Later, He Became A Royal Healer

Chapter 135 - Surname You.
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Chapter 135 - Surname You.

After clarifying the situation, Kang Shengzhe ushered in his inconsequential lifestyle again. His lovey-dovey time with You Liangxing, however, only lasted for half a day because You Liangxing could not stop worrying about the work he had in the Imperial Capital. Thus, he planned to leave by late noon.

Initially, Kang Shengzhe wanted to persuade him to stay but one line from You Liangxing was enough to make him choke back those words.

“Kang Shengzhe, I’m doing this for our future.”

Kang Shengzhe: “......”

Emmmmm, that makes a lot of sense.

Kang Shengzhe was coaxed back to normal in a second.

“... Fine, when will you come back?”

You Liangxing spoke in a rush: “We’ll talk about it after the company officially enters the market. Your contract has been drawn up, I just have to find a way to take you from MengMao.”

“Will MengMao let go of me so easily?” Kang Shengzhe remarked.

After giving him a goodbye kiss, You Liangxing said: “With me around, you don’t have to concern yourself with it.”

Kang Shengzhe swooned for the handsomeness he exuded.

After his swooning spell passed, Kang Shengzhe could only return back to school alone. And much like he had predicted, the school was livelier than it was before.

From what had occurred on Weibo, it was evident that quite a few people had always known about his identity as an anchor, but they had chosen not to breathe a single word about it the entire time. However, when Kang Shengzhe was facing a large-scale derision, they had chosen to stand up to speak for him. And considering how he had frankly admitted to his romantic relationship with You Liangxing in last night’s broadcast, he knew that within a day, the information would have reached most parts of the school.

And as expected, Kang Shengzhe, who had previously received a lot of female attention, obtained a huge volume of male attention as well when he stepped back into school.

In fact, someone even gave him a huge thumbs up as they were passing him by. “Awesome.”

He took down You Liangxing that face value bastard, while simultaneously devoting himself, which crossed off the two most popular individuals on the campus in one fell swoop—how could he not be awesome!

At the turn of the head, not only did Kang Shengzhe become part of the CP that the female students were crazily knocking, he even became the great hero ‘who rid the people of the scourge’ in the male students’ eyes, and they all believed that he should awarded with a silk banner for his contributions.

All in all, the fact that they were engaging in homosexual practices was too good to be true! Thank you for going gay!

While enjoying the entire school’s blessing, Kang Shengzhe reached the Liberal Arts College and his female classmates were more intense because they grabbed onto him and refused to let him go as they asked in succession: “Kang Shengzhe! Why are you alone, where’s You-xuezhang!”

“Are you really together?”

“Ahhhhhhh do you have to be so excited!! I heard from others that you’re an anchor as well, you’re truly amazing!!”

“I’ve started playing King’s Glory too, don’t worry, I’ll definitely be your iron fan!”

Apart from basking in the enthusiasm, Kang Shengzhe was searching for Liang Chulin too. That little guy was petite and adorable to begin with, and now that he was in a corner, the fact that he was small in size became incredibly obvious. His expression was both irritated and sulky. If Kang Shengzhe hadn’t call out to him, he was afraid that he would die from suppressing himself while he was still alive.

Kang Shengzhe could not help but laugh, “What are you doing?”

Once he uttered those words, Liang Chulin’s anger surged, “What am I doing?! What are you doing! I was so worried about you, and yet you...”

Kang Shengzhe was clueless as to what he was angry about so he asked: “And yet I’m an anchor?”

Liang Chulin: “... That’s not it!”

Kang Shengzhe: “I’m actually with Brother Liang Liang?”

Liang Chulin: “&#k2026; That’s not it either!”

Kang Shengzhe: “Then what is it!”

Liang Chulin snapped, “Bastard! Of course it’s because you never told me you’re an anchor, and you even got together with Brother Liang Liang behind my back!”

Kang Shengzhe: “&#k2026;&#k2026;”

Kang Shengzhe asked: “How is that different from what I said?”

Liang Chulin laughed coldly in reply, “Hehe, the whole crime is greater than the sum of parts!”

Kang Shengzhe: “......” Sure.

Overall, Liang Chulin was swelling with so much anger that he could shoot to the skies upon ignition. Kang Shengzhe asked him: “Do you want to grab a meal?”

Liang Chulin’s eyebrows scrunched. “What did you say?”

“Do you want to grab a meal?” Kang Shengzhe repeated.

Liang Chulin: “......”

Irate, Liang Chulin snorted through his nose, “You big bastard!! Can’t you see I’m currently angry!”

