe lowered his head and said faintly, “Don’t know, I couldn’t see him clearly from the distance, but it’s just a feeling.”

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