Kang Shengzhe said: “Hm? Do you need coaxing then?”

Liang Chulin: “No!”

To that, Kang Shengzhe could only shrug his shoulders and gave him a look that said, ‘then what do you want me to do?’

Liang Chulin: “......” Giant bastard!!

Spicy chicken!! Go to your shitty death!!

Although they were joking around, he knew that the worry coming from his friend was genuine. Kang Shengzhe extended one long arm and slung it around Liang Chulin’s shoulders. He said: “Let’s go, my treat.”

Liang Chulin replied, “I’m not going!”

Kang Shengzhe: “If you go, I’ll tell you a secret.”

Despite the doubtful expression he was wearing, Liang Chulin still looked at him fixedly. “... What secret?”

Kang Shengzhe lowered his voice and said: “Actually, it was Liang Liang who chased me.”

Even though Liang Chulin heard it, he felt like he could not process it, and question marks filled his face. Kang Shengzhe laughed secretly in his heart. Maintaining a calm visage, he said: “So you’re mistaken, I wasn’t the one who picked up Liang Liang, it was Liang Liang who picked me up.”

Liang Chulin: “.......”

It took Liang Chulin a long time to recover from his shock. With much uncertainty, he asked, “Really?”

If it was real, he would automatically feel more balanced in his heart because that would mean that it was not Kang Shengzhe who ruined his Brother Liang Liang, but Brother Liang Liang actively choosing to marry down, marry down to Kang Shengzhe......

When it was reversed, it seemed like he could still accept it.

Kang Shengzhe lied through his teeth, “Yeah, when have I lied to you?”

Liang Chulin stared at him, half-believing and half-disbelieving, and remained in his depressed silence. Kang Shengzhe nudged him, saying: “A one-day tour of the snack street, Liang Chulin does not have to pay.”

Snorting, Liang Chulin said: “Brother Liao is exempt from paying as well!”

Although he hadn’t seen them for a few days, Liang Chulin and Liao Su’s relationship continued to improve and grow; although one was a Year One from the Liberal Arts College while the other was a Year Three from the Physical Education Institute, that did not deter the pair from eating together every day.

Kang Shengzhe said: “Fine, both of you don’t have to pay.”

It was only then that Liang Chulin’s lips quirked up, some sunshine emerging on his face.

Truth to be told, even if Liang Chulin hadn’t brought it up, Kang Shengzhe would have invited Liao Su to a meal all the same. True feelings are always exposed in moments of danger and disaster; in the past few days, apart from Wang Lu and Little Sword Fairy who had messaged him privately, Liao Su hadn’t fallen short in the worrying department.

The three of them flocked together soon after, and later, their snack street excursion extended from a one-day tour to a full month. During that period of time, You Liangxing was not in City A and Kang Shengzhe would tag along with Liang Chulin and Liao Su and spend his time with them every day.

While time passed considerably fast, it could still be considered slow. One month later, Kang Shengzhe finally received more precise news from You Liangxing. His switch over had been confirmed and it was set for the end of the semester. Once his examinations concluded, Kang Shengzhe was slated to head down to Beijing to sign the contract.

Just like how he had confided in Wang Lu in the matter, Kang Shengzhe did not hide it from Liang Chulin and Liao Su either. When they got through their examination periods, he told them: “I’ll be going to Beijing in two days.”

Liao Su grinned, “Going to see Brother Liang?”

Compared to signing the contract, it was true that seeing Liang Liang was more important. Kang Shengzhe could stop his rising smile as he said: “En, and I’m signing a contract while I’m at it.”

“Signing a contract?” Liao Su was rather surprised, “You want to leave MengMao?”

Liang Chulin was similarly startled, but he immediately voiced the resentment he had against the injustice that was previously dealt to him. “You should have left earlier! What the hell is with MengMao! I mean, what’s with that ranking competition? It made Kang Shengzhe offend countless people on his way up, and in the end, what happened? The title of champion was taken by Piaoluo!”

While Liang Chulin was late in watching the live broadcasts, he still knew quite a lot about the happenings. However, he did not become Kang Shengzhe’s fan, for he became Little Sword Fairy’s iron fan instead.

When it was put that way, even Liao Su had to agree. Then, he asked: “Where are you going?”

Kang Shengzhe said: “YouLiang TV.”

Liao Su and Liang Chulin both stiffened, “YouLiang TV, that cunning and wealthy new company?”

That’s right, when Kang Shengzhe and Wang Lu were talking about YouLiang TV a month ago, it had yet to enter the market and no one knew a thing about the company. However, one month later, YouLiang TV’s reputation was more or less comparable with the likes of MengMao and Shark.

And the reason why they became well-known was because they fully exemplified their plenteous capital capacity with their impactful marketing tactics.

The first day the application went online, the cast of《Murderer》with Bai Yao at helm had live broadcasted for three hours per day for a full week on YouLiang TV.

Simultaneous to that, the movie《Murderer》had exploded in popularity, and as its box office rose, YouLiang TV followed, becoming red in a single move and its download rate broke through the ten million mark in a few days.

Not only that, the newly established YouLiang TV’s placement was precise in its specialisation of gaming and it took itself to a new height by soliciting talents from the gaming circles. As a result of that, many popular anchors from various websites were attracted to their platform and even Shark was no exception to that.

It could be said that their business handling skills were at the peak.

“You’re switching over to YouLiang TV? Are you certain? According to the rumours I heard previously, wasn’t YouLiang TV planning to dig out Piaoluo and Howling Wolf? God K... don’t be deceived by them, could the company be trying to pull you over in the passing at a low price?”

Personally, Kang Shengzhe hadn’t investigated the matter of Piaoluo and Howling Wolf being dug nor had he asked about it. Despite that, he hooked his lips up and asked: “Do you guys want to go with me?”

“To Beijing?”

“En, you might even chance upon the boss behind YouLiang TV~”

While Liao Su and Liang Chulin did not possess much interest in the boss, they had to admit that they had nothing to do because winter vacation was quickly approaching. Furthermore, it was undeniable that they were worried about Kang Shengzhe getting deceived. The two of them exchanged gazes before they agreed: “Okay.”

Liao Su sighed after agreeing, “Speaking of which, I really don’t want to meet this boss. And if there’s someone I really want to meet; it’d still be Bai Yao ah! Bai Yao is my goddess!”

Kang Shengzhe revealed a smile and the matter was decided.

Three days later, the three – namely Kang Shengzhe, Liang Chulin and Liao Su – plus one Wang Lu who would be meeting them at the airport, arrived at the Imperial Capital. Afterwards, they piled into car that took them straight to the YouLiang TV company.

When they got on the car, let alone Liao Su and Liang Chulin, even his agent Wang Lu was a little surprised. “This, can this still be considered a special car? This vehicle is at least two million...”

Although Kang Shengzhe was a man, he was not very interested in cars. He commented indolently: “Is that so... does it matter?”

How could it not matter, this was simply frightening!

For the past month, Wang Lu’s mood had been going through ups and downs as he analysed the current trends, and towards the new contract he would be reading shortly, he was utterly tense.

This company was definitely not limited to having wealth alone! They definitely had an extremely deep background!

If this was not handled properly and something were to happen, it would be tantamount to Kang Shengzhe jumping into a fire pit, the sort that he could not climb out of even if he tried!

This was even worse than the fraudulent MengMao.

“Hey, KK, are you really sure you want to sign the contract, if there is a despot clause in the contract by any chance... KK???”

Kang Shengzhe......

Fell asleep.

A sense of déjà vu – one that could not be encapsulated in words – swept over Wang Lu. In the end, he could only glance at Liao Su and Liang Chulin, who returned him an expression that conveyed that they were helpless as well.

* * *

After travelling for roughly ten minutes, the special car successfully reached the company. The four shuffled into the main lobby and the personnel who had been waiting for a long time rushed up to welcome them and brought them up to the 24th floor.

“CEO Xiao You has been waiting for you.”

The staff’s smiles was exceedingly cordial, and the expression they gave Kang Shengzhe was brimming with teasing intent. While it was true that CEO Xiao You had never brought Kang Shengzhe to the company, how could they be unclear about Kang Shengzhe’s identity when they were employees of the company?

This was all for taking care of CEO Xiao You’s wife, great importance must be attached to him!

Kang Shengzhe nodded, not speaking, while Liao Su wondered out loud: “CEO Xiao You? Your CEO goes by the surname of You? How coincidental...”

His words had yet to land when he glimpsed a smile that was not a smile on Kang Shengzhe’s face. Upon seeing that, Liao Su and Liang Chulin’s expression became stranger at the same time.

After issuing a ‘ding’, the elevator doors open and the staff led them forward. However, their destination was not a conference room but the CEO’s office instead. Unexpectedly, a manager was not in charge of the negotiations for the contract because the CEO was going to battle personally.

The employee knocked on the door and raised their voice, saying: “CEO Xiao You, the anchor has arrived.”

In the ensuing silence, a girlish voice came from inside the office, tender and lovely.

“...... Come in.”

Liao Su: “...... Holy!!!”

